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  • Hired May 2008 coming from a Consulting firm working with bio-techs on ITIL and CRM Right when hired, 311 CRM reached maturity. Did little on the CRM system I was tasked with exploring Open Source Software Stood up maybe a dozen apps in the next 6 months and demo'd them to the team Path forward for innovation
  • Repurposed some CRM equipment
  • First Open Source application stood up. I stood it up with grand visions of each department making a page, HR putting up links to new employee docs Developers use it for documentation -> Confluence for the permissions Many departments like the idea, very few actually use a wiki Centralized wiki never picked up traction
  • First Open Source Project outside of our group Running over 2 years
  • Start of our open government but will get to that Two pliggs with a shared database Single Sign On Dataset submission profile settings Voting Comments and Requests in the other Pligg
  • 6 week deploy Supposed to be a proof of concept Maybe wouldn’t have gone with WordPress if I had to do it again Learning about Drupal and for the 3600 pages it seems like a better choice, but can’t say that authoritatively yet Wordpress 3.0 – saw at wordcamp, looks like it may handle the job better
  • These are some of the Open Source products that have experienced some traction. Any questions on these? If there are others that you want me to be aware of, If we have time at the end or if you want to pimp it afterward, come see me.
  • Metrics ROI TCO – Better Faster Cheaper Time to Market Hand-off Skill gap SaaS support
  • On Obama's first full day in office, he released the transparency and open government memo to the heads of the executive departments. We began to explore innovating into this area too
  • 146 datasets
  • Nearly 40 apps
  • Newsom signed the Open Source software policy. No real teeth Departments must consider open source Most consider not to really consider it Not many are true technologists in the city or don't have the confidence to own a system regardless of support It is tough to get the open source support vendors to work with the city due to our city vendor rules Needs to change if we will really get OSS a foothold in the city. Computer store vendors tack on 20% for nothing and it is big money ~$20M
  • Of course I add the picture with Vivek Kundra – Federal CIO, Tim O'Reilly who puts out book you may have read and some conferences you may have attended with the city officials into the deck. Twitter integration with Lagan Open 311 Multi-city Integration with CRMs Nothing says we trust us to be open with you data and shepherd a new collaborative atmosphere with the constituency like the Mayor and CIO standing there arms folded
  • Executive sponsorship Mayor Department Manager Metrics ROI Nearly impossible to quantify Hand-off Skill gap If tail wags the dog, find a handoff with teeth Contracts If an app is built and govt wants to ensure it is part of the service catalog, need to contract with the developer for ongoing support
  • SFAppStore State of California Boulder New York Senate First Commercialized Open Source (in DT) Community outreach Authoritative database of streets, addresses, and parcels Looking at new ways to innovate in mature areas such as E-government Enterprise zone is fed program that gives rebates to biz in certain areas hiring inner-city or other at risk employees Online forms to save city money and constituents time
  • Transcript

    • 1. OSCON 2010 - July 21, 2010 Open Government - San Francisco Dave Geller Business Analyst - Emerging Technologies Department of Technology City and County of San Francisco
    • 2. Agenda
      • Origins
      • 3. Open Source
      • 4. Open Government
      • 5. Future Innovation
    • 6. Origins
      • 311 - CRM
        • Public Launch March 29, 2007
        • 7. Maturity Reached by May 2008
          • 311 service requests taken for 17 departments
          • 8. Innovation in other areas began to be explored
          • 9. Consultant retirement
    • 10. Open Source - Lab
      • 6 servers
        • 64 bit dual-quad processors, 32GB RAM, 250GB
        • 11. 2 Windows, 4 Linux
      • Parallels Virtuozzo
        • Density and price
      • LAMP Stack
    • 15. MediaWiki
    • 16. SugarCRM
    • 17. Pligg
    • 18. WordPress
    • 19. Open Source - Apps
    • 20. Lessons Learned
    • 22. Open Government
    • 23. DataSF
    • 24. App Showcase
    • 25. Open Source Software Policy
    • 26. Open Government - Initiatives
      • Twitter to 311
      • Open311
    • 27. Lessons Learned
      • Contracts
    • 30. Future Innovation
      • SFAppStore
        • Standing Cloud
        • 31. One click installs
      • SugarCRM – GSA HR
        • Flex use of SugarCRM
      • CiviCRM – SFPD
        • First install of CiviCRM
      • EAS (fka MAD)
        • Authoritative City addressing…stay tuned
      • E-Government
        • Enterprise zone
        • 32. Consulting with departments