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My power point on tennis

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Tennis Powerpoint

  1. 1. Tennis Content Assessment End Show
  2. 2. TENNIS TERMS 1.1  Love- when the score equals zero.  Serve-the first hit to begin the point.  Singles- when one player plays against one opponent.  Doubles-when a team of two players plays against a team of two opponents.  Deuce- both players have won four points, equalling 40 to 40.
  3. 3. Tennis Terms 1.2  Scoring Sequence- Love, 15, 30, 40. (add- in, or add-out if necessary)  Advantage In- the player serving has one point past 40, and will win the game if they win the next point. If the point is lost, the score returns to deuce.  Advantage Out- the player serving has a score of 40, and their opponent has a score one point above. If they lose the point, they lose the game. If they win the point, the game returns to deuce.
  4. 4.  Quick movie on how to serve, and how to grip the racquet during the serve.  tennis-serve-grip.html
  5. 5. Tennis Terms 1.3  Game- the first player to  Down the line- when the win four points, with an ball is hit from near the advantage of two points sideline, and travels over their opponent. straight across the net  Set- when one opponent close to the sideline. has won six games, and  Ace- a serve that lands in has a difference of two the correct area, but out of games ahead of their reach of the opponent. opponent. If the score is 6  Double fault-when the to 6, and tie breaker must serve is out twice, the be played. point goes to the opponent.  Match- a completion of the  Cross Court- a shot that is best 2 of 3 sets, of 3 of 5 hit diagonally from one sets. side of the court to the  Alley- the space between other. the singles and doubles sidelines.
  6. 6. Types of Tennis Shots 1.4  Serve- the first shot of every point. The player begins on the right side of the baseline, and alternates from the left to right after the first point.  Lob- a shot that is at least fence level, in order to pass over the opponents head. Mainly used when the opponent is playing at the net.  Drop Shot- a shot that has spin on it, and makes it bounce lower and sometimes bounce slightly backwards.  Top Spin- a shot that has spin on the ball, making it bounce quickly forwards, and bounce higher than normal.
  7. 7. Tennis Court
  8. 8.  1. What tennis shot is at least the height of the fence, and should go over the opponents head? A. Serve B. Drop shot C. Ground Stroke D. Lob
  9. 9.  2. How many players are on the court during a doubles match? A. 2 B. 8 C. 4 D. 6
  10. 10.  3. What does “Love” represent in the game of tennis? A. 40 B. 15 C. 0 D. 30
  11. 11.  When the player serves two consecutive serves outside of the service box, who receives the point? A. The server B. The opponent C. Neither D. Both
  12. 12.  Beginner Tennis: Serve Grip Video: -tennis-serve-grip.html  Picture of Tennis Diagram: s/tennis_diagram.gif  Information and Tennis Terms: ennis-Terminology.htm  Tennis Rules Simplified: /tennis_rules.htm