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Katrina phruksukarn solar thermal
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Katrina phruksukarn solar thermal


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. CSI-Thermal Program & Residential SWH Projects
    Katrina Phruksukarn
  • 2. CSI-Thermal Implementation Timeline
    May 1, 2010: Started accepting single family residential applications
    October 2010: Target date for accepting multi-family and commercial applications
  • 3. CSI-Thermal: Customer Eligibility
    Gas water heating customers of PG&E, SDG&E, or SoCal Gas- Retrofit and new construction
    Electric water heating customers of PG&E, SDG&E, or SoCal Edison- Retrofitprojects only
    Propane users are NOT eligible, even if they are electric customers of the above utilities
  • 4. CSI-Thermal: Technology Eligibility
    Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems
    Not Eligible:
    Pools and Spas
    May be added to the program at a later date:
    Other solar thermal technologies (i.e. space heating and cooling)
  • 5. Incentives
    4 step declining incentive structure
    Single Family: Based on SRCC OG-300 savings
    Multifamily/Commercial (SRCC OG-100)
    Small systems: based on a TRNSYS estimator
    Large systems: based on 12 months of metered performance data
    Different incentive amounts for natural gas vs. electric displacing systems
  • 6. Natural Gas Incentives
  • 7. Electric Incentives
  • 8. Program Requirements
    SRCC certified equipment
    Permits on all projects
    Technical requirements- sizing, freeze protection, overheat protection, and metering
    Mandatory installer workshop
    Focus on QUALITY!!
  • 9. Contractor Participation:
    Must have an active A, B, C-4, C-36, or C-46 License
    License holder must attend a one day workshop
    Maintain eligibility: 3 installations per year or attend workshop annually
  • 10. Current Residential Program Status
    # of residential applications received= 50
    PG&E= 28
    CCSE/SDG&E= 18
    SoCalEdison= 2
    SoCalGas= 2
  • 11. Current Residential Program Status cont.
    Total # of residential applications paid= 33
    20 electric displacing: $979 average incentive
    13 gas displacing: $1,456 average incentive
    Number of eligible contractors = 168
  • 12. Residential SWH Projects
  • 13. Solar Water Heating Pilot Program (SWHPP)
    319 single family projects (July 2007-2010)
    Fuel Displacement:
    Electricity: 141
    Natural Gas: 115
    Propane: 63
  • 14. Residential Statistics by System Type
  • 15. Statistics Summary
    Most common system in San Diego: Indirect - Glycol
    Average price range: $5,500 - $7,000
    Average performance range:
    2100-3200 kWh
    97-141 therms
    Each system has unique characteristics, with differing pros and cons
  • 16. Energy Savings=Financial Savings
    Displacing Electricity:
    Average home uses 4,000 kWh annually for water heating (purchased from utility)
    Average SWH system saves 2,820 kWh
    4,000-2,820= 1180 kWh purchased from utility
    70% savings= 70% reduction on water heating costs
  • 17. Energy Savings=Financial Savings
    Displacing Gas:
    Average home uses 200 thermsannually for water heating (purchased from utility)
    Average SWH system saves 123 therms
    200-123= 77 thermspurchased from utility
    60% savings= 60% reduction on water heating costs
  • 18. Testimonials from your neighbors
    We installed a solar hot water heater and our December natural gas savings was 54%
    -Mark S., San Diego
    We just received our first natural gas bill after installing a solar water heater and we have reduced natural gas usage by 83% over last year –Glen B., San Diego
  • 19. Solar Water Heating Program Contact
    Katrina Phruksukarn - Program Manager