Crandall Chronicle February 2013


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Crandall Chronicle February 2013

  1. 1. Crandall Chronicle February 2013 Classroom News from 3-1 We had a terrific Valentine’s Day party yesterday! Thank you to all of the parents who donated treats and other items for the party. A huge thank you to the parents who spent time planning the fun festivities! What We’re Studying Writing In February, we began the Over the next few weeks, the second unit of the WEX students will be working on (Writers’ Express) writing their final response to program. This new unit literature piece of writing, introduces the students to which uses their own ideas Responses to Literature. As about the characters as well we read the novel My Name as specific details from theIn this issue: is María Isabel by Alma Flor story. We will complete the Ada, the students are writing writing process by revising, Writing 1 responses to the story and editing, and creating a final Reading 2 analyzing the main character, polished piece of writing. Social Studies 3 María Isabel. This has been a Math 3 very challenging concept for ********** Science 4 the children since they are no Web Updates 5 longer describing their own Each month the students experiences like they did receive a new list of monthly Dates/Events 5 during the previous unit with writing words, which they are Student the personal narratives. tested on at the end of the Challenge 6 Instead they are reflecting on month with a cumulative test. the literature and using Please continue to help your textual evidence to support child to practice and prepare their claims about the for these tests. characters and events.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 OF 6ReadingA few weeks ago, the students While your child is reading at home,completed the third unit of our please take a moment to ask him orTreasures literacy program. The her to share what they are readingstudents were assessed on key and their thoughts about the bookreading strategies that have been with you. Some conversation startersfocused on during the past six weeks. include:These skills and strategies include * Give me a summary of whatvisualizing, making inferences, you read today.identifying cause and effectrelationships, and describing a * Were you surprised bysequence of events within a story. anything that happened in your book?The students continue to practice newvocabulary that is introduced in the * Do the characters or events inweekly stories. These words are listed the story remind you ofon the informational letter from anything?Treasures that comes home each * If you were the character,week. Please ask your child to share what would you have done?with you what they know about these * How do you think thenew words at home. character felt?The class also continues to practice * Why do you think the authorreading fluency daily using the Six wrote this?Minute Solution program. Studentsread with partners and provide By talking with your child about thecomments about each other’s literature they are reading, it willintonation, tempo, and expression. show them that you are interested,Please ask your child to read out loud reading is valuable, and it willto you at home every once in a while encourage them to reflect on theirso that you get the opportunity to reading, which will assist them withhear how he or she reads with their comprehension andexpression! understanding of the text.You can reinforce these skills at home This week in guided reading we beganby having your child look up reading novels. The students are veryunfamiliar or confusing words that excited about the new literature theythey encounter while reading or are reading and eager to meet in ourthrough daily conversation at home. groups to discuss the books. I am so excited to see this eagerness to read!
  3. 3. PAGE 3 OF 6Social StudiesOur current social studies unit is The students have already beenIllinois. The students will continue to tested on the Midwest and Northeastlearn all about the history, economy, states and capitals. Your child will beand people that have impacted our bringing home flashcards and a mapstate. On February 26th a program for the western states, which is thedirector from the Illinois Farm Bureau next region that the class will bewill be coming to our class to teach us tested on. Please make sure that yourabout the importance of agriculture in child is studying and preparing for theIllinois. It is a free field trip, so no test. The students will be responsiblemoney or permission slips are for locating the states on a blank maprequired. An informational letter came and matching the states with theirhome last week. capitals. There are many links to fun websites on our class blog. They can be found on the Race Across the States page. Please make sure that your child isMath practicing his or her math facts atWe recently completed Unit 6: home. By memorizing their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts,Geometry in Everyday Math. The it will be much easier for them tostudents worked very hard to learn calculate more challenging mathand understand the new vocabulary problems in class and on theirthat was introduced in this unit. homework.Throughout the month of February,the students will be learning many Quiz your child anywhere and at anynew math concepts through small time! Here are a few ways you can take advantage of your time to helpmini-lessons. These will help prepare your child practice his or her facts:them for problems they will encounter * in the caron the ISAT test, which will be in the * waiting in line at the storebeginning of March. Some of the * while clearing off the tableconcepts include using parentheses, * during a commercial breakplotting coordinates, and measuringvolume. Remember, every little bit of practice helps!
  4. 4. PAGE 4 OF 6ScienceThe students really enjoyed our most make more precise observations aboutrecent science unit: Light. We the amount of light being emitted fromexplored light through a variety of various light sources and the amount ofhands-on activities and experiments. light that passes through differentThe class was given the opportunity to objects.utilize some exciting new technologyto assist in our learning about the newlight concepts and show our We completed this science unit a fewunderstanding. weeks ago. To see some videos and other photographs from our lessons,The use of a light sensor or probe look at previous posts on our classprovided students with the ability to blog. Class Website Updates! Visit our class website and check out these recently added items: Student Techspert Reports Photographs of Art Appreciation Class Pet Adventure Stories Photographs from our Valentine’s Day Party IMPORTANT DATES & UPCOMING EVENTS February 14 – Valentine’s Day Party February 18 – President’s Day (NO SCHOOL) February 21 – Monday Schedule February 22 – Dolphin Spirit Day February 26 – Ag in the Classroom (In-School Field Trip) February 27 – First Grade Musical February 28 – Third Grade Spelling Bee
  5. 5. PAGE 6 OF 6Student Challenge This month’s student challenge will involve doing some thinking! The students have enjoyed trying to solve some brain busters in class, so the challenge will involve solving a packet of tricky mind benders and puzzles. They will need to be creative with their answers and do a lot of thinking. Students: Remember, the student challenge is to be completed by you! If you need help, you may ask someone for help, but do not ask anyone to do the work for you! Good luck and have fun!