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Trabajo de presentación Advanced B2
EOI Santiago
Curso 2011-12
ddoval - ccssdidáctica

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  • 1. Manuel Rivas: “Look at this. We had a Manuel Fraga aspolitical quick change genius, a spectacular case ofprodigious in the metamorphosis of the authority power, heis remembered like an arquitech of the democracy and abrave, but moderate, fighter for freedom”Xosé Manuel Pereiro advised us about how teachFraga to the next generation and he pointed aboutthe importance of how do we teach someone afterhe died. Last 15th January, Manuel Fraga, controversial Spanish politish, died. Every news opened their information talking about the Galicia´s former president death: “Good bye Don Manuel” by El Mundo, “Manuel Fraga diez, a leader between dictatorship and democracy” El País said, or “Manuel Fraga dies” La Voz wrote, but one of the front page, by ABC, talked about “the right democracy architech”
  • 2. Pre - roman natives in Galicia
  • 3. It was true or it was a false story in the Cold War ContextHe thought that it could be posible…but
  • 4. , president
  • 5. What is it this? Could be true?Spanish CIVIL WAR
  • 6. DESTINY MANIFEST Mass grave at Wounded Knee, 1891, december 29th, Minneconjou Lakota´s camp,
  • 7. Christopher Columbus – A Bold ProposalChristopher Columbus Although Christopher Columbus reached his , Italy. He was goal of becoming a sea captain, he was notraised in the shadows of medieval gates content to simply follow the traditional trade routes and make a nice living. No, he had bigbehind him and the open sea in front of plans, and he was willing to risk everything tohim -- the perfect backdrop for a boy make them a reality.looking for adventure. During this period, land trade between India, China, and Europe dwindled, because the Muslims had effectively created a blockade of the trade routes, including the famous Silk Road. . Many Europeans were wondering, "How do we solve this trade problem?"But Columbus had bigger plans thanspending his life working with sheep fur. , toiling away Christopher quietly at a cathedral in Florence, Italy,Columbus set about learning his trade as Then along comesa teenager, traveling the trade routesacross Europe and becoming an expert innavigation. He may have also helped However, before Christopherwith a bit of “privateering” in the war Columbus could set sail, he needed officialagainst the Moors. sponsorship from a throne. So around the year 1485, Columbus came up with a bold proposal.
  • 8., navigator, Columbus was born in 1451, inthe Republic of Genoa (Italy) to the son of aweaver. Columbus first went to sea as a teenager,participating in several trading voyages in theMediterranean and Aegean seas. One such voyage,to the island of Khios, in modern day Greece,brought him the closest he would come to Asia.His first voyage into the Atlantic Ocean in 1476nearly cost him his life as the commercial fleet hewas sailing with was attacked by French privateersoff the coast of Portugal. His ship was burned andColumbus had to swim to the Portuguese shoreand make his way to Lisbon, Portugal, where heeventually settled and married Felipa Perestrello.The couple had one son, Diego in about 1480. Hiswife died soon after and Columbus moved toSpain. He had a second son Fernando who wasborn out of wedlock in 1488 with Beatriz Enriquez deArana.
  • 9. Textbooks talk about Columbus as he came from awolen weavers family in Genoa. The majorcan version talks about the posibility that Columbus was Príncipe´s de Viana (Carlos of Evreux and Trastámara) son with a woman from Mallorca, Magdalena Colon. So, his granfather would be Juan II of Aragón Catalonian version suports that Columbus could be a man who borned in a family of banker, lendemer and merchants (probablya jews) from Barcelona. Portugueses support a person who cames from the nobility Galician investigators think that Columbus was borned in Galicia and also he could be Pedro Madruga, a famous sir of the nobility in Galicia who fighted with Juana la Beltraneja against Isabel de Trastámara for the throne of Castile Columbus died on 20th may of 1502 with 70 years more or less. That´s the result of chronicles and the biologist studies
  • 10. “Despite i was borned in Genoa Icame to serve them in Castile”. C.Columbus will.
  • 11. Colon firmaba con un conocido acrostico: Leido de abajo arriba y de izda. a derecha: ..S SAS XMY XPº FERENS .Soutomaior. .Soutomaior. Alvarez .Soutomaior. Xuárez Méndez Yannes Yo: Xhistóbal Pedro Fernández EanesXuarez-Sotomayor (great-grandparents) , Méndes-Alvarez-Sotomayor (grandparents) Yanne (Eannesin portuguese) -Sotomayor (father) y XP Cristobal Pedro (Pero and Xristobo in galician) ,son of FER/patronimyc of Fernán-Eannes.In the same way, Teresa Torres Legarreta, ahardwritnig expert, made a comparative workbetween Columbus and Madruga´s writing.
  • 12. Columbus Biography Columbus majorcan Catalonian Enigma Colón by Discovery Networks Latin America / IberiaLink: ItalianColón la Odisea. By Canal de HistoriaLinks:
  • 13. Bernal Díaz del Castillo, cronist of HernánCortés, in Quetzaltcoalt, cómic by Jean –Yves Mityon…. Bernal Díaz del Castillo talking with two spanish monks men…. “What does historical truth matter? They just tell legends which supporting the civilization foundations…until they become unique truths”