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Gartner For High Tech Companies


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Describes how Gartner can provide unprecedented insight into Technology and Industries

Describes how Gartner can provide unprecedented insight into Technology and Industries

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  • 03/23/11 Placeholder for text of Conclusions, SPAs and others (substitute your own text) No source line is necessary unless the source is something other than Gartner Research
  • 03/23/11
  • 03/23/11 Gartner is uniquely positioned in the IT space to see the patterns, and recognize the trends that no one else can see. With 60,000 clients, representing 10,000 distinct organizations worldwide, we We interact with thousands of IT leaders every day. We know what is on their minds, what challenges they are struggling with, as well as the technology and business issues they are reading about on our Web sites or discussing with our analysts. You can get visibility into what your customers care about—visibility you can’t get anywhere else. Gartner brings objective insights from both the supply and demand sides of the technology market. The broadest global reach, on-the-ground knowledge of every market, proven methodologies and our rigorous research development process provide quantitative data along with qualitative insights that all come together to ensure you are making the right decisions with confidence. “ CRITICAL MASS” to see patterns Proof Points
  • 03/23/11
  • 03/23/11 Global footprint with large and established customer base across every segment of technology, hardware, software services, semis and communications. 650 analysts means that we can cover topics, deeply and analysts can focus on one area with precision and depth (the difference between a specialist and a generalis) We serve clients around the world from operations in 80 countries. Unparalleled breadth and depth of coverage with a proprietary Knowledge Map Gartner analysts covers more than 2,300 Technology and Service Providers in depth. More than 7,500 specific areas of expertise or topics are covered by Gartner Analysts . Extensive Global coverage More than 100 Gartner analysts based in Asia. More than 150 Gartner analysts based in Europe. Analyst Experience is Unmatched in the Industry Gartner analysts have an average of 12 years of experience in the IT Industry before joining Gartner. More than 50% of Gartner analysts have in excess of 20 years of experience in IT. More than 45% of Gartner analysts have a post graduate education. More than 40% of Gartner analysts speak 2 or more languages fluently. A total of 43 languages are spoken within Gartner Research.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Gartner Value For High-Tech & Telecom V.2010
    • 2. Gartner Overview © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 3. Our unique insight is drawn from thousands of interactions with your clients, every day 65% of Fortune 1000; 85% of Global 500 70 conferences 3,700 CIOs 650 analysts across 80 countries 100,000+ IT end-user inquiries 10,000 media inquiries 2 million+ IT end-user searches “ Gartner provides insight we can’t get anywhere else.” Wes Hayden CEO, Genesys 60,000 IT end-user clients 10,000 client enterprises 5,500 benchmarks
    • 4. Our point of view shapes enterprise technology buying decisions Viewed by Fortune 1000 decision makers as critical to making a short list Industry Analyst Coverage Personal Experience Word of Mouth Events Financial Analysts’ Coverage Internet Sites Marketing Collateral Media Coverage Advertising Direct Marketing Other 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Gartner Forrester IDC Data Monitor Current Analysis Jupiter Ovum Yankee None/DK Percentage of decision makers who view analyst firm as “most credible” Valued Sources Most Credible Hill & Knowlton Survey: approximately 400 IT decision markers 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
    • 5. We offer unrivaled coverage Hardware Software Telecom Cross-market IT services Semiconductors North America Europe/Middle East/Africa Asia/Pacific Latin America Geographic Coverage 650 analysts with an average of 12 years’ experience in their area of expertise Market Coverage 400 in Americas, 130 in EMEA, 120 in APAC) Deep coverage of 2,300 providers and 7,000 topics
    • 6. We can be leveraged in different ways
      • Vendor briefings
      • Scheduling a vendor briefing (available to any technology and service provider—client or non-client)
      • Educating analysts on your company’s direction and/or new product announcements via a vendor briefing
      Industry Analyst Analyst Relationships
      • Research services
      • 24/7 access to Gartner research, enabling you to make decisions in real time
      • Insight you can’t get anywhere else on your customers, markets and competitors
      • Analytics you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts
      Research Provider Market Intelligence
      • Analyst inquiry and SAS
      • A two-way consultative relationship whereby analysts advise you on your go-to-market strategies and growth plans
      • Face-to-face strategic sessions with analysts, which you can use to prepare for shareholder meetings, conduct business planning or get feedback on your ideas
      Strategic Advisor Business Strategy
    • 7. The Gartner Portfolio © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 8. Our Solutions Portfolio Research Consulting Inquiry & SAS Media Programs Events
    • 9. Research: Insights you can’t get anywhere else Customers Gartner Analytics User Surveys Toolkits Competitors Magic Quadrants MarketScopes SWOT Analyses Vendor Ratings Competitive Landscapes Markets Market Statistics Market Forecasts Market Trends Emerging Markets Technologies Hype Cycles Cool Vendor Reports Emerging Technology Best Practices Case Studies Benchmarks Marketing Essentials
    • 10. Consulting: Deep engagements affect informed strategies and winning tactics R&D Product Marketing Sales Channel/ Partner Management Service/ Support Client Need Innovation Differentiation Commercialization Impact Brand equity Conversion Volume Reach Focus Efficacy Depth Scale Profitability Competency Experience Gartner Consulting Experience M&A Market trend analysis Concept analysis and testing Product development Process optimization Positioning and messaging Market product validation (analysts, executive interviews, surveys) Competitive assessment M&A Sales benchmark and optimization Market SWOT analysis Competitive assessment Pricing Channel assessment and optimization Internal/partner investment alignment Channel partner assessment Channel strategy validation (executive interviews, surveys) Customer experience life-cycle assessment Services and support Benchmarking
    • 11. Analyst Inquiry: Our world-class experts become your objective advisors
      • Add precision to messaging
      • Enhance competitive positioning on proposals
      • Advise on go-to-market strategies
      • Validate product road maps
      • Help prepare for investor meetings
    • 12.
      • Re-examine and re-evaluate marketing priorities and investments
      • Identify new partners or validate existing shortlists of proposed partners and alliances
      • Update go-to-market strategies
      • Align marketing messages with customer needs and buying trends
      • Fine-tune competitive positioning
      • Evaluate market opportunities being created from emerging technologies
      Strategic Advisory Services (SAS): On-site full-day strategy sessions with Gartner analysts
    • 13. Media Programs: Gartner thought leadership boosts your marketing campaigns Create a custom on-demand marketing platform featuring tailored presentations from your executives and our analysts On-demand webcasts Wrap your custom marketing message around existing Gartner research in a co-branded publication Newsletters Provide access to existing published research Reprints
    • 14. Events: Your opportunity to reach thousands of IT decision makers Applications: Trends & Technologies Business Continuity Management Business Intelligence Business Process Management CIO Leadership Customer Relationship Management Data Center Enterprise Architecture Identity & Access Management IT Security Master Data Management Outsourcing Portals, Content & Collaboration PPM & IT Governance Risk Management & Compliance Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) SOA & Application Development Symposium/ITxpo The Future of IT Wireless & Mobile We host 70 conferences each year around the world. 42,000 business and technology professionals attend annually — these are your customers. 1,800 CIOs attend our events every year; your message will reach the decision makers.
    • 15. Key Initiatives © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 16. High Tech & Telecom Key initiatives New Market Opportunities Portfolio Strategy Sales and Channel Strategy Acquisitions and Alliances Sales Effectiveness New Product Launch Marketing Operations Market and Competitive Intelligence Management AR Program Effectiveness Go-to-Market Planning Brand Strategy Campaign Management Lead Generation Positioning and Messaging Growth Operational Go-To-Market Gartner deliver world-class objective research and advice to help you grow your business. Our insight aligns to your key initiatives to ensure you make the right technology-related business decisions every day. Here are the top key initiatives for high-tech and telecom clients:
    • 17. Growth Initiatives © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 18. New Market Opportunities Identify new market opportunities
      • Gartner enables you to assess profitable new market opportunities. Interestingly, more than 80% of our clients are not succeeding in the markets they do play in. Therefore, we focus on helping you not only find new market opportunities but more importantly, ensuring you are successful with your current investment strategy.
      “ Cisco has grown up serving large enterprise customers, and we knew increasing our focus on smaller companies would require a different approach. Gartner helped us assess the SMB market opportunity and provided insight into how we could position Cisco to succeed in this market.” Peter Alexander Vice President Worldwide SMB Marketing Cisco View client testimonial . Gartner insight helps you analyze, discover opportunities and decide what markets are the best investments via market forecasts you can trust. Learn where to align and deploy resources based on IT growth potential and customer requirements in emerging markets with our Emerging Market Analysis Reports. Get greater confidence by validating choices with Gartner analysts for entry targets. Reduce risks in entry through broader validation of plans and approaches with Gartner analysts. Identify competition in the new market and understand how to overcome barriers to entry. Emerging Market Analysis reports deliver all the key dynamics of the IT landscape in an emerging market, and help you make decisions about whether to enter. They also deliver detailed guidance on how to enter an emerging market. View research example .
    • 19. Portfolio Strategy Identify new solution and key offering capabilities
      • Leverage Gartner to validate product ideas, guide your product road map decisions, monitor the commercial viability of thousands of technologies and determine how and when to exploit emerging technologies.
      “ Gartner analysts provide a broad market touch to ensure that we are right at the center of what customers are demanding. They help us validate decisions that keep our offerings distinctive and unique.” Pekka Ray Wizbowski VP Marketing ForeScout View client testimonial . Guide your product road map with Gartner. Test new product ideas with Gartner analysts and validate justification for development investment. Figure out how, when and where you should retire offerings. Manage your offering portfolio over time using Gartner User Survey Analysis reports and Competitive Landscapes to determine how to prioritize enhancements. Drive innovation leveraging Gartner Hype Cycles, which monitor the commercial viability of 1,500 technologies in 80 enterprise technology and consumer markets. Figure out how and when to exploit emerging technologies via our detailed Emerging Technology Analysis reports. Emerging Technology Analysis Reports deliver detailed analyses of emerging technologies using the Gartner Hype Cycle. They help you think about potential new products or how to evolve your existing product portfolio by exploiting new applications. View research example .
    • 20. Sales and Channel Strategy Develop new channel capability
      • Gartner advice will help you select the routes to market such as selecting the right channel partners, building consistent indirect channels or developing a direct sales channel that wins more business.
      “ We use the trusted, independent insight of Gartner to validate our market position, which is enormously valuable in getting customers and prospects to respond to our message.” Cinzia Gemelli Marketing Program Leader Enabling Business Flexibility IBM View client testimonial . Help providers better manage customer relationships. Identify and assess industry trends and strategies for improving sales and channel effectiveness. Get advice and counsel necessary to achieve and maintain market leadership. Better differentiate yourself and thrive in chaotic market conditions using tactical advice. Use market share research to find the best partner to expand your channel capabilities. Competitive Landscapes analyze the sales performance and competitive approach of leading vendors in a given market segment, including high-level analysis of how the main competitors are performing. Use this analysis to defend and grow your market presence. View research example .
    • 21. Acquisitions and Alliances Find the best partners to fit your strategy
      • Gartner offers a wide range of M&A advice for better acquisition targeting, helping you figure out potential targets and determining potential post-acquisition issues with Gartner analysts.
      Benefit from a range of specialized support services when conducting M&A that leads to greater confidence in acquisition targeting. Access unique perspective and relevant data on potential targets (within the constraints of client confidentiality). Gartner Magic Quadrants, MarketScopes and SWOTs are essential tools to help you select the best companies to partner with or acquire. Get perspective on likely customer reaction and tracking after an acquisition. Prioritize issues post-acquisition, leveraging Gartner analyst perspectives. Cool Vendor Reports are structured so that you can quickly determine what is cool about the vendor, what its challenges are and who in the buyer organization will benefit from the vendor's offering. Gartner analysts select vendors to highlight based on our sense of how impactful they can be today and in the near future. These are great documents to help you with your M&A plans. View research example . “ Gartner is a trusted advisor because they are respected and well-connected with the IT user community. We consult our key Gartner analyst before making any major moves.” Anonymous Chief Marketing Officer Major Global Software Company View client testimonial .
    • 22. Sales Effectiveness Respond to a specific bid or RFP more effectively
      • Strengthen your proposal using syndicated Gartner research to better understand client interests, end-user spending benchmarks, IT end-user RFP templates and purchasing decision criteria. Leverage our insight on your competitors to ensure you have proposed the best fit possible and differentiated yourself from your competitors to win the business.
      “ A Gartner analyst recently helped us adjust our CIO presentation to be more business-oriented and more tightly aligned to how CIOs evaluate and buy IT solutions. Since getting Gartner involved, 90% of our sessions with CIOs have led to second sales calls with the CIO’s direct reports and IT staff.” Bruce Kornfeld VP Marketing Compellent View client testimonial . Leverage Gartner syndicated research on your competitors and the marketplace to improve your sales team’s effectiveness in positioning to win more business. Use Gartner analysts to craft more effective sales proposal boilerplate, customer presentations, etc. Build sales tools that precisely capture your competitive landscape and how to position against your competition's strengths and weaknesses. Access the RFP toolkits and vendor selection frameworks that your buyers utilize to help them make their purchasing decisions. Access Gartner proprietary IT Key Metrics data, such as the IT end-user spending benchmarks, to understand average IT spending for your client demographic. SWOT Analysis Reports enable you to know the strengths and weaknesses of all the players in your market space, especially your direct competitors. These documents help you figure out how to precisely position your products and services against your competitors to win business. View research example .
    • 23. Go-to-Market Planning Figure out the right targets, offering and go-to-market approach.
      • To devise the best go-to-market strategy, Garter helps you understand your customers and market behavior plus competitive practices and business models.
      “ We target several vertical markets such as financial services, manufacturing and retail. Gartner insight has helped us validate our messaging and investments in the things we need to do to succeed in our target markets.” John Cestar CEO Freeborders View client testimonial . Gartner insight helps you figure out what you are offering, to whom, and how. Use Gartner research to determine your market strategy. Our deep understanding of your customers helps you to design and manage the overall customer experience. Analyze market share to know your position in the marketplace as well as determine where you would like to go — with confidence. Use Gartner research and advice to help you segment your customers. Find new buyers, in new verticals or geographies, with the most potential for growth. Gartner Market Forecasts are projections of IT end-user spending for a product or market. They help you with your go-to-market planning by deciding what markets, verticals and regions you should invest in or exit. Clients use this data to build and justify marketing plans as well as segmentation analysis. View research example .
    • 24. Brand Strategy Develop or extend your brand
      • Gartner offers advice to providers building or rebuilding their brand, information including brand perception in the market, and best practices in tying your brand to your messaging.
      “ We use the trusted, independent insight of Gartner to validate our market position, which is enormously valuable in getting customers and prospects to respond to our message.” Cinzia Gemelli Marketing Program Leader Enabling Business Flexibility IBM View client testimonial .
      • Use Gartner insight to determine how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering on your brand.
      • Learn industry best practices and get advice from Gartner analysts who are experts on IT B2B branding strategies.
      • Develop or refresh your value propositions to win more business.
      • Choose the right brand architecture based on your knowledge of competitors and industry players in your market space.
      • Use Gartner customer analytics to measure the effectiveness of a branding campaign.
      • Design internal and external brand rollouts based on winning industry practices.
      • Gartner analysts can validate your brand architecture.
      Gartner Search Analytics enables you to measure the frequency of how IT end users are searching on a specific term, like a new product name. This data helps you understand if enterprise technology buyers are becoming aware of the new product brand and if your branding campaign is creating interest with buyers. It’s a way to track the effectiveness of your brand campaign. View research example . Search Analytics New Product Name Old Product Name
    • 25. Go-to-Market Initiatives © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 26. Campaign Management Plan, execute and measure a promotional campaign
      • Gartner helps campaign managers successfully target buyers and influences through planning and implementing effective marketing campaigns to validate central messaging and themes, "hot topics" in the marketplace and knowledge of your target audience — all measured through Gartner customer analytics.
      “ When we launched our campaign, we decided to collaborate with Gartner to present to our prospects how we define and position SOA with WebSphere.” Cinzia Gemelli Marketing Program Leader Enabling Business Flexibility IBM View client testimonial . Gartner helps campaign managers plan, create and implement the most successful marketing campaigns targeted at IT buyers. Validate your campaign approach, messaging and themes. Measure campaign effectiveness through Gartner customer analytics—inquiry and search trends. Know the hottest topics in the industry in order to focus your campaign on what your target audience will care about the most. Get our advice on marketing communications, including advertising, publicity, education, external relationship management, etc. Learn how to integrate social media in your B2B marketing plans. Gartner Inquiry Analytics enables client to see if their advertising campaign had some play in the market. This data can be used to provide high-level insight management to show them how your advertising campaign performed, and justify spend. This is a real example of using inquiry analytics trend to track an advertising campaign. One company saw a huge spike in Gartner inquiries the quarter their advertising campaign was in flight. View research example . Inquiry Trend All Vendors (for comparison) CSC
    • 27. Lead Generation Generate demand for products and services
      • Ensure you are maximizing your lead generation programs using Gartner research and advice. Find out what topics should generate the most interest in your programs. Leverage our analysts’ deep technology expertise to promote internal and external education and thought leadership .
      “ About 1,000 people viewed our initial webcast, which delivered approximately 300 qualified leads, putting many new sales prospects in the pipeline. One of those leads resulted in our closing a huge deal with a bank in the Middle East.” Grace Carter Analyst Relations Manager WebSense View client testimonial . Leverage the Gartner brand through co-branded webinars and event sponsorship in order to generate a higher volume of qualified leads. By leveraging Gartner programs, clients have experienced as much as 50% improvement in ROI over in-house audience development and media asset utilization. . Get the research and advice you need to build the best lead-generation vehicles for your company based on industry best practices and benchmarks. Gartner Media Products enable you to leverage the highly regarded global Gartner brand for co-branded webinars and newsletters. Our clients tell us that they generate more qualified leads and ROI improvement by as much as 50% with Gartner Media Products. View research example .
    • 28. Positioning and Messaging Create marketing communications that win business
      • Gartner provides a wide range of first-class resources to help you craft your value proposition, particularly Gartner analysts who listen daily to your buyers. Rise above the market noise with truly differentiated communications.
      “ We involve Gartner analysts to help keep our value proposition relevant, innovative and competitive.” Bruce Kornfeld VP Marketing Compellent View client testimonial . Get advice on how to best position your products and services from the advisors who are listening to your buyers every day. Determine what differentiating attributes you can claim and what “table stakes” attributes you need to include. Leverage Gartner methodologies such as Magic Quadrants and SWOTs to precisely position your strengths and weakness vs. your competitors. Make sure you are leveraging our world-renowned methodologies to help you figure out the best way to position yourself in the marketplace. Use Gartner Marketing Essentials research that elucidates IT marketing best practices in order to build compelling sales tools and messaging that wins business. Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes enable you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your products compared to your competitors’, helping you develop positioning and messaging that really differentiate you. By understanding an objective perspective on where Gartner positions you in the marketplace, you can create a unique value proposition for your offerings. View research example .
    • 29. Operational Initiatives © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 30. New Product Launch Launch new offerings or releases
      • With Gartner qualitative and quantitative research spanning the marketplace, you can determine market needs and differentiate your new or enhanced products to best meet customer requirements, and build a bulletproof business case that puts the right product in the market at the right time.
      “ We were able to define even more specifically the connection between market needs and the products we provide. Gartner research was invaluable in helping us see what differentiated our products in the marketplace.” Jos Halkus CEO Dexton View client testimonial . Determine market needs, customer requirements and competitor features to help differentiate your products. Get the necessary facts to justify your business case for a new product or enhancements. Leverage Gartner analysts' understanding of the marketplace to determine best market timing for launch. Measure awareness of the new product through Gartner search analytics User Survey Analysis Reports deliver user wants and needs for IT solutions. Delivers to the product team what the market is looking for, and what features will resonate with them the best to attract them to buy your new product. This survey data helps you ensure you’re properly aligned to market needs and are building the product to meet customer requirements without having to do costly and time-consuming market research. View research example . User Survey Analysis Improving the Quality of Your Business Improving Customer Satisfaction Continuous Process Improvement Reducing Costs Improving Customer Experience Improving Business Agility
    • 31. Marketing Operations Drive marketing plans and budgets and measure results
      • Leverage Gartner IT marketing budget surveys and industry best practices for marketing processes. Gartner will help you deploy the necessary marketing infrastructure to maintain consistent and streamlined processes.
      “ Gartner insight and advice help us highlight the unique attributes of our brand, validate our overall product road map and invest in a solution portfolio that takes maximum advantage of what customers demand.” Steve Schick Director, Corporate Communications Blue Coat View client testimonial . Use our IT marketing budget surveys to help justify your marketing budgets and make investment decisions. Understand industry best practices on how to organize your organization, design marketing processes and achieve the highest productivity. Get frameworks on how to build a marketing plan and determine the required infrastructure and investments to make the plan happen successfully. Access comprehensive research on marketing technologies such as CRM and sales force automation, for your own vendor selection around the automation of marketing processes. Use Gartner customer analytics as metrics to measure your marketing effectiveness. Marketing Essentials Reports deliver tactical advice on how to build a strong channel capability. Gartner analysts will inform you of industry best practices and provide recommendations from what best-in-class providers are doing with regards to their sales strategy and channels. View research example .
    • 32. Market and Competitive Intelligence Management Deliver high-quality decision support
      • Gartner enables you to deliver cost-effective, accurate market analyst and forecast projections based on proprietary market share and forecast data, as well as to supplement data as needed through Gartner user surveys and market trend analyses, presenting high-quality results through professional Gartner research deliverables.
      “ Gartner insight and access to experienced analysts deliver value at every phase of our market research.” Larry Fleischman Marketing Director Televerde View client testimonial . Leverage Gartner market share and forecast data to deliver accurate market analysis and forecast projections. Deliver high-quality analysis easily in a highly responsive manner through Gartner research deliverables. Supplement market data with user surveys and market trend analysis conducted by Gartner analysts. Leverage our market data to save dollars and time on expensive custom research initiatives. Gartner Market Share Statistics deliver over one terabyte of continually updated market share data on over 2,000 vendors and over 230 distinct categories of products and services across the entire IT value chain. View research example .
    • 33. AR Program Effectiveness Measure the impact of your AR program
      • Gartner allows you to optimize your AR program through the AR dashboard to quantify overall effectiveness, including analyst coverage of client interest, measure the readership of research written about your company through Gartner Analytics, and stay current on best practices through vendor briefings and membership in our AR community program.
      “ Gartner is one of the cornerstones of our analyst relations strategy.” Kathy Ruggiero VP Corporate Marketing IONA Technologies Gartner AR Community . Quantify how your AR program drives Gartner analyst coverage and subsequently arouses client interest in your products. Utilize the 12,000 Gartner Vendor Briefings each year. Leverage our exclusive AR dashboard built with and for AR professionals so you can quantify your effectiveness. Measure the readership of research written about your company via Gartner Analytics. Learn industry best practices and get updates on our research and policies by participating in our AR Community Program, including networking events like the Gartner AR Forum. Gartner Readership Analytics delivers analytics on the 2.7 million research document views by Gartner end-user clients. The reports tell you which documents are read most as well as the demographic profile of the clients who are reading them. View research example .
    • 34. Your Value Plan © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.
    • 35. Impact Assessments We assess the business value impact Gartner delivers to your through formal client impact assessment reviews. Impact assessments are periodically scheduled meetings where we review your value plan and ensure Gartner is meeting your expectations and deliverable milestones. Impact assessments measure the business value impact Gartner delivers to your organization aligned to your key initiatives through usage patterns and testimonials.
    • 36. XYZ Company Value Plan Sample Value Plan Your Business Initiatives 1. Challenges in articulating the business value and mapping it to technologies offerings 2. Raising C-level coverage and mind share 3. Leading new categories and thought leadership in technology offerings Aligned Gartner Activities Date Interaction Type Details 15-Dec-09 Vendor Briefings Scheduled with Rakesh Kumar via ATC 12-Jan-10 Analyst Inquiry Scheduled for December 19 in Tacoma with senior VP of marketing and global CMO and Gartner analyst Richard Fouts 3-Dec-09 Webinar High-Tech Tuesday Series: How to Construct a Unique Value Proposition 3-Dec-09 Research User Survey Analysis: European Customers Confirm Growing Focus on Green IT 16-Jan-10 Analyst Inquiry Scheduled with Jay Pultz on December 15 at 2 p.m. via ATC 3-Dec-09 Analyst Inquiry Scheduled for December 19 in Tacoma with senior VP of marketing and global CMO and Gartner analyst Richard Fouts 19-Dec-09 SAS Scheduled for December 19 in Tacoma with senior VP of marketing and global CMO and Gartner analyst Richard Fouts 14-Jan-10 Event Data Center Conference, Las Vegas (Dec 1 – 4, 2009) 3-Dec-09 Research How to Craft a Unique Value Proposition 3-Dec-09 Research Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing Services 3-Dec-09 Analyst Inquiry Scheduled with Richard Fouts on December 3 at 1 p.m. 12-Dec-09 Vendor Inquiry New Product Launch Announcement: Data Center Back-up Offering Client Owners Seat Holders Title Suggest Offerings Jack Smith Vice President of Marketing Product Management & Marketing Carol Cook Vice President, New Business Development PMM Segment Tom Honsane Senior Vice President, Marketing Product Management & Marketing
    • 37. Next Steps © 2010 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. ITxpo is a trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates.