Virtual Trade Show Software Platform, Virtual Conference

Virtual Trade Show Software Platform, Virtual Conference



Virtual trade show software. The fully hosted platform functions like a traditional hotel or conference center based trade show, translating exhibit halls, educational seminars, and training events ...

Virtual trade show software. The fully hosted platform functions like a traditional hotel or conference center based trade show, translating exhibit halls, educational seminars, and training events into a virtual world environment. Virtual Trade Shows allow the attendee to forgo the time and expense of travel while enjoying some of the amenities of a traditional trade show. At a virtual trade show, there are realistic-looking exhibit halls with booths for showcasing products and services. The attendee can view demos, pick up literature and chat live with sales representatives. Keynote speeches and seminars are delivered either in real time or on-demand by podcast and webcast technology.



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  • The Booth Rep Dashboard is an admin tool that provides: Private group chat among booth reps Way to identify if a person is engaged in chat and/or indicator that a rep is already communicating with an attendee in a booth A way within the environment for a staff member to see previous one-on-one chats that they (or other reps) had with attendees Length of time an attendee has been in the booth Number of prior booths visits for attendees that are currently in the booth
  • Medco ’s Center for Learning and Organization Effectiveness (CLOE) faced an urgent business challenge: How to deliver an interactive, engaging learning experience encompassing 30+ products and capabilities, to 800 geographically dispersed Account Management staff, via 40+ product owners and subject matter experts, as effectively and efficiently as possible (translation: no one was allowed to travel). They had only 14 weeks to coordinate and execute the entire sales training event Polls were taken after the conference, and 89% of the respondents rated the conference as valuable, very valuable, or extremely valuable. 95% said that they now have the tools to better position their products relative to their competition. Unisfair Confidential

Virtual Trade Show Software Platform, Virtual Conference Virtual Trade Show Software Platform, Virtual Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Virtual Conference Platform Ranked #1 by Forrester Research
  • Why Are Conferences Going Virtual? Limited Reach Global Reach Event Driven Extended “Always On” Disconnected Social Media / Viral 1 Dimensional Visual / 2 Dimensional Limited Data Data Rich
  • Why Are Conferences Going Virtual? 100,000 people AT the Super Bowl… 100,000,000 people WATCH the Super Bowl!
  • A Little Background About Us + Leading Provider of Virtual Event and Conferencing Solutions + 10+ years experience + ~2,389 Employees in 26 countries worldwide + Delivered 25,000 events to 5 million participants in 2012 + Global Footprint; Offices and Production Capabilities in Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific + Ranked #1 by Forrester Research + Extensive blue chip client base + Largest services team in the Industry + Communiqué Conferencing has maintained an A+ rating with Business Bureau's (BBB) Accredited Business certification since October 2002. This award confirms Communiqué's commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in business practices. © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Partial Clients © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Recognized Leader in Virtual Events Best Online/Virtual Element/Micro-site - 2012 Best Marketing Impact – 2012 3 Awards with Elearning! Magazine 2012,2013 Ranked #1 By Forrester Research - 2011 Brandon Hall Award Winner – 2011, 2012 Best Lead Generation Tool - 2010 “Most Innovative” – 2010 & 2011 First Place and Ex Award - 2011
  • Global Coverage Global Support • Asia / Pacific + Australia + Korea + China & Hong Kong + Taiwan • Europe + All of Western Europe • Latin America + Mexico + Brazil © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Why Customers Choose Communique  Technology + Most reliable. Scales up to 10,000+ simultaneous attendees + Most secure + Easy for customers to set up & easy for attendees to participate + More features than any other platform + No download. Works on all browsers and mobile devices + Global reach – Translate text and chat to 17 languages  FANATICAL Support before, during and after your event + Experienced consultants to help you design, produce and execute events + Self-service or full white-glove support + 24x7x365 global support during events  Price + Flexible subscription options for single or multiple events + No limit on attendees + Volume discounts + Greatest value
  • Virtual Conference Applications Marketing Training HR / Benefits Demand Generation Sales / Partner Enablement Recruiting Use Cases Use Cases Use Cases • Virtual Tradeshows • Sales Kickoff Events • Recruiting Centers • User Conferences • Sales Resource Centers • Career Fairs • Solution Centers • Partner Expos • HR Benefit Centers • Product Centers • Partner Training Centers • On-Boarding Centers • Leadership Forums • Learning Centers © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Powerful 3D Virtual Conference Venue Main Hall Conference Hall Exposition Hall Networking Lounge
  • Unique Campus Model Booths Reports Users Webcasts
  • Features Registration Beautiful customized landing pages for attendee registration including email reminders. Home Plaza A custom lobby with a show greeting and navigation to other show locations Auditorium Attend scheduled live and on-demand presentations within the virtual show. No downloads. No pop-ups. Comes with tools to search and bookmark. Exhibit Hall A 3-D show floor with custom exhibitor booths. Resource Center A central repository of all show content – webcast presentations, demos, documents and presentations with search and bookmark tools Exhibitor Booth Booths can be chosen from template library or designed from existing sketches. Booths can offer white papers, product collateral, demos, rich media content, surveys, polls and giveaways to visitors. Group and individual live chats are available for engaging with booth visitors Communications Center Professional networking tools to find best matches for attendees, message board forums, message center to send/receive messages and individual or group chat areas.
  • Registration - Fully Customizable • Collects specific information required by hosting organization • Registration can be restricted to specific domain or registration can block specific domains • Include Flash animation or static banner graphic • Email confirmation and reminders • Pre Event Registration data available for download in real time • Post Event Emails can be sent automatically + Thanks for joining + Sorry we missed you
  • Registration – Social Media Integration • Single sign-on via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ • Share with social media
  • Registration – Social Media Integration • See who is attending within your LinkedIn network
  • Home Plaza • • • • • Pick from dozens of backgrounds or upload your own Enables easy navigation for attendees Use a walk-out greeter or jumbotron video screen Promote sponsors with banners Social media links for promoting
  • Home Plaza Or easily upload a custom image from any camera or smart phone
  • Attendees can... Walk the exhibit floor… Visit exhibitor booths, chat with booth reps, download literature, etc…
  • Attendees can... Participate in Webcast presentations…
  • Attendees can... Network in the lounge... Engage in group and 1-1 chat... Message Board Forums – Post topics to get the opinions of attendees or contribute to the thread of conversation.
  • Attendees can... Find information in the Resource Center…
  • Interactivity Chat • One-to-one chat – can take place in any location • Group chat – generally used in Plaza, Networking Lounge and Exhibit Booths. • Scheduled chats • Booth Chat – group, one-to-one or attendee-tobooth rep • Network Builder – an ability to search show attendees to exchange vcards and chat • Message Board Forums – Post topics to get the opinions of attendees or contribute to the thread of conversation. • Messages – In-show email that can be forwarded to an external email account • Session Q&A – Every Keynote or Breakout can include moderated Q&A, where attendees enter questions into the console and receive answers either verbally during the Q&A portion of the session, or via text response individually or to all session attendees. • Session Polls – Single question polls can be included in any Session • Session Surveys – a multiple question survey can be included in any Session (may be used as Session evaluations) • Booth Surveys – a multiple question survey can be included in each Booth; may be used in conjunction with a prize drawing or other incentive.
  • Key Differentiator Global / Multilingual Translation (17 Languages) © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Key Differentiator Mobile Device Support + + + + + + Full interactivity Viewing live and on-demand webcasts including video Interacting with other visitors in the Networking Lounge Chatting with booth reps Participating in discussion forums Accessing all on-demand content + Secure login Use scroll, pinch zoom and other native device navigation + Full access to Q&A sessions + © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Key Differentiator Easy Attendee Navigation “What’s New” Button For any returning attendee, new content that has been added to the venue since their last visit will be identified. This allows the newly added content and locations to be easily found and utilized more quickly, closing the gap from their previous visit. “Now Live” Indicator When a live session is in progress the “Now Live” button will appear. © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Key Differentiator Unmatched Functionality Group Chat 1:1 Chat Mobile Support Info Pages Messaging Brainstorming Resource Lists Facebook LinkedIn Q&A RSS Feeds Speaker Bios Content URLs Social Sharing Surveys Twitter Yammer P10 Webcasts Briefcase Videos Wikipedia Giveaways Staff Lists vCard Exchange Keynotes Templates Self Service Multilingual Chat Transcripts Security 3D Locations Forums Registration Dashboards Reporting © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Behind The Scenes Organizer Console Venue Builder Webcasting Studio Smart Reporting © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Easy to Set Up Easily pick from dozens of existing templates and colors or upload your own images from a camera or smart phone © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Easy Booth Set Up Step 1: Pick your design from dozens of templates and color choices Step 2: Add your content
  • Booth Rep Dashboard © Communique Conferencing, Inc. | | 866-332-2255
  • Real Time Reporting & Analytics Demographic Metrics:  Who are they?  Where are they from?  How did they get here?  Did they attend? Activity Metrics:  How long did they stay?  Where did they go?  Did they come back?  What did they view?  What did they take?  Whom did they talk to? Interest Metrics:  What are they interested in?  What questions did they ask?  What information did they request?
  • Robust Reporting Webcasts Viewed, Booths Visited, Resources Accessed
  • Robust Reporting Social Interactions
  • Robust Reporting Registration Reports *Real-time reports are indicated by a green clock as shown below and are updated every 5 minutes • Registrants + • Live Visitors + • Any origin tracking codes used are listed along with how many people registered and visited with each one Registration Method + • The users who registered to the event but have no yet visited Origin Tracking + • The users who visited the event No Shows + • The user who registered to the event Breakdown of registrants and visitors per registration method (microsite, fast access, SAML, DB integration, social media, multi event registration, system). Mobile + The Mobile report displays the number of visitors and the average event visit time for each device category
  • Robust Reporting Attendee Reports • Detailed Reports + Locations Per Visitor • Shows which locations each visitor went to and how long they spent in each location + Job Applications • Displays job postings and the number of applications for each position. Can filter down to jobs by owner or location. + Audience Distribution • Registrants or attendees distribution be any single selection, registration field. + Webcasts Per Visitor • Visits and podcast downloads for a selected group of webcasts
  • Robust Reporting Attendee Reports • Webcasts + Attendees and metrics per webcast • Booths + Visitors and metrics per webcast • Lounges + The attendees, visit time, forum posts and public chat messages per lounge • Resource Centers + The attendees, visit time and content views per resource center • Quizzes + Details on who tool quizzes and the results • Surveys + Survey results and details of the users who took the surveys
  • Robust Reporting Attendee Reports • Detailed Reports + Webcast Additional Info • Additional metrics per webcast + Booth Additional Info • Additional metrics per booth + Halls • The attendees and visit time per hall + Moderated Chat • Attendees and metrics per moderated chat + Job Centers • The attendees, visit time and content views per job center
  • Engagement Index The Ultimate Lead Metric Demographics Engagement Index Activities Interest
  • Unmatched Speed, Scalability & Reliability 1 • Two Data Centers with Instantaneous Fail-Over 2 • Complete A / B Path Redundancy 3 • Triple CDN Redundancy CDN A 101010111 010001110 01 Virtual Events CDN B Data Centers 1 CDN 2 3
  • Key Differentiator Dedicated Support Before, During & After Your Conference Account Manager • Manages account and tracks major project milestones • Monitors account health • Primary point of escalation • Assists with contract questions • Resolves billing questions Webcast Manager Virtual Event Manager • Primary point of contact throughout the Webcast production • Manages timeline, project plan and all deliverables • Manages all support tasks in relation to the webcast • Monitors live webcast • Primary point of contact throughout the Virtual Show • Manages timeline, project plan and all deliverables • Manages all support tasks in relation to the show • Monitors live show Staff Training Review and Test Upload and Manage Content Setup Sponsors and Booths Setup Show Locations Show Design and Navigation Audience Recruitment Registration Setup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • Case Study Virtual Training  Virtual Learning Environment so employees could instantly access content, SME’s and collaborate with peers  Reduced cost from $2,000+ to $62 per trainee  Saved almost $2,000,000 46
  • Case Study Virtual Training  Doctors, patients and providers are using new media to connect, network and collaborate – Novartis wants to harness this trend  Novartis trained 1000 sales and marketing employees on social media tools, guidelines, and compliance  The exhibition hall hosted partners like McCann, Nielsen, Sermo, PatientsLikeMe, TNS Healthcare and more
  • Case Study Virtual Partner Conference  Educated 2,000 partners in 2 days across 82 countries.  Over 4,000 information downloads  5,000 booth visits  900 chats
  • Case Study Virtual Job Fair  3.36 cost per attendee  20,719 registrants (400% of target)  10,903 attendees  34,302 booth visits  40 countries represented
  • Case Study Virtual Trade Show – Lead Generation  True virtual campus, with several virtual environments  The world’s largest virtual environment for lead generation  More qualified leads and lowered CPL to under $20  Sales pipeline of over $475,000,000  Actual revenue of $98,400,000
  • Case Study Virtual Training Center  52% viewed ALL training content available  Average visit time was 2 hours and 12 minutes  The training team tracked learning behavior the first 120 days and the adjusted the environment structure content to improve results
  • Contact Us Website: Email: Phone: • US & Worldwide: 1+866-332-2255 or 1+202-266-0058 • Canada: 1+866-332-2255 • UK: 0808 238 0649 • Ireland: 1 800932407