Difference between versions of primavera 6,7,R8.1,R8.2,R8.3


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Document provides a detailed comparison between the different versions of primavera

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Difference between versions of primavera 6,7,R8.1,R8.2,R8.3

  1. 1. Enhancements in Major Versions of Primavera Version 6.0 - P6.7 Service Pack 2 Version 7.0 - P6 Version 7 SP3 (P6 Pro) Version 8.1 Version 8.2 Version 8.3 P6 Version 6.0 P6 Version 7 P6 Professional (P6 Pro) Version 8.1 P6 Pro Version 8.2 P6 EPPM Release R8.3 Total float is once again blanked-out for Completed activities. User designated hour/day conversion factors moved to individual calendars Enhanced activity filtering & grouping MS Project import enhancements Team Member Enhancements. iPhone app enables users to communicate with their project manager and other team members about a task. MS SQL Express 2005 is the stand- alone Database Default Date/Time issue partially fixed Personalize Toolbars Ms Project 2010 XML support Team Member – Discussion Feature:- All comments are saved with the task and are available for Future reference. Discussion icon available to begin and monitor a discussion for a task. Import & Export via XML format (a bit buggy) Improved summary duration calculations WBS/Activity tabs New Line Numbering Team Member – Discussion Feature iPhone :- In the iPhone app, discussions are also saved with the task
  2. 2. Finish dates change when durations are Changed Late Dates were added to the S- Curve report Will not interface with EPPM database Time scaled Logic Diagram enhancements • Enhanced filtering, sightlines, activity code color coding, templates, grouping, and performance Team Member – Work Distribution Filter :- enables a team member who is not the activity owner or resource to see a list of tasks that he/she is responsible for updating in the Team Member interfaces (Team Member Web, Team Member for iPhone app, E-mail Statusing Service). Time scale in Gantt Chart is made adjustable New Activity ID renumbering options P6 EPPM 8.1 Both Pro & EPPM use the same client software Team Member – Add/Delete Steps :- enables users to add, delete, and rename activity steps directly from the task list. Use the Steps panel to view assigned steps and report progress. Select a task In the list and type a % completes value. If the step is finished, Select the Complete Step check mark. P6 Service Pack 1 (P6.1) Excel security options separate from XER Phone App for Team Members P6 EPPM Release 8.2 Team Member – Add/Delete Steps iPhone : iPhone app enables you to add, delete, and rename activity steps directly from the task list.
  3. 3. Major bugs in the previous versions fixed committing & refresh error fixed scheduling freezing at 95% error fixed XER causing duplicate resource assignment fixed crashing when modifying sitelines/ timescale Excel import of constraints fixed Report Editor bugs fixed Dates issues on time sheets fixed Oracle XE (g10) is new stand-alone database Ability to status tasks via E-mail Team Member Web Application :- Enables Working with Tasks Team Member – Enhanced Filtering of Tasks :- New Time frame filter and a text search field added. Filter by Projects/Status/Timeframe P6 Service Pack 2 (P6.2) P6 Version 7 SP3 User Interface enhancements to simplify navigation New E-mail Statusing Service and P6 Team Member for iPhone App Support for Activity Owners Team Member – Enhanced Filtering of Tasks iPhone:- using iPhone app, team members can filter tasks based on a timeframe of Today, This Week, or Next Week.
  4. 4. Milestone ‘one minute off’ problem fixed Time-scaled logic diagrams added Resource improvements to better support staffing, assigning and monitoring of project resources Team members can now update activities that they are assigned to as activity owner. Prior to 8.2, team members could update only activities they were assigned to as resources. Team Member – Updating User Defined Fields and Activity Codes :- P6 Team Member Web, a new Codes and UDFs detail panel enables team members to view and update up to 20 activity codes and UDFs. Secure resource, project, & activity codes Expands Memo Fields beyond 400 characters Streamlined reporting architecture to reduce cost of ownership & support of BI Publisher 11g P6 Team Member Applications Configuration Options:- now users can change Project Preferences, Change E-mail settings Team Member – Updating User Defined Fields and Activity Codes iPhone3 Total Float can now be calculated for a Program of schedules as a group instead of Singly Sight Line added Support for Google Chrome Team Member Status Approval :- project managers can Review team members status updates even before the updates are committed to the schedule. Team Member – Notebook Topics enables users to view Notebook topics assigned to activities in P6 or P6 Professional directly from the task list
  5. 5. P6 Version 6.5 Fixes for Scrambling WBS’s after import •Scrambling WBS’s after import Actuals not being spread correctly • Update Baseline with Activity Codes & relationships missing from new activities • Update Baseline not Updating Existing • Oracle XE not starting for stand- alone users Status Update History Detail Window:- this window is made available in Activities page. Shows the history of changes made to the activity. Team Member-Request updates via mail. The Notify feature enables project managers to send an e-mail to the E-mail Statusing Service address, set up by the P6 administrator, leveling with priorities issues fixed. P6 Enhancements:- New Exclusive Mode- provision given for opening multiple projects in exclusive mode. When you open a project in exclusive mode. only you can Extended enterprise: XML Import/Export Enhancements:- Enables a user to import or export multiple projects simultaneously. When exporting multiple projects, the projects are combined into a single XML file.
  6. 6. edit it; other users will have only read access Fixed actual units spreading incorrectly Location Data:- enables you to create a list of locations, including the street address and the longitude and latitude. you can report on data by location in P6 Analytics. You can also group, sort, and filter by location in various views. You can also import new locations into P6 from a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file Control Over Data During XML Import:- This feature is especially useful to project managers who import third-party schedules that contain unwanted data such as resources, codes, and UDFs.
  7. 7. Fixed Project Integrity removing EPS codes Microsoft Project Integration:- When importing a Microsoft Project XML file, you can now update an existing project. You can control what types of global and project data to overwrite when Importing. UN/CNFACT XML Data:- This XML schema is designed to exchange schedule and cost data in a software-neutral format. This is an important feature for customers who work with U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies. Fixed Claim Digger displaying wrong Activity ID Import/Export Support for Microsoft Project 2010 Usability Enhancements (Web): Setting a Default Start Page:- It provides a setting to specify the default start page when a user logs in. Fixed XLS import causing corrupted relationships Scaling Options when Printing:- Three new scaling options are available when printing from the Activities, EPS, and Assignments pages. Viewing the Hierarchy for Activity, Project, and Resource Codes:- Displays the full hierarchical chain for assigned project, activity, and resource codes in the Codes detail window.
  8. 8. Fixed Expected Finish causing 0 duration activities Event Functionality:- Creating or updating User Defined Field (UDF) values now trigger events, by doing so the P6 Event Notification system sends the event message to a user configured message queue. subsequent actions can be triggered using events in the client application. Sorting on Multiple Columns:- Enables a user to sort on multiple columns on the Activities, EPS, and Resources Assignments pages. Fixed Finish Milestone constrained 1 minute late Enhanced Trending:- Project history now supports dates and durations. Historical data now includes activity-level and WBS-level data. Relationships Detail Window on Activities Page:- Offers a new Relationships detail window on the Activities page.
  9. 9. P6 Version 6.7 New Resource Creation From Users - Create Resource from Selected User action can be used on the Users page to create and assign a resource to an existing user in one step. Improved Printing From the EPS and Activities Pages:- allows a user to print from the EPS or Activities page and Include only the Project or Activity Table with no Gantt chart. Improved summary activity duration calculations Enhanced Copy User Support – following information is now copied when copying existing users Toolbars for Activities, EPS, and Assignments views Global user preferences Assigned user interface views Improved Printing From the EPS and Activities Pages:- allows a user to print from the EPS or Activities page and include only the Project or Activity Table with no Gantt chart. P6.7 Service pack 2 “Is Under” Filtering Support:- filtering is more refined, you can select a Additional Baseline Fields:- additional baseline fields are available in the Customize Columns dialog box for display on
  10. 10. particular EPS where your filtering should work on. the Activities page after a baseline is assigned to a project. XER Import Configuration Layout problems Fixed. Dissolve Activities Support:- When you delete an activity, a chain of logical activities might be broken. You can use the new Dissolve option to delete the activity but join the predecessors and successors and create the appropriate relationships between them Find and Replace Option:- It enables a user to find and replace text in displayed columns on the EPS, Activities, and Resources Assignments pages, making it Easier to change items in the project plan. disappearing/non- editable Notebook topics New Column Search:- very handy during customizing columns Discussion Feature:- It provides a new Discussion feature that enables team members and project managers to communicate about specific activities. Multiple Float Paths Errors fixed Cut/Copy/Paste WBS Support VISUALIZER: Visualizer is a new feature that
  11. 11. supports graphical reporting by enabling users to create customizable Gantt charts and timescaled logic diagrams (TSLDs). When creating a layout in Visualizer you can define options, such as filter, group, and sort criteria, to customize the Gantt chart or TSLD. The layout below shows activities color-coded by activity code values with various shapes for endpoints. Display baseline bars to compare schedules and stack fields in the activity table to save horizontal space. The screen below shows an example of a TSLD with multiple bars per Activity and critical activities coded in red. Fixes error when using two activity issue forms are also copied when you . Online Help: The Help menu in P6Professional
  12. 12. filters copy projects, create templates, or create projects from templates. 8.3 contains two options: Local Help and Online Help. The Online Help feature displays P6 Professional help content in basic HTML format, enabling people with disabilities to use the adaptive features of their browsers. Additional Fields in Predecessor/Success or Tabs:- Driving, Critical, Total Float, Free Float, Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, and Late Finish. Primavera Unifier: project portfolio management application with cost control and contract management Capabilities, is now improved to simplify setup and enhance usability