Outlook for china glyphosate industry 2009 2014 - edition 6


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"China in 2009 has posted new record of glyphosate technical capacity of 655,400t/a and 190,000t/a for PMIDA, an eye-catching climb over that in 2008, respectively 485,400t/a and 172,200t/a. Capacity expansion has further strengthened China’s dominating position in global technical supply, accounting for around 70% of the world total at present.

However, China now remains at the low end of the global glyphosate value chain, as a technical supplier, due to its ineffective formulation production technology, weak sales channel and unaccessible registration in international market. Things might change in the future, and China’s influence and importance in global glyphosate formulation market is expected to increase in the near future. Climbing export volume of glyphosate formulation from China might be a clear signal of this trend----- H1 2009 witnessed 20,000 tonnes increased export volume of Chinese glyphosate formulation, compared with the same period of last year, a 20% increase. Among the increased volume, about 97% is exported to U.S., the base of Monsanto.

Given China’s glyphosate changing trend in 2008-2009, both domestic and overseas glyphosate enterprises should pay close attention to existing and potential competitors in China, especially their technology improvement, production cost and market activities, etc., in order to better seize business opportunities.

This report, based on CCM’s 6-year research experiences in Chinese glyphosate industry and its upstream sectors, dives deep into China’s glyphosate industry to figure out the industry’s key characteristics, latest dynamics and future trends, in terms of production, R&D, pricing, export situation, trade flow, consumption/demand, overseas market, key players’ competitiveness and production cost, international collaboration etc. From a global perspective, this sixth edition will provide you with CCM’s primary intelligence.

Penetrating into China’s changing glyphosate market, this report not only provides more accurate data, but also strengthens the following aspects:

- Technology innovation and development in mother liquid treatment
- Technology improvement on formulation production
- Adjuvant development situation
- Analysis on flow research and value chain
- New price model for technical
- Production cost changes
- Consumption investigation
- Glyphosate price fluctuation in past two years and its potential trend

Through explorations in above key aspects, key findings turn out as follows:

- Most glyphosate technical manufacturers are decreasing investment except those with advanced technology or long-term cooperation with MNCs
- Major export destinations have remained as South America, North America and Asia
- Manufacturers are paying more attention to formulation market
- International cooperation is becoming a trend, such as Nantong Jiangshan with Syngenta
- Air oxidation method is not as good as expected
- Technology update and increased investment in wastewater treatment has become a hotspot and an urgent problem with China’s looming ban on production of formulation with AI content lower than 30%.
- Industry integration especially capacity concentration is seeing a pressing trend.

What can you benefit from this report?

As China’s glyphosate has been playing a crucial role in global market and its position will last and even enhance in the future, investment opportunities do exist in Chinese market. With CCM’s insights in this industry, this report will help senior executives and decision makers responsible for formulating business development strategy or seeking competitor intelligence, to better grasp investment opportunities.

Furthermore, the report, covering China’s glyphosate’s whole value chain, will provide insights to most key players along this chain, such as suppliers, distributors, traders of glyphosate raw materials, its intermediates, technical and formulation, as well as tech

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