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Di george syndrome ppt Di george syndrome ppt Presentation Transcript

  • A Mutation on the 22 nd Chromosome
  • 1.
  •  Graduated 1946 from Temple University In WWII, served as a medical officer in Linz, Germany (where Adolf Hitler grew up) In 1953, became a professor at Temple He was a pediatric endocrinologist- deals with physical growth and sexual development in childhood He noted the immunological consequences associated with the absence of the thymus gland Published his findings in 1968 View slide
  •  Caused by a genetic mutation on 22nd chromosome that results in the deletion of a portion of it Autosomal dominant immunodeficiency Results in poor development of several body systems The underlying cause is a shrunken or missing thymus gland View slide
  • 2.  Contains 500 to 800 genes  Genes codes for the development of the thymus gland are missing  Region known as 22q11.2  Contains 30-40 genes
  • 3.
  •  Specialization in the 4. immune system Most active as a child and begins to atrophy in puberty as a result of increase in sex hormones Produce T- Lymphocytes  These are your white blood cells
  •  Shrinkage of parathyroid glands- results in hyposecretion of PTH (parathyroid hormone) Messes up regulation of calcium and phosphorus Bluish skin (poor circulation of oxygen) – cyanosis Delayed speech development Cleft palate can usually be surgically repaired Spasms of the mouth and throat (tetany) Frequent infections due to decline in immune system Low set ears, wide set eyes, or a narrow groove in the upper lip
  • Example of Cleft Palate Example of Cyanosis5. 6.
  •  Not an actual syndrome, rather a type of disorder Cardiac effects Abnormal facial features Thymic hypoplasia Cleft palate Hypocalcaemia 22 –refers to the chromosome
  •  DSG occurs in one infant per 4,000 born It is a lifelong condition that affects mostly children and infants Approximately one-third of affected adults experience recurring infections 7.
  •  Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs In 2009 Dempster and wife Jenny gave birth to daughter Riley Dempster who was born with Digeorge Syndrome. Dr.’s focus on Riley’s feeding and swallowing Tracheostomy and Passy-muir Valve Created “Dempster Family Foundation” for kids with Digeorge syndrome. Ryan was nominated twice for the Roberto Clemente award for his community service.
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  •  Arroyave, L. (2010, August 08). Cubs ryan dempster hosting south beach fundraiser at joes seafood.Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from http://leisureblogs.chicagotribune.com/about-last- night/2010/08/cubs-ryan-dempster-hosting-south- beach-fundraiser-at-joes-seafood.html Rileys milestones. (2009, April). Retrieved from http://dempsterfamilyfoundation.org/about_family/ri leys_milestones/