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  • 1. “IF IT TAKES A VILLAGE, BUILD ONE”Introducing Branding “Beyond Our Gates”HERE WE BRAND !!!
  • 3. What Is CCSE PREP Welcome To The “VILLAGE”
  • 4. We Are….. Why CCSE PREP? 9-12th Grade College Prep In today’s climate of high school IB & Leadership Academyathletics and high education, it is only Elite Basketball Program imperative that we see how rare and Community Stewardshipunique this opportunity is to blend the two manifests. This is why it is crucial for programs like CCSE PREP to exist. OUR POSITIVE ACADEMIC CULTURE The CCSE PREP’s boarding and classroom culture will emphasize a belief that students must put forth “effective effort”—working hard, with clear goals, and strategies derived from feedback—which will determine their success. In daily morning roundtable, children will learn the concepts and tools of effective effort, as provided by their professors. They will also learn the social skills that will equip them to be responsible members of the school community.
  • 5. “Our National High School program has one goal, a National & World Championship” We develop the best basketball players in the country, but Predators Basketball isabout team and winning. Our roster is filled with top players from around the globewho come to CCSE Prep to experience what playing for a college program is all about.Our daily schedule, individual workouts, academic study table and time management is structured exactly like a high major college and professional program. When student-athletes leave CCSE Prep they are prepared to succeed at the highest level.
  • 6. History Of Programs Like Ours Back in the day… a kid would play pickup ball in the sport of their choice around theneighborhood. When they decided they liked a sport enough to pursue it further, they would go play for a local club team (it was the basketball team at the Eastside BoysClub in Tacoma for me, with Lawyer Milloy being a teammate). Uniforms might be paid for by a local sponsor (Spud’s Pizza), but travel and other expenses were handled by the parents. Sometimes we would sell candy bars or do car washes to help fund equipment or for a big tournament.
  • 7. When high school began, the expectations and stress of playing sports increased. Your high school was your first priority. Then came the advent ofthe internet and digital cable and everything changed. Suddenly everyone was checking on the status of all the possible recruits who might come to their alma mater. Recruiting websites popped up like weeds in a fallow field. Suddenly people were watching high schoolers in “All-Star” games on ESPN hoping this player or that would enroll at their school of choice or be drafted by their favorite professional team. The professionalization of high schoolsports had begun…In 2006, Auto-dealer magnate Cliff Findlay created FindlayPrep. The plan was simple. Buy a house in his hometown of Henderson, NV. Fill it with 10 of the best high school players in the country (the world even), travel the country playing dozens of games and logging thousands ofmiles, and get the attention of the national media. His plan succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams!
  • 8. While prep schools such as South Kent Prep in Connecticut have beenknown for their quality academics for decades, other “prep schools” and “academies” have been popping up in the post-internet age as money making machines. Findlay Prep is not really a high school; it is simply a basketball team. Not a single player is from Nevada. Their players attended classes at the for-profit Henderson International School. They attended classes between their trips to Illinois, Kentucky (twice), Ohio (twice), Florida (twice), Massachusetts, South Dakota, Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey and Texas.
  • 9. History of Programs“A typical school day for the Findlay players starts with a morning practice from nine to 11, followed by classfrom 11 to 12. After a short lunch break, classes resume until three. The day concludes with a weight training session from three to four before the players return home” Findlay Prep has won two consecutive “national championships” for which we all could not ever recall there being such a thing when I was in high school.
  • 10. The only program that even comes close to our model is Findlay Prep, as you will read in our model we truly willhave a program of a Findlay Prep caliber, but what makes us stronger and better is our true keen sense of true academic/college readiness & community
  • 11. HOW OUR PROGRAM WORKS?"A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning." -Pat Riley-
  • 12. What Makes Us CCSE PREP We are the only program to play foreign HS Basketball teams overseas We Play College Programs DIFFERENT! We will be branded with a city and/or University The First ever prep school to be endorsed by a State Chamber of Commerce First Prep School program to have a former pro athlete as a its Head Coach The only PREP School to offer a International Baccalaureate Curriculum
  • 13. What Our Schedule Looks Like We will play 4 High School Games overseas We will play a minimum of 5 HS teams in the top FAB 50 Our Global schedule begins in We will play at least 2 college programs July with some of the world’s most competitive teams, and playing in some of the world’s most recognized tournaments We will play in at least 3 top ranked recognized tournaments.Without continual growth and We will host a tournament progress, such words as improvement, achievement,and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin-
  • 14. The BENEFITS To Our Sponsors &The COMMUNITY?
  • 15. Did U KnowHigh School basketball generated $700 million inrevenue for the 2010-11The High School Basketball tournaments andNational Championships are aired on National TV(ESPN, ESPN2, Local & Regional stations) Did you know about 40% of revenue is from prepschools, and is expected to grow 3% next year and10% within the next 4 years. (280 million)Did you know HS Basketball Sponsorship is thefastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. It isstill very much in its infancy. With this in mind, youcan find unlimited opportunities to broaden yourcompetitive advantage by increasing yourcredibility, image and prestige in sponsoringevents attracting your target market.
  • 16. What We Bring To The Community……….CCSE “ELITE” Basketball “PREP” School will help bring the following: Economic & Development Growth Jobs Small Business Revitalization Community & Civic Pride Partnerships
  • 17. BENEFITS OF BRANDING WITH US !» Enhancing Image/Shaping Consumer Attitudes» Product Integration» Driving Sales» Creating positive publicity and better visibility» Differentiating from competitors» Helping with good "Corporate Citizen" role» Enhancing business, consumer and VIP relations
  • 18. Benefits To The CommunityLaunch community sports campsHelp provide funding to launch after schoolprogramsWorking with community partners inengagement through our athletes.Getting involved with local high schools andincreasing their athletic programsWorking with K-12 schools through leadershipopportunities.Developing Beyond Our GatesIncreasing economic growth
  • 19. JUST TO NAME A FEW………………….... Our Partners!TO BUILD THIS VILLAGE…