Event Video Webcasting


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Video Webcasting for Streaming Live Events online.

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Event Video Webcasting

  1. 1. Webcasting Overview
  2. 2. + Leading Provider of Virtual Event and Conferencing Solutions + 14+ years experience + ~2,389 Employees in 26 countries worldwide + Delivered 25,000 events to 5 million participants in 2012 + Global Footprint; Offices and Production Capabilities in Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific + Ranked #1 by Forrester Research + Extensive blue chip client base + Largest services team in the Industry + Communiqué Conferencing has maintained an A+ rating with Business Bureau's (BBB) Accredited Business certification since October 2002. This award confirms Communiqué's commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in business practices. A Little Background About Us
  3. 3. Partial Clients
  4. 4. Recognized Leader in Virtual Events Ranked #1 By Forrester Research - 2011 Brandon Hall Award Winner – 2011, 2012 Best Lead Generation Tool - 2010 First Place and Ex Award - 2011 “Most Innovative” – 2010 & 2011 3 Awards with Elearning! Magazine - 2012 Best Marketing Impact – 2012 Best Online/Virtual Element/Micro-site - 2012
  5. 5.  Technology + Most reliable. Scales up to 10,000+ simultaneous attendees + Most secure + Easy for customers to set up & easy for attendees to participate + More features than any other platform + No download. Works on all browsers and mobile devices + Global reach – Translate text and chat to 17 languages  FANATICAL Support before, during and after your event + Experienced consultants to help you design, produce and execute events + Self-service or full white-glove support + 24x7x365 global support during events  Price + Flexible subscription options for single or multiple events + No limit on attendees + Volume discounts + Greatest value Why Customers Choose Communique
  6. 6. Webcast Service Options  Audio Only Streaming: The most basic Meeting Stream offer, Audio Streaming is the broadcasting of an audio feed without showing slides or video in the attendees’ console. An audio stream can be reserved ahead of time, or if the call is recorded, it can be posted as a stream after the live conference.  Audio with Slides Streaming: This package is similar to Audio Streaming, but with the addition of showing PowerPoint® slides in the console. Participants can hear the audio portion through their computer speakers and view the presentation online.  Video Streaming: Using this Meeting Stream option allows you to provide a video feed via high-quality video equipment. Participants see a “talking head” on their viewing consoles.  Video with Slides Streaming: In addition to having the Video Streaming option, you can show PowerPoint slides in the console.  Video On-site Production: If you want to produce a very high-end, TV-quality event, we have a team who will go on-site with the proper equipment and film the presentation and/or speaker. This offering is used in conjunction with Video Streaming or Video with Slides Streaming.
  7. 7. Communique Webcast Advantages Web-based application: no downloads required Firewall and pop-up blocker friendly Mobile device support Stable, flexible, scalable, configurable platform Highly customizable registration pages Highly customizable and brandable meeting console Web-based reporting delivers detailed audience data Superior technical backend for flawless global streaming
  8. 8. FEATURES
  9. 9. • Collects specific information required by hosting organization • Registration can be restricted to specific domain or registration can block specific domains • Include Flash animation or static banner graphic • Email confirmation and reminders • Pre Event Registration data available for download in real time • Post Event Emails can be sent automatically + Thanks for joining + Sorry we missed you Registration - Fully Customizable
  10. 10. Registration – Social Media Integration • Single sign-on via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ • Share with social media
  11. 11. Brandable Pre-Event Screen
  13. 13. The Layouts Single Content Side by Side – 4:3 Side by Side – 16:9 Talking Head
  14. 14. The Options
  15. 15. Fully Customizable Branding
  16. 16. Webcast Title and Rating Bar
  17. 17. Media Display: 4x3 or 16x9
  18. 18. Slide Display: 4x3 or 16x9
  19. 19. Speaker Bios
  20. 20. Sponsor Logos
  21. 21. Integrated Q&A
  22. 22. Downloadable Content
  23. 23. Integrated Twitter Feed
  24. 24. Presentation Navigation Bar
  25. 25. Presentation Navigation Bar Closed Captioning: allows organizers to upload transcripts in over 100 languages to allow their audience to select the language of their choosing. Scrub bar: gives the audience the capability to control their viewing experience. Chapters: indexes/creates chapter milestones based on key actions i.e. slide transitions. Volume Control: users can adjust the volume of your presentation. Full Screen: allows users to expand their view.
  26. 26. Mobile App w/Finger Friendly UI
  28. 28. The Presenter Studio
  29. 29. Webcast Content Management Slide MGMTPoll MGMT Media MGMTLinks MGMT
  30. 30. Media Management: Video, Phone and Desktop Share
  31. 31. Indicate Which Speaker Has Mic Control
  32. 32. Q&A Management
  33. 33. Participants
  34. 34. Internal Chat
  36. 36. Unlimited Ways to Report • If you want to collect it, we can report it. – Configurable dashboards – Proprietary Engagement Index to filter reports and rank leads – Activity data on what the customer did within the event o Login/logout details o Questions o Comments o Interaction with polling o Surveys and test questions o Assets downloaded – Filter, configure, search
  37. 37. Robust Reporting The webcast dashboard is the initial landing page and gives an at a glance view of registrants and visitors for the webcast 37
  38. 38. Robust Reporting 38 • Audience tab – This tab includes the webcast event number of registrants and visitors targets (if exist) and the actual numbers, registrants and visitors pie charts
  39. 39. 39 • Traffic tab – This tab includes the webcast event adjustable graph of the registrations and visits over time Robust Reporting
  40. 40. • Registrants – The user who registered to the event • Live Visitors – The users who visited the event during the webcast live period • On-demand Visitors – The users who visited the event during the webcast On-demand period • No Shows – The users who registered to the event, but have not yet visited • Mobile – The Mobile report displays the number of visitors and the average event visit time for each device category 40 *Real-time reports are indicated by a green clock as shown below and are updated every 5 minutes Robust Reporting
  41. 41. • Webcast Details – Attendees and metrics per webcast • Polls – Display all polls data from Webcast Event • Q&A – Displays all Q&A that took place in the Webcast Event • Surveys – Survey results and details of the users who took the surveys 41 Robust Reporting *Real-time reports are indicated by a green clock as shown below and are updated every 5 minutes
  43. 43. Multiple Video Sources Webcam Prosumer Cam via Firewire Video Conferencing/Telepresence (VCU) Onsite Video Crews Satellite Professional Studio (FMLE)
  44. 44. Multiple Use Cases Webcast Location • Standalone • Conference Center • Full Virtual Environment Service • Self-Service • Managed Services Webcast Type • Audio or Video • Live broadcasts or On-demand publishing • Simulated Live Audio Type • Pure VoIP • Integrated Telephony Audience • Internal Audiences • External Audiences • Global Audiences
  45. 45. Multiple Ways to Engage Powerful Microsite Builder Configurable Emails Two Types of Audio Integration Animation Supported Slides Multiple Video Acquisition Types Desktop Sharing Video Clips Polls Surveys Q&A
  47. 47. Event Services • Dedicated project team – Event consultation – Schedule event components – Provide links and event details to customer • Application Training – Upload content for the live event for customer – Conduct event run-through with presenters • Live and on-demand production – Provide event monitoring and support of live event – Post-event report assistance as needed • Webcast Archive Editing
  48. 48. Global Footprint
  49. 49. Contact Us Email: webcasting@communiqueconferencing.com Phone: • US & Worldwide: 1+866-332-2255 or 1+202-266-0058 • Canada: 1+866-332-2255 • UK: 0808 238 0649 • Ireland: 1 800932407