Are You Ready for VAS 2.0 with LTE?


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This presentation was shown at a webinar from Continuous Computing and HCL Technologies that peers into the VAS market with an LTE lens and teaches how YOU can best prepare for the network challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Are You Ready for VAS 2.0 with LTE?

  1. 1. Slide 1 Are You Ready for VAS 2.0 With LTE? July 20, 2010
  2. 2. Slide 2 Speakers Nitin Tomar Product Line Manager Trillium Professional Services & Trillium+plus VAS Solutions Continuous Computing Deepak Kataria Director of Systems Solutions Consulting for Networking and Telecom practice HCL Technologies
  3. 3. Slide 3 Continuous Computing Overview Over 150 Customers Worldwide Protocol Software LTE Femto DPI ATCA Professional Platforms Services
  4. 4. Slide 4 The HCL Enterprise Vertical Presence Telecom Retail &CPG HCL Technologies 12.5 8 7.2 MPE FS 26.1 Technology Services arm 7.2 LSH 6.1 25.6 Others Highlights Manufacturing Total Revenues $5B Employees 60,000 4 Countries 26 Services Footprint Enterprise Infrastructure Applications Services ERS 22.4 20.3 18 HCL Infosystems 8.8 BPO 30.5 Systems Integration arm Customer Applications
  5. 5. Slide 5 Agenda 1. VAS Ecosystem 2. Key Market Drivers Affecting VAS in LTE 3. Business Case For VAS in LTE
  6. 6. Slide 6 VAS Ecosystem Technology Value Chain VAS Demographics Services
  7. 7. Slide 7 Ecosystem: Value Chain Operators VAS Network Equipment Providers Content Providers & Aggregators Technology Providers, System Integrators
  8. 8. Slide 8 Ecosystem: Demographics, Services Demographics Services Lean Forward Generation Content Rich CRBT/Ring Back Tone Smart SMS MMS Real-Time Voting Mobile Commerce Advertising Search Presence Apps Location Apps Change in Demographics Driving New Services
  9. 9. Slide 9 Ecosystem: Technology Network Devices Web
  10. 10. Slide 10 2.5G, 3G: VAS Network Elements VAS 1.0 Network Elements
  11. 11. Slide 11 LTE Deployment Scenarios • Greenfield – An Operator builds an LTE network from “scratch” – Not very likely • HSPA Evolution – Most likely scenario for European Operators and AT&T – HSPA / EDGE will coexist with LTE • CDMA2000 Evolution – Verizon’s path – More aggressive LTE rollout • WiMAX Migration – In markets with WiMAX networks in operation LTE will Coexist with “Legacy Technologies” for Some Time
  12. 12. Slide 12 LTE: Speed, Efficiency and…Disruption  LTE Femtocell  Intelligent Device MME / Serving GW MME / Serving GW  Operator-Controlled Device  Platform for Enhanced VAS (2.0) S1 S1 X2 eNodeB eNodeB HeNodeB VAS 2.0 Elements Micro, Femtocell  Enhanced VAS (2.0) Opportunities  Content Rich Services eNodeB  Integrate Machines (M2M)  QoS Enablement Intelligent Access: User-Aware VAS  User-Aware: Location, Presence
  13. 13. Slide 13 Multiplicity of Device Classes Device growth & evolution is driving LTE demand Higher screen resolution & application CPU’s HD Digital / Video Camera Higher Data Rates, Lower Latency Always-On Connectivity, Differentiated QoS Smartphone - Enabling Feature-Rich Media Applications MID ? Use Case Marketing Capabilities Form Factor Netbook 3900% increase in Data Traffic from 2009-2014 Video will be 66% of Mobile Traffic by 2013 TabletPC Source: Cisco
  14. 14. Slide 14 Realizing QoS in 3GPP Packet Access Bearer QoS Parameters: QoS Class Identifier (QCI) • 9 standardized QoS classes • In the specs, each of 9 QCIs is associated with standardized characteristics in terms of Priority, Packet Delay Budget, and Packet Error Loss Rate Resource Packet Delay Packet Error QCI Priority Example Services Type Budget Loss Rate 1 2 100 ms 10-2 Full duplex voice 2 4 150 ms 10-3 Real time video GBR 3 5 300 ms 10-6 4 3 50 ms 10-3 Network Gaming 5 1 100 ms 10-6 IMS signaling 6 7 100 ms 10-3 7 Non-GBR 6 Default bearer 8 8 300 ms 10-2 MMTel: text communication, 9 9 file transfer, picture/video clip, etc.
  15. 15. Slide 15 LTE Brings New Opportunities Home/Business Connectivity Cloud/Server OTT Service and Devices & Networks Providers Providers Application Providers - Mobile Broadband - wholesale & retail Utility,Health,Security, Media, M2M ,,, Application Downloads 2 billion Device domain Network domain Cloud/Data center domain Service/Application domain
  16. 16. Slide 16 Architectural View of the Vision Leverage New Consumer, Enterprise & Data Center Domain Features Leverage New Service Provider Domain Features Web 2.0 Application – Service Provider Entity Enterprise & Service Provider Entities Enterprise Service Provider Differentiation APIs Differentiation APIs Web 2.0 Application APIs Other Capabilities REST, RSS, Atom, SOAP, Parlay X Service Components Enabling Service New Apps New Apps New Apps Components (SOA) SOAP REST Parlay X Enabling Network Elements & Application Enablers Wireline Access Wireless Access
  17. 17. Slide 17 End-User Services Mapping M2M Other Apps / App Stores End-User Applications E-Health Web 2.0 Widgets Data Hosting Video Services RCS SaaS Home Monitoring Public Cloud / Internet / Premium Content / CDN IP TV/ Web TV XBOX IP STB/DMA 360 PDA Application Plane BGCF Integrated Modem and Media Server S-CSCF I-CSCF MGC SGW F P-CSCF Control Plane Digital Notebooks RACS Cameras Media PCs Transport / User Plane Telecom Service Provider Cloud (e.g. VZ, AT&T)
  18. 18. Slide 18 Enterprise Services Mapping M2M Other Apps /App Stores Enterprise Applications UC Video Conferencing Online Collaboration IP Centrex SaaS BPUs Public Cloud / Internet / Premium Content / CDN Mobile Video Conferencing Terminals/ Desktops Application Plane BGCF S-CSCF I-CSCF MGC SGW F P-CSCF Control Plane RACS Transport / User Plane Telecom Service Provider Cloud (e.g. VZ, AT&T)
  19. 19. Slide 19 Operator Assets (APIs) Mapping M2M Other APIs for App Stores Operator Assets (APIs) Location QoE Monitor Wireless Broadband Universal Packet Core Cloud Computing Services Enterprise Mobility WAN/LAN Policy Enterprise Network Services Service Provider (e.g., Telecom-Web Network Services 2.0 Mashups, SOA, Data Center Services (e.g., CDN) (e.g. Virtualization, Green Analytics) IT) Application Plane BGCF S-CSCF I-CSCF MGC SGW F P-CSCF Control Plane RACS Transport / User Plane Telecom Service Provider Cloud (e.g. VZ, AT&T)
  20. 20. Slide 20 Business Case For VAS 2.0 Services • LTE Deployments • ARPU Declining • Convergence • Smart Homes VAS Providers: Opportunity for Beachhead
  21. 21. Slide 21 Threat to Business Models Existing Models Dumb-pipe Model $ VAS Providers: Embrace Web 2.0
  22. 22. Slide 22 What Is Needed For VAS 2.0? QoS DPI (Traffic Offload + Shaper) VAS 2.0 Network Elements
  23. 23. Slide 23 Award-Winning LTE Reference Design “Best Enabling Product/Technology” Award “Best Enabling Technology” Award LTE World Summit 2010 in Amsterdam 2010 Femtocells World Summit in London Platform for VAS 2.0 Services Available Today!!!!
  24. 24. Slide 24 LTE Offload + Shaping LTE Offload + Shaping LTE Offloaded Traffic Internet eNodeB Router S-GW P-GW Signaling Non-offloaded Offloaded Platform for Tiered SLA Available Today!!!!
  25. 25. Slide 25 Traffic/Service Monetization with PCRF Gold video Charging Services in use / Billing service System Regular services AF Rx Video Video Time Gy started stopped Policy Control Logic PCRF Set Set Set BRONZE GOLD BRONZE profile profile Gx profile Low prio; MBR = low BW Hi prio; MBR=high BW Low prio SAE GW QoS/BW BRONZE GOLD BRONZE Radio Network Time
  26. 26. Slide 26 Ecosystem Play Innovative Technology Deep domain expertise across devices, networks, service enablement and applications Faster TTM + = Beachhead into Innovative Engineering Expertise LTE VAS Innovative business models and flexible engagement models
  27. 27. Slide 27 What About Voice? 1. Voice over IP (over IMS) over LTE • Requires a full-scale LTE (& IMS) network in place for universal service • SR-VCC is required for non LTE coverage areas 2. Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA) • Supported by T-Mobile • Simpler method but little traction 3. CS Fallback • Voice service delivered from “legacy” CS networks 4. OTT Service (i.e., Skype) • Operator is bypassed
  28. 28. Slide 28 Summary 1. LTE brings Fast, Efficient & Intelligent Devices • Enhanced VAS (2.0) deployment from inside-out • RCS, mobile video services, cloud services, UCS 2. Robust Platform for VAS 2.0 • Standard protocols, framework & DPI technology • PCRF, eNodeB, Offload + Shaper enable “smart-pipe” 3. Accelerated Time-to-Revenue • Integrated framework, software and knowledge base • App store, cloud services bring new monetization opportunities
  29. 29. Slide 29 Questions & Discussion Nitin Tomar Deepak Kataria Continuous Computing HCL Technologies