Booming neotame market in china


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Some neotame producers improve production or expand capacity in order to explore domestic and overseas market, according to CCM’s September Issue of Sweeteners China News.

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Booming neotame market in china

  1. 1. Booming Neotame Market in ChinaTag: neotame, NutraSweet, sweetener, high intensity sweeteners, HIS, sucrose, erythritol,saccharin, Aspartame, sucralose, crystalline glucose, corn starch, stevia sweetenerSummary: Some neotame producers improve production or expand capacity in order toexplore domestic and overseas market, according to CCM’s September Issue ofSweeteners China News.There are still some neotame producers in China, although neotame is a globally patentedproduct belonged to NutraSweet Property Holdings, Inc. (NutraSweet). Aiming to exploredomestic and overseas market after 2013, when the patent of neotame expires, these neotameproducers are working hard on improving production technology or expanding capacity, accordingto September Issue of CCM’s Sweeteners China News.As a high intensity sweeteners (HIS), neotame can also be used in all kinds of food and beveragewithout maximum dosage, while most HIS can only be applied within a maximum dosage. That’swhy neotame has become more and more popular and the demand is growing fast. And the priceof neotame is quite high. The price of domestic neotame may arrange from about USD85,030/t toUSD100,490/t, while the price of imported one is much higher, reaching USD618,400/t at present.It is believed that there would be better development after 2013, when they can produce and sellmore products in domestic and overseas market without any worry.A domestic producer predicted that if NutraSweet doesnt cut down the price of its neotame,domestic neotame may take up 80% of global neotame market due to its price advantages.Whats more, domestic producers are very likely to continue expansion, even some othercompanies may join in the production to take a bite.The following highlights are covered in Sweeteners China News:-Most erythritol producers express that the profit of erythritol decreased while its cost increased inH1 2011.-Aspartame, a major high intensity sweetener in China, continued to develop well in H1 2011,which attracts some producers to expand their aspartame business.-China exported about 290 tonnes of sucralose in H1 2011, which increased by about 110% overH1 2010, indicating that oversea demand for sucralose increased greatly in H1 2011.
  2. 2. -Some neotame producers improve production or expand capacity in order to explore domesticand oversea market.-Semi-annual report of QHT tells that its net profit fell nearly 50% in H1 2011 mainly due to theprice increase of raw materials.-Star Lake Bioscience plans to market its HFCS in Oct. 2011.-According to the semi-annual report of Anhui Jinhe, its acesulfame-K business developed well inH1 2011, which is estimated to continue in the near future.-In August 2011, Jincheng Starch is putting its crystalline glucose production line with totalcapacity of 20,000t/a into trial production in-Lingchuan County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province. Yongli Milk, a leading dairy processor basedin Luohe City, plans to build its FOS production line to support its expansion of premium dairybusiness as well as FOS business as estimated.-Global Sweeteners is expanding its corn starch capacity of 210,000t/a majorly for the expansionof its downstream products in future and its corn starchs sale.-On 12 August 2011, GLG Life Tech Corporation (GLG) announced that it will launch zero-caloriecarbonated drinks containing stevia sweetener called CSDs at the end of August 2011 on itsChinese website.-Government takes action to strengthen its supervision over sucrose price in August 2011, but theprice remains at a high level, which seems to continue in the near future, creating bothopportunity and challenge for the sweetener processors.If you are interested in September issue of Sweeteners China News, please do not hesitate tocontact us by +86-20-37616606, or email us at China, September 8, 2011)About CCMCCM is dedicated to market research in China, Asia-Pacific Rim and global market. With a staff ofmore than 150 dedicated highly-educated professionals. CCM offers Market Data, Analysis,Reports, Newsletters, Buyer-Trader Information, Import/Export Analysis all through its newproprietary product ValoTracer.Please visit for more information or contactecontact@cnchemicals.comCCM International Ltd.Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Mansion, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou510070, China