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NPSM Overview - How We Do It
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NPSM Overview - How We Do It


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  • 1. Powered by
  • 2. 154 million people shopped online last year. they spent $155 BILLION allows you to stop competing for those funds and instead claim a portion of them for your nonprofit organization. We provide a new stream of unrestricted funds flowing directly into your annual budget.
  • 3. The concept is simple. everyday shopping everyday givingWe remove the barriers to giving by allowing people to donate moneywhenever they engage in their everyday online shopping.Once they realize they can channel funds to their favorite nonprofitwithout having to change their behavior, they’re likely to shop – andgive – more.
  • 4. Here’s how we do it. two powerful revenue generators• Your very own private label shopping mall, married beautifully to your existing online presence.• Your organization-specific EZ Shopper+ Tracking app, designed for today’s most popular web browsers.Each time a consumer shops online usingeither method, a portion will be earmarkedby NPSM and delivered to you quarterly.
  • 5. your veryown onlineshopping mall your siteOne of two powerful tools designed to drive revenue,your private label shopping mall integrates seamlesslywith your existing online presence. Your visitors willsee only you and your cause, along with some of themost popular retailers on the Internet.With every purchase through your private mall, yoursupporters shop as they normally would, but gain thesatisfaction of donating a portion of every sale to you. your mall
  • 6. Introducing your superhero.EZSHOPPERAPPChances are, users won’t want to change the way they behave onlinejust because you ask them to. Sure, a private mall that supports theircause is cool, but after their initial visit, they’ll likely forget to pointtheir browser your way for their next online shopping spree.Enter the EZ Shopper app. It’s an automated shop+give reminder andtracking system available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and evenChrome! And it’s downloadable directly from your private mall.Easy to install, the EZ Shopper app lives in the user’s browser, fullycapable of tracking all of our more than 500 participating onlineretailers. When users visit them directly (and they will,) you’ll stillbenefit from their purchase. Compliance issues will be a thing of thepast, and additional revenue a part of your future.
  • 7. tifeneb lliw esahcrup rieht taht ,etisbew s’ reliater gnitapicitrap a tisiv yeht emit yrevhat is the EZ Shopper App?e EZ Shopper App is an automated, organization-specific, shop+give reminder andcking system available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). Top-of-mind awareness. ce the EZ Shopper application is downloaded onto an individual’s computer, it willsure that all his or her purchases benefit that specific nonprofit whenever that personops online with any of the retailers listed on the private label site. And - it will continuedo so until it’s manually uninstalled.sentially, if your supporter forgets to go through your organization’s private label sitehich they will) and goes directly to one of our participating retailers, the EZ Shopperp will still capture that purchase and designate the named organization as theneficiary of the sale. everyday shopping everyday giving Once they’ve installed your EZ Shopper app, you’re always on their mind! (Well, at least you’ll always be right there on their browser bar.) With you and your cause perpetually visible to the user, the app pro- vides a constant ‘nudge’ to the user, encouraging them to purchase online often, using YOUR online partners. It’s like a free banner ad. (You’re welcome.)
  • 8. In the thick of things We’re gadypohe y rev nip s where your eve yadyr audience isnivig gThe fact that your audience practically lives on Facebookisn’t lost on us. So on top of our other great shoppingtools, we’ve made it easy to add our shop + give modeldirectly to your existing Facebook presence.That’s right: no development costs and extra time spenton new technology. Instead, we make everyday giving areality for your an online destination theyalready visit several times a day!
  • 9. Money, money, money. how does it work?We’ve done the hard work of developing the relationships with all of ouronline partners. Sales that originate through any of our channels – yourprivate-lable site, your EZ Shopper app, or our site at– are all credited to NPSM as a commission. NPSM then donates sixtypercent (60%) of those aggregated commissions as a royalty payment tothe nonprofit partner designated by the consumer.* The percentage of sales that will benefit an organization is based on the product sales price after any discounts orcoupons, and excludes state sales taxes and shipping fees. Some retailers do not pay sales commissions on certainitems purchased through their websites, so purchases of those items will not benefit the partner.
  • 10. Let’s do the numbers. NPSM revenue engine in action Let’s say your donor list contains 100,000 names. Using a (very) conservative estimate, let’s say only 10% of them follow your lead and download your EZ Shopper app. If each of those donors averages just $25 a month, NPSM will send you a check for $4,500 each month!* Over the course of a year, your bottom line would grow by $54,000! How’s THAT for benefit and value?* Average aggregate commission of online sales figured at 3%. Variable NPSM maintenance fees begin at 40%. Above $90,000 annual gross sales, NPSM maintenance fee reduces to 30%. Above $180,000 annual gross sales, NPSM maintenance fee reduces to 20%.
  • 11. d shops ally uninstalle to do so until it’s manu nization’s p ro ugh your orga rgets to go th g retailers, th yo ur supporter fo o ur participatin Essentially, if ctly to one of ed organizati and goes direWe need your cooperation. (which they w App will still c ill) a pture that purc hase and des ig nate the nam the sale. beneficiary of GETTING THE WORD OUTYou’re constantly telling your story, evoking emotions and asking peopleto open their wallets, all in the name of generating revenue. To beginrealizing the tremendous value of our offering, you simply extend yourmessaging – across all media – to include the benefits of your new malland EZ Shopper app.Face it: participation = revenue.It naturally follows that the more you concentrate on getting the word out,the more likely it is your audience will get the message and begin directingmore of their disposable income to you.They’re spending money online anyway, right?
  • 12. Providing even more value. we’re marketing partners too!In order to better facilitate the story telling process, we’re alwayshard at work generating marketing content you can use to populatethe Internet’s most-frequented social communities. We writeseasonal product blogs highlighting our favorite new retailers andproducts, create Top-Ten lists, videos, online badges and web banners– and we hope you’ll use them in your own blogs, profiles and pages!We also help generate unique content which, once connected to yourcause, will keep you in the conversation, plus make you a buck or twowhile you build your online following.
  • 13. Providing even more value.loadedwithstrategicthinking• We provide a seasonal promotional calendar as a reminder to highlight certain retailers and when to start your promotions.• We seek out opportunities within our retail partner network, acquiring promotional commission bumps and partnerships.• Perhaps your musical ambassador has a new album and concert tour? We can facilitate purchases from iTunes and Ticketmaster and funnel them THROUGH your mall as well.Whether it’s campaign creative, harnessing the power of social media ornext-generation marketing technology, we’re positioned to be a valuablemarketing partner as well.
  • 14. Providing even more value.wespeaktheirlanguageWe didn’t build this enterprise on personal knowledge and gut instinctsalone. We found that listening to our partners can reveal tremendousopportunities.When our Canadian client,, expressed a wish toopen up their market to potential French-speaking online shoppers (upto 6.8 million Canadians), we employed not only the latest translationengines, but helped establish shopping categories specific to their newaudience.Besides French, we’re hard at work translating our valuable onlineshopping services to German and Spanish, creating opportunities toincrease your bottom line that much more.
  • 15. Global IP Recognition.POINTINGEVERYONEIN THE RIGHTDIRECTIONThanks to Global IP Recognition, NPSM shoppers worldwide are seam-lessly directed to different shopping sites based on their location: ourLondon shoppers are directed to our UK-based/EuroAlliance retailers,shoppers in Canada are directed to retailers within their borders, andUS-based shoppers are directed to retailers in the US.It’s smart technology that saves our users the headache of internationalshipping, taxes and duties. It’s just another way we’re making onlinegiving easier for everyone, no matter where they are.
  • 16. more great stuff comingSure, we’ve managed to create a compelling model fortraditional online giving, making us an already-valuablemarketing partner for you. But in the months to come,we’ll be hard at work creating even more marketing value.
  • 17. As smart phones and new mobile communication devices become more moreubiquitous, your audience will spend less time in front of a computer, connectedresulting in a dramatic shift in the conversation. The result? No matterwhere they go, your audience is more connected than ever before. than ever Today’s untethered lifestyles demand that you go where your audience is: on iPhones, Droids, Blackberries, iPads... you name it. Yeah, it’s seismic. And we’re doing something about it.
  • 18. By building mobile apps for today’s emerging technology, our eyes are fixed on adding even more value to you as a premier marketing partner.Thenpsmdistributionplatform Imagine a suite of mobile apps in the hands of your donors, capable of: • informing them of current issues associated with your cause • maintaining top-of-mind awareness • monthly reminders to shop for common items • sending reminders for upcoming events • compelling multi-player games that spread your message and lead to new donors • interactive content that both educates and deepens your donor relationships • aggregating and delivering special offers from participating online retailers
  • 19. come By creating compelling vehicles that engagealong your audience using the tools they love, NPSM is ensuring that you’re always connected,for always relevant...and always making money.the ride Sounds like a great future, doesn’t it?
  • 20. *Our lawyers made us put this in here. about your relationship with us The relationship between NPSM and your nonprofit is, in essence, a commercial co-venture. You provide trademark and copyright licenses, along with a compliance agreement regarding the commercial co-venture regulations, including registration in all applicable states where required. In turn, we use your name, logo, images, and messaging for the creation and maintenance of your private label mall, along with your EZ Shopper app. All affiliate portals are hosted on NPSM’s servers and accessed via a subdomain (i.e., You have final say regarding your subdomain name and the content (copy and skin) of your mall. You’ll also select from a broad range of popular online partners to arrive at your “Top-40” list.
  • 21. * Autism Speaks * Better The World * Boarding For Breast Cancer shop.b4bc.orgour * Canine Companions for Independence * CARE Canada - Coming Sooncurrent * Children’s Miracle Network shoppingformiracles.orgnonprofit * Do Something shop.dosomething.orgpartners * EarthShare * Liberty in North Korea * National Wildlife Federation * Ndebele Art Project * Ocean Park Community Center * Ovarian Cancer * RAINN * SOSC * MTV Staying-Alive Foundation * Surfrider Foundation * TakingITGlobal * GAVI - Immunize Every Child * VH1 Save The Music Foundation
  • 22. “EarthShare has been involved in several online shop-for-charity initiatives, and nonprofit- phoppingmall has provided the most outstanding support and marketing services from the client perspective. From the shopper perspective, NPSM’s unique application makes benefit- ing charitable causes while doing something we all do – buy online – simple and effortless!” Robin Perkins Director, Communications Marketing EarthsSharewhat our “Our supporters have been very responsive and seem to love having their shopping dollars gononprofit toward a good cause, we love it because it’s an ancillary revenue stream, and what’s not to love about that?”partners Sandy Orrill VP + Founder NAP Africaare saying “NPSM recognizes the importance of retail relationships and since they are in a perfect position between retailers and nonprofits they have the ability to get creative with us and find exciting partnerships that benefit all parties.” Paul Dien Director of Strategic Partnerships MTV Staying Alive Foundation “R AINN has been working with nonprofitshoppingmall for a little more a year and we’ve found that the mall has increased the level of engagement from our supporters overall. In addition, the mall has delivered a reliable and steady stream of revenue for RAINN. We are so happy to be partnered with them. They give us all the tools we need to do well!” Chelsea Bowers Development Director Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network “This seemingly simple project has become a complex and profound passion for me. I seriously believe in the work that we do and I am consistently inspired by the growth of online shopping worldwide. Even in this recessionary economy, I know that if we can harness the power of that growing online shopping, our nonprofit partners will see a revolutionary new stream of unre- stricted revenue.” Corine Couwenberg President + Founder
  • 23. 1-800-PetMeds Macy’s Aéropostale Marriott MyVu Personal Media Viewer Banana Republic Netflix Becker Surfboards Nordstrom Best Buy The North Facesome Bloomingdales Office Depot The Body Shop Organic Bouquetof our Chico’s Paul Frank Industriesretail Cost Plus World Market PetSmartpartners Dean Deluca ProFlowers QVC eBay RedEnvelope eFax REI Endless Shoes Handbags RosettaStone Ross+Simons Express Sky Mall Gaiam Skype Gap Staples The Home Depot Target Home Shopping Network Teleflora Hot Topic TicketMaster TOMS Shoes Urban Outfitters iTunes Vivaterra Loft West Elm Luggage Online Westin Hotels Resorts
  • 24. Corine Couwenberg President + ccouwenberg@nonprofitshoppingmall.comEVERYDAY SHOPPING, EVERYDAY GIVING