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The year 2011 marks the 15th anniversary of the California Center for Sustainable Energy. Although this is a relatively short period of time, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate the many ways CCSE has grown to be a partner with governments, industry, businesses, utilities and others in accelerating the adoption of clean and efficient energy

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Annual report 2011

  1. 1. 15YEARS15 WAYS Annual Report | 2011 1
  2. 2. Thank you, Irene . . . For a decade, Irene M. on emerging policies and regulations. Stillings has been at CCSE’s helm, guiding its CCSE became what she envisioned — vision of a clean energy future as the center an integrator and translator of energy grew from a small, San Diego nonprofit with information and knowledge between key seven employees to a statewide player in industry sectors. energy issues and developments with 85 employees and active projects throughout As 2012 got under way, Irene decided it was California from San Diego to Yreka. time for a transition, to pass the banner on to other leaders and to retire as executive Irene oversaw tremendous growth in director. She will take on a new role as CCSE’s CCSE’s scope and influence, during first executive director emeritus, supporting which the center implemented a host special projects and activities. We all wish of renewable energy and sustainability her well and look forward to many years programs, consulted on a wide variety of of continued work together in our travels energy strategies and projects and advised toward a clean energy future. Irene has shaped CCSE into a major force for California’s future and leaves a powerful legacy. Now we must build upon her leadership to take CCSE and California to the next level of sustainability. John Moot, San Diego attorney CCSE board of directors member2
  3. 3. California Center for Sustainable EnergyThe year 2011 marks the 15th anniversary of the California Center for Sustainable Energy. Although this is a relativelyshort period of time, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate the many ways CCSE has grown to be a partner withgovernments, industry, businesses, utilities and others in accelerating the adoption of clean and efficient energysolutions.Since our founding in 1996, CCSE has grown into a high-performance social enterprise through program developmentand management, technical assistance, policy and planning and broad-based education and outreach. We continuallystrive to provide objective information that drives energy innovation and empowers people to make wise energydecisions. To help accomplish this mission, we have created a one-stop resource where everyone, from homeowners tolegislators, can get the knowledge and tools they need to help create a more sustainable world.CCSE has a vision of a clean energy future, and we invite you to join us in bringing this vision to life.15YEARS15 WAYS 3
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  5. 5. 1 Planning for Emergencies advise The City of San Diego broke ground for a self- sufficient command center, with solar power and energy storage capabilities for standalone operation, designed to provide a safe place from which to manage emergency services during wildfires and other crises at the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center in late 2011. The project was conceived by CCSE and funded by the Department of Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission. CCSE advises legislators and The goal is for fire, rescue and regulators aboutSaving Self-Generation health responders to be able to energy policiesCCSE joined clean energy advocates statewide and relevantworking diligently in 2011 to continue and revise attend to the situation and those legislation inCalifornia’s Self-Generation Incentive Program, in need without having to worry efforts to accelerateamong the nation’s longest running energy incentiveprograms. We supported Assembly Bill 1150 to allow about losing electrical power and California’sthe California Public Utilities Commission to collectfunds for the program through 2014 and made communications. transition toward asuccessful comments to the commission to broaden Andrew McAllister, former managing director sustainable energy California Center for Sustainable Energythe eligible clean energy technologies. future. This newly revised program From the Past . . .will help our people and planet In early 2009, CCSE took a leadershipby reducing greenhouse gas role in successfully urging the California Energy Commission toemissions, decreasing demand utilize American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to supporton the electric grid, promoting energy efficiency and clean energy projects.innovation and providingcustomers new options for theirpower needs. Catherine J.K. Sandoval, commissioner California Public Utilities Commission 5
  6. 6. Battery second use . . . has the Through the Rooftop potential to become a common Solar Challenge, the Energy component of future automotive Department is helping to unleash battery life cycles and potentially America’s solar energy potential to transform markets in need of in California and communities cost-effective energy storage. across the country. Jeremy Neubauer, senior engineer Steven Chu, Energy Secretary National Renewable Energy Laboratory Department of EnergySecond Life for Batteries Streamlining SolarCCSE is teaming up with the Department of Energy’s In late 2011, the Department of Energy selectedNational Renewable Energy Laboratory to study how CCSE to lead a consortium of 11 jurisdictions andlithium ion batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) might five utilities in determining how to expedite thebe used as energy storage devices after they can no widespread adoption of rooftop solar energy systemslonger power cars and trucks. The $700,000 award throughout Southern California. The consortium willfrom NREL will be leveraged by an ongoing California work to standardize permitting processes, updateEnergy Commission-funded CCSE/UC Davis study on zoning codes and improve standards for connectingthe repurposing of used EV batteries for home energy solar to the grid with a $700,000 DOE CCSE is actively involved From the Past . . . Working with the San Diego in analyzing techniques Association of Governments, and technologies that CCSE authored the 2003 “Regional Energy Strategy accommodate and 2030” that contained many recommendations on energy accelerate the adoption efficiency, renewable energy and electricity resource planning and use of sustainable that became part of California’s6 energy. blueprint for energy policy today.
  7. 7. 3CCSE connectspeople toinformation and connect Energy Open Houses As part of Energy Upgrade California, CCSE organized an initiative with the City of Chula Vista that doubled the state energy upgrade rebates to up to $8,000programs that per household. One way residents learned about Funding for CVRP for 2011-12when combined upgrading was through a series of open houses held in the community of Rancho Del Rey. Mike and Paula is a three-fold increase . . . thisadd up to large- Gorski’s house served as the first model of an energy- significant investment will helpscale environmental efficient home. residents make the switch to aand economicbenefits. I expect that other people cleaner, more efficient vehicle, are going to be able to take creating cleaner air for all advantage of some of the of us. David Almeida, program manager solutions that we found for the CCSE Plug-in EV Program deficiencies in our house.From the Past . . . Paula Gorski, homeownerDuring 2004-06, CCSE provided Chula Vistathe Green Action Program forhigh schools students to learn Electric Vehicle Tailgatingabout energy efficiency and CCSE’s promotion of the Clean Vehicle Rebatesustainability during lectures Project (CVRP) has helped make San Diego theand hands-on energy audits andlighting retrofits at neighborhood region with the highest adoption rate for electriccommunity centers. vehicles in the nation. In October 2011, more than 80 owners brought their EVs to CCSE for “Tailgate without Tailpipes,” marking National Plug-In Day and promoting the benefits of plug-in EVs. 7
  8. 8. 4 One of the core missions of CCSE From the Past . . . Some 3,000 people participated in is to educate everyone who is San Diego’s first Solar Energy Week interested, from homeowners to held by CCSE in September 2005 with sponsorships by SDG&E and Kyocera professional contractors, about a Solar, Inc. broad range of energy topics and sustainability issues.educate It should be easy to go green.No one should ever feel like it’stoo expensive, too complicated ortoo difficult. Efficiency On the Road Michelle Kaufmann, owner and architect During mid-2011, CCSE developed a mobile Michelle Kaufmann Studio showcase, the Residential Energy Roadshow, to educate and inspire homeowners to learn about energy-saving practices in home efficiency, solarSimplicity in Design Ferrellgas is proud to technologies and alternative-fuel transportation. ROUSH CleanTech supplied a propane autogasArchitects, contractors and homeowners formed a partner with the CCSE and truck to pull the trailer and Ferrellgas provided fuelstanding room only crowd during a lunchtime lectureat CCSE in June 2011 when Michelle Kaufmann ROUSH CleanTech to educate for going to events across Southern California. It houses a wide variety of exhibits donated by variousoutlined her quest for simplicity in designing and Californians about ways to save manufacturers and service providers.building sustainable homes at a moderate cost. Sheprescribes to five basic principles: smart design, use of money and the environment byeco-materials, energy efficiency, water conservation implementing energy efficiencyand healthy environment. solutions. George Koloroutis, president Ferrell North America8
  9. 9. 5 Solar Volunteers empower During a sunny weekend in January 2011, a CCSE team joined in helping install a rooftop solar photovoltaic system in Vista, Calif., as part of the Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing program. The program funds solar for low-income families throughout the state and provides on-site job training. For the CCSE team, the hands-on work introduced a broader perspective of the solar industry. CCSE empowers This experience at individuals to take an installation made the control of their energy choices components and procedures forReduce then Produce solar real for me — plus, by introducingAs part of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sander’s Summer innovative ways toof Energy Independence, encouraging residents I had fun doing it! support and deliverto reduce energy consumption, CCSE initiated Andrea Cook, senior managera collaborative purchasing program for energy CCSE Education and Outreach clean energyefficiency and solar improvements. Called Reduce technologies in thethen Produce, it brought together more than adozen local home performance contractors and solar community.installers to participate and provided homeownerswith discounted energy upgrades and reduced pricesfor solar energy systems. From the Past . . . In 2002, CCSE established the region’s first energy education This program is designed center, the San Diego Energy Resource Center. Since then,to make it both easier and tens of thousands of visitors have learned about energyless expensive for San Diego technologies and gained access to expert resources.homeowners to get their homesinto top energy shape. Jerry Sanders, mayor City of San Diego 9
  10. 10. With the combined resources The GETUP experience was of federal and state funding, we an excellent opportunity to have are investing in the community my hands on advanced home and promoting the development performance techniques . . . The of renewable energy sources in methods that the GETUP team our own backyards. imparted during the two weeks Bob Filner, member U.S. House of Representatives were priceless! Dan Ignosci, home performance advisor Comfort AdvisorsGoing Green Home PerformanceResidents of Las Serenas, a low-income community CCSE helps individuals and construction businessesin San Diego, switched on a solar energy system in wanting to transition into the home energyJune 2011 thanks to the California Solar Initiative performance field with the Green Grad EducationMultifamily Affordable Solar Housing Program. CCSE & Training Upgrade Program – GETUP. Participantspresented a check for $412,000 to the Community attend job skill classes, work on-site at home retrofitsHousingWorks for the system, which along with a and intern with local Energy Upgrade California$475,000 federal NeighborWorks America grant for contractors.other green improvements, provides tenants withlower utility bills and a more sustainable community.enable6 From the Past . . . In 2005, CCSE initiated the Green Building Education and Technical Assistance Program. That year, the CCSE programs enable people to program conducted 18 green building workshops, provided put into action their desires to design assistance on 11 projects and offered building participate in a sustainable lifestyle policy assistance to four10 by providing access and training. municipalities.
  11. 11. 7 Solar for Schools engage During 2011, the Encinitas Union School District tapped CCSE expertise to establish the best strategies for installing renewable energy and reducing energy use. CCSE conducted a comprehensive energy analysis and developed a plan for energy savings involving energy efficiency and solar power at the district’s nine school campuses.CCSE engages peoplein sustainabilityand clean energythrough programs Our efforts, combined withthat connect organizations like CCSE, havebest practices increased awareness in thewith actionableoperations. market and should drive growth in the home performance industry. Years from now we hope to be seen as pioneers helping CCSE is unique as an change the way people think independent third-party about their homes. Steven Rawls, regional president consultant. We want to ensure REEis Companies that our schools are receiving theFrom the Past . . .In 2005, CCSE’s Technical Assistance highest quality and best expertiseProgram provided free energyaudits to businesses that took part available before we enter intoin the City of San Diego’s ClimateWise-Energy Star Program. Raising Energy Efficiency multimillion dollar contracts with As part of Energy Upgrade California, CCSE supported solar vendors. home improvement programs in parts of San Gerry Devitt, director, maintenance, operations & facilities Bernardino and Riverside counties during 2011. CCSE Encinitas Union School District worked with home performance contractors, realtors and local officials to spread the word about the program through public forums, workshops, training and marketing campaigns. 11
  12. 12. 8 CCSE implements programs that From the Past . . . offer practical and concrete actions CCSE’s popular Cool Communities Shade Tree that help people achieve more Program during 2002-08 exceeded its goals with sustainable lifestyles — in their some 33,500 trees planted in the county. They continue homes, at work and on the road. producing clean air, cooling homes and reducing carbon emissions.implementSolar Water Heating Clean transportation plays aThe first commercial solar-thermal rebate awarded critical role in meeting our state’sin San Diego went to the homeowners association ofMission Heights Condominiums during a ceremony long-term air quality goals.held in June. In addition to reducing energy costs Ron Roberts, memberfor residents, the project’s environmental benefits San Diego County Board of Supervisorsinclude cutting natural gas consumption by 5,690therms per year and carbon dioxide emissions byabout 32 tons per year. Clean Transportation We have saved thousands For the third year, the California Air Resourcesof dollars. Every homeowner Board (ARB) designated CCSE as administrators of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, with $15 millionassociation should strongly allocated for some 6,000 to 8,000 vehicles. Since theconsider installing solar thermal project’s inception through December 2011, CCSE has awarded 4,655 clean vehicle rebates, totaling nearlysystems. $17 million. Aaron Sathrum, president Mission Heights Condominiums The first rebate in the 2011 funding cycle was given to Kim Adelman of Poway, owner of a Nissan LEAF, at a CCSE press conference attended by ARB member and12 San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.
  13. 13. 9 influence Energy Planning CCSE actively participates in regional energy policy and planning, primarily through the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and their Regional Energy Working Group. During 2011, CCSE supplied technical support and advice to SANDAG’s Energy Roadmap Program to develop energy action plans tailored to the unique characteristics of each local jurisdiction to save electricity, natural gas and transportation fuel in government and community operations. CCSE works to develop San Diego is pretty lucky in and execute having a nonprofit organization, stakeholder-based CCSE, administering rebate energy planning programs and doing an excellent and legislation that job of educating consumers support long-term about the ability to go solar as energy efficiencyFunds for Solar well as energy efficiency and and renewableBegan in 2007, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) is energy.set to last until 2016, but the program’s funding for alternative transportation.nonprofit and commercial applications ran out in late Bernadette Del Chiaro, energy advocate2010. With CCSE’s urging and support, State Senator Environment CaliforniaChristine Kehoe (D-San Diego), a longtime advocatefor solar, sponsored a bill to increase the CSI incentive From the Past . . .budget by an additional $200 million. In October In 2003, CCSE headed a team2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law. that created a vision document outlining a sustainable San Diego-Tijuana region that took second place at the The bills I signed today are International Competition for Sustainable Urban Systempart of a solar energy revolution Design.that is sweeping our state. Thesebills will help create jobs, lowerelectric bills and clean up the airwe breathe. Jerry Brown, governor State of California 13
  14. 14. Urban forestry is America’s The Green Learning frontline defense in the fight Adventure is so interactive, against climate change. engaging and fun that taking Robin Rivet, urban forester California Center for Sustainable Energy action to help the environment becomes common sense for the students. Susan Miller, vice president, corporate social responsibility Union BankChampioning Urban Trees CCSE in the ClassroomWith a grant from the California Department of Several corporations stepped forward during 2011Forestry and Fire Protection, CCSE launched an to support CCSE’s Green Learning Adventure,urban forestry program for the San Diego region a classroom enrichment program that teachesduring March 2011. Its mission is to promote trees students how to take action at school and at home toand landscaping as means for reducing greenhouse implement energy conservation and efficiency. Sincegases while conserving water and energy resources. the program launched in 2009, it has reached moreExhibits were built at CCSE to highlight the many than 16,000 San Diegans at events throughout thebenefits of trees to air quality and the environment. county.inspire10 CCSE brings to life programs From the Past . . . During 2001-03, CCSE that inspire people of all ages to administered the Cool Savings participate in activities that help with Cool Roofs Program that issued some $3 million in the environment and promote wise rebates funding more than 21 million square feet of white energy choices. roofing.14
  15. 15. 11CCSE focuseson integratingnew sustainable integrate The fuel cell projects that we installed are helping Cox Communications achieve its nationwide goal to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by Electric Vehicle Supporttechnologies into In 2011, the California Energy Commission awardedeveryday practice 20 percent by 2017. $400,000 for two planning projects managed by Jennifer Shaffer, program manager CCSE to develop regional EV plans, one with the Sanby providing Cox Communications Diego Association of Governments and another withpathways to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.holistic solutions. CCSE also is participating in a $1 million grant from the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative to develop EV infrastructure readiness statewide. This innovative transportation investment program . . . will create CaliforniaFrom the Past . . . jobs, improve the environmentIn 2002, CCSE was tapped by thestate legislature to administer and reduce our dependence onthe newly established Self-Generation Incentive Program foreign the San Diego region to help James Boyd, vice chairfund commercial-sized solar California Energy Commissionelectric systems — the onlynonutility selected. Clean Energy Systems The California Public Utilities Commission reopened the Self-Generation Incentive Program in 2011, allocating more than $10 million for CCSE to distribute in the San Diego region. The revised program allows CCSE to offer rebates for a wider variety of clean energy systems, from fuel cells to advanced energy storage, that help lower energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 15
  16. 16. 12 CCSE motivates specific PO social groups and business sectors to adopt clean technologies through specially targeted programs. Fmotivate From the Past . . . Within three months of the October 2007 wildfires that destroyed more than 1,000 local homes, CCSE established Rebuild Central, offering training and information to homeowners and contractors about how to rebuild green. Green Taxis Hybrid taxis began operating at San Diego International Airport in late 2011 as part of an innovative public-private partnership involving CCSE, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Mossy Toyota and San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. CCSE and the Airport Authority secured $750,000 for state-funded rebates for ground transportation providers who adopt clean vehicles; and Mossy Toyota joined in, developing a special purchase package for the Prius v station wagon. We immediately saw valuein this green program. It’s Whether you’re lookingimportant to our employees, at energy use from a security, Heroes at Homeour customers and the future of economic or environmental Nationwide and locally, the military is taking aSan Diego. standpoint, efficiency and leadership role on energy efficiency, and CCSE is helping active duty personnel, veterans and their Jason Mossy, executive Mossy Auto Group conservation are positive impacts families implement energy efficiency in their homes. The San Diego Hero Alliance provides energy for everyone. education and leads participants to special offers, Dan Nolan, colonel (U.S. Army, retired) affordable financing and rebates through online16 Sabot 6 Consulting resources and outreach activities.
  17. 17. 13 recognize We are honored and humbledto receive this award in lightof the strong efforts other SanDiego organizations have madetoward sustainability. Michael Catanzaro, director of sustainability University of San Diego Civic Pride CCSE recognizes As administrators of the California Solar Initiative in efforts that the San Diego region, CCSE is proud to be able to contribute acknowledge clean energy accomplishments. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony in November 2011, the City to advancing of Chula Vista unveiled the final two solar electric sustainability systems at municipal facilities completed as part of a citywide solar initiative. CCSE’s Andrew McAllister on all levels and presented a CSI rebate for $740,975 for more than is proud to help 400 kW of clean solar energy. others achieve their green goals. The new solar arrays represent a seven-fold increase in Chula Vista’s renewable energyEnergy All-Stars capacity and help to reduce itsFor the eighth consecutive year, CCSE honored From the Past . . .businesses, organizations and individuals who carbon footprint. During 2008-09, CCSE sponsored two high schoolmade noteworthy energy savings and greenhouse Cheryl Cox, mayor students who created thegas reductions during 2011. Eight Energy All-Star City of Chula Vista Young Scientist Innovation FairAwards were presented in categories ranging for students in grades 4-6 tofrom commercial and residential building projects compete for prizes with exhibits on ways to increase the use ofto community leadership and sustainable energy conservation, energytransportation. A special Ultimate Energy All-Star efficiency and renewableAward was given to honor Irene Stillings for her 10 energy.years as CCSE executive director. 17
  18. 18. Home energy upgrade In working closely with CCSE, programs like those provided we know firsthand how their by CCSE are a vital component dedication to the success of our of the city’s ongoing efforts to program will no doubt render encourage residents to be more significant financial savings and energy efficient and improve environmental benefits for any the quality of their homes and other program as well. neighborhoods. Erik Anderson, customer generation manager Pacific Power Tony Young, council president San Diego City CouncilCost-Affordable Upgrades California Solar MarketAmong CCSE initiatives with local municipalities When the California Public Utilities Commissionin 2011 was the San Diego Home Energy Upgrade approved a California Solar Initiative (CSI) programprogram. The program provided free energy in 2011 for Northern California counties served byimprovements for low- and moderate-income Pacific Power, the utility chose CCSE to administer theresidents in the city, with funding from the rebates. CCSE directs the program’s marketing andDepartment of Energy’s block grant program. outreach, applications and rebate awards.support14 As a mission-driven organization, From the Past . . . Between 2002 and 2006 SDREO CCSE steps up to support the efforts was awarded the administration of public agencies, municipalities of nine energy efficiency programs by the California and others who are striving to reach Public Utilities Commission. sustainable energy goals.18
  19. 19. 15 Continued growth of San translate Diego’s green economy depends on an all-inclusive approach that seeks innovative solutions and requires considerable investment and participation from all members of the local businessOne of CCSE’s critical community.roles is to translate Jack Clark, building performance senior manager California Center for Sustainable Energywhat is going onin the sustainableenergy marketplace We want to make sure Green Job Marketplacefor Californians in As part of the San Diego Green Workforce Coalition,efforts to help them that we have policies and CCSE helped present “Growing Clean, Growing Green,move forward in rate structures in place that Growing Jobs” in May 2011 at Cuyamaca College. Attended by more than 250 people, the symposiumthe clean energy encourage the deployment of identified opportunities for growth, addressedtransformation. renewable energy rather than barriers and developed strategies to create green jobs and careers. discourage it. Dan Sullivan, president and owner Sullivan Solar Power Impacts of Rates on SolarFrom the Past . . . When San Diego Gas & Electric filed its rate case withIn 2002, the center led studies the California Public Utilities Commission in Octoberexamining San Diego’s regional 2011, CCSE engaged local stakeholders in discussionsenergy infrastructure thatformed the foundation for of a proposed charge for use of the electric grid. CCSEa regional energy strategy collaborated with solar contractors, industry leaderscreated the following year. and officials to analyze impacts on existing solar users and the industry. Eventually, the charge was denied. 19
  20. 20. 2011 Energy All-Star AwardsCelebrating accomplishments in energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy andgreenhouse gas reductionThe annual Energy All-Star Awards were a great success again this year, with the presence of California State SenatorChristine Kehoe and an assembly of local and regional clean energy advocates, stakeholders and other dignitaries.Outstanding Innovation: San Diego Building ProjectCounty of San Diego, California Sustainable Community LeadershipDepartment of General Services City of Palm Springs,In keeping with its long-term strategic energy plan, Office of Sustainabilitythe County of San Diego has created a greener The City of Palm Springs aggressively pursuescampus at the San Pasqual Academy, which was policies and programs that support sustainability bypartially destroyed by wildfire in 2007. cutting water and energy use and though reducing greenhouse gas emissions.San Diego Sustainable Community LeadershipBirch Aquarium at Scripps Outstanding Sustainable OrganizationThe Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of University of San DiegoOceanography offers sustainable energy education to The University of San Diego is a leader in sustainablethe public through its exhibits and programs. Sustainable Transportation facilities and programs through the integration car2go of green transportation, progressive energy The company car2go has made San Diego the management and community leadership in waste nation’s first city with a large-scale, all-electric vehicle reduction. car-share fleet. Outstanding Homeowner Outstanding Innovation: California Building Project Soheil Nakhshab Housing Authority of Soheil Nakhshab has designed and built a San Bernardino County 5,600-square-foot, canyon-side home for his family in Maplewood Homes is a 65-year-old multifamily Mission Hills with high standards of energy efficiency affordable housing complex in San Bernardino that and sustainability. completed extensive energy upgrades and the installation of solar energy systems in 2011. Ultimate Energy All-Star Irene Stillings For a decade, Irene Stillings has been tirelessly dedicated to pursuing a clean energy future as executive director of CCSE.20
  21. 21. Fiscal Year 2011 in Review CCSE’s 2011 Board of DirectorsAs a nonprofit organization, CCSE’s goal is to Fred Baranowski, Chairman Richard H. Hertzberg, Memberinvest its total resources in achieving its mission Regional President, Sunrise Bank Trustee, UCSD Board of Trusteesand serving the community and to do so in a cost-effective manner. Overall, 95% of its total resources in2011 were invested in the community, either directly(rebates and incentives) or as program services and Alan Ball, Vice Chair Nick Leibham, Membereducation. In order to support all the initiatives that Partner, Sustainable Intelligence Group Partner, K&L Gates, L.L.P.take place at CCSE, the center efficiently spends itsfunds by investing 4% of its total expenses in generaladministration and only 1% in marketing and outreach. John Moot, Secretary/Treasurer Robert Noble, Past ChairmanInvestment by Cost Category 2011 Attorney, Schwartz Semerdjian CEO, Envision Solar Ballard & Cauley LLP Michael Akavan, Member Lisa Shaffer, Member Principal, MA Engineers Lecturer, Rady School of Managment, UC San Diego Sophie A. Akins, Member Daniel Torpey, Member Partner, Best Best & Krieger LLP Senior Director of Implementation, Qualcomm Real Estate and Facilities, Qualcomm Inc. Wayne Hart, Member Robert Wilder, Member Senior Faculty, CEO/Founder, Wildershares, LLC Center for Creative Leadership Incentives, Rebates 84% Public & Program Services 11% General Administration 4% Leendert R. Hering Sr., Member RADM, USN (ret) Outreach & Marketing 1% 21
  22. 22. 8690 Balboa Ave., Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92123 (866) SDENERGY (733-6374)22