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Redes / Network
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Redes / Network


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Presentacion sobre el concepto de redes, sus componentes, aplicaciones,...

Presentacion sobre el concepto de redes, sus componentes, aplicaciones,...

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Red o Network Conceptos Básicos Zobeida Ramírez
  • 2. Contenido
    • Qué es una Red?
    • Componentes Básicos
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Protocolos
    • Categoría de Redes
    • Qué es Internet, entonces?
    • Tipos de Acceso
  • 3. Qué es una Red?
    • Conjunto de computadoras y/o dispositivos conectados por enlaces de un medio físico ó inalámbricos que comparten información (archivos), recursos ( CD -ROM, impresoras, etc.) y servicios ( e-mail , chat , juegos ), etc.
  • 4. Componentes Básicos
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Protocolos
  • 5. Hardware
    • Servidor
    • Tarjetas de Red (NIC)
    • Cables
    • Otros (routers, switch, hubs)
  • 6. Software
    • Se requiere un sistema operativo de redes para cada red. Permite que las PCs y los demás dispositivos conectados envíen y reciban información.
      • Windows, Macintosh, Artisoft
      • Novell, Windows NT, Lynux
  • 7. Protocolos
    • Reglas y procedimientos standarizados utilizados en una red para establecer la comunicación entre sus componentes.
      • ISO = Organización Internacional para la Estandarización
      • 1984 OSI = Open System Interconection o Modelo de Referencia de Interconexión de Sistemas Abiertos
  • 8. Capas o Niveles OSI
  • 9. Cable coaxial , Cable de fibra óptica , Cable de par trenzado , Microondas , Radio , Palomas mensajeras , RS-232 . Ethernet , Fast Ethernet , Gigabit Ethernet , Token Ring , FDDI , ATM , HDLC . ARP , RARP , IP ( IPv4 , IPv6 ), X.25 , ICMP , IGMP , NetBEUI , IPX , Appletalk . Nivel 3 Red Consigue que los datos lleguen desde el origen al destino aunque no tengan conexión directa. TCP , UDP , SPX . NetBIOS , RPC , SSL . ASN.1 . SNMP , SMTP , NNTP , FTP , HTTP , Telnet , IRC , ICQ , POP3 , IMAP . Nivel 1 Físico Define las características eléctricas, mecánicas y procedimentales de la comunicación en red. Es estrictamente necesaria su presencia en cualquier modelo. Nivel 2 Enlace Datos Consigue que la información fluya, libre de errores, entre dos máquinas que estén conectadas directamente (servicio orientado a conexión). Nivel 4 Transporte Encargado de la transferencia libre de errores de los datos entre el emisor y el receptor, aunque no estén directamente conectados, así como de mantener el flujo de la red Nivel 5 Sesión Proporciona los mecanismos para controlar el diálogo entre las aplicaciones de los sistemas. En algunos casos son parcialmente, o incluso, totalmente prescindibles. Nivel 6 Presentación Encargado de manejar las estructuras de datos abstractas y realizar las conversiones de representación de datos necesarias para la correcta interpretación de los mismos. Nivel 7 Aplicación Ofrece a las aplicaciones (de usuario o no) la posibilidad de acceder a los servicios de las demás capas y define los protocolos que utilizan las aplicaciones para intercambiar datos
  • 10.
    • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • Instituto de Ingenieros Eléctricos y Electrónicos
    Bluetooth IEEE 802.15 WiFi IEEE 802.11 Ethernet IEEE 802.3
  • 11. Categoría de Redes
    • Por direccionalidad de datos
      • Simplex = unidireccional
      • Half-duplex = bidireccional, uno solo transmite
      • Full-duplex = ambos transmiten al mismo tiempo
  • 12. Categoría de Redes
    • Por Localización
      • LAN ( L ocal Ar ea N etwork)
      • MAN ( M etropolitan A rea N etwork)
      • WAN ( W ide A rea N etwork)
  • 13. Categoría de Redes
    • Por Relación Funcional
      • Cliente-Servidor
      • Peer to peer
  • 14. Categoría de Redes
    • Por Topología
      • Red bus
      • Red Estrella
      • Red Anillo o Token Ring
  • 15. Qué es Internet, entonces? Red de Redes - pública, cooperativa y autosuficiente
  • 16. Tipos de Acceso
    • Dial up
    • DSL
    • WI-FI
    • Bluetooth
  • 17. Dial Up
    • Necesita Marcado
    • Necesita Modem
    • Más barato o gratis
    • Conexión máxima a 56 Kbps
  • 18. Modem
  • 19. ADSL A syncronus D igital S ubscriber L ine
  • 20. ADSL
    • Más costosa
    • Conexión permanente
    • Mayor velocidad
  • 21. WiFi o Inalámbrica
    • No necesita cable
    • Altas velocidades
    • Movilidad
    • Costo relativo
  • 22. Bluetooth
    • Facilita la comunicación inalámbrica entre dispositivos
    • Distancia Max 10 M
    • 126 dispositivos en el mercado
  • 23.
    • Tecnología para comunicar entre dispositivos. Es la evolución de la comunicación infrarroja.
    • Permite comunicación en distancias de hasta 10 metros aproximadamente.
    • Su velocidad de comunicación es de un megabyte por segundo, aproximadamente 20 veces la velocidad de una conexión telefónica a internet.
    • No se utiliza para conectarse a internet salvo como "módem" para ordenadores portátiles utilizando redes GPRS
    • Tecnología de comunicación para accesar a internet de manera inalámbrica, o bien, a redes locales (LAN). • Su alcance es de alrededor de 30 metros. • Su velocidad de conexión es de 11 megabytes por segundo, 200 veces más rápido que una conexión telefónica. • No se utiliza para comunicación entre dispositivos.
  • 24.  
  • 25. Oficina, Casa, Medicina
    • WRAP™ Multiradio Access Server is a cutting edge wireless Bluetooth basestation product family supporting WLAN, Ethernet and GSM/GPRS offering TCP/IP connectivity. This enables you to link equipment or mobile users to any services located in network or in the device.
    Access Point BlueGiga Technology
  • 26. Oficina,Casa
    • The HP Deskjet 450 mobile printer is the complete mobile office printing solution for people on the go. The wireless printer supports Bluetooth wireless technology making freedom from the desktop a possibility.
  • 27. CasaToshiba Feminity
    • The refrigerator with a meal material management function and cooling cooking soft download receiver ability.
  • 28.
    • This washer-dryer can download the washer/dryer software for new clothes from the home terminal and it can be carried out. When this washer-dryer breaks down, an error code is transmitted to the home terminal, and the correspondence method is expressed in the home terminal.
  • 29.
    • Using the Bluetooth, this microwave oven can receive the heating pattern code from the home terminal on radio, and heating control can be automatically carried out based on this code
  • 30. Toshiba Feminity
    • You can switch on/off home appliance from outside your home through internet and also operate two or more appliances multi - control by one switch - on. It has the function which automatically detects troubles of the home appliance and informs the troubles of the store or the support center.
  • 31.
    • In your room (using your PC...)How is the air - conditioner in the child's room? Is locking of doors and windows all right?
  • 32.
    • From outside your home (using you cell phone ...)I may have forgotten to lock the entrance today... Did I turn off the floor heating?Getting home soon Heat the bath, Turn on the air - conditioner...
  • 33. Juegos
    • The Sony Ericsson limited edition Car-100 with Bluetooth ® wireless technology is a small race car is slightly larger than the size of a matchbox, that has two gears and is wirelessly controlled by a Bluetooth enabled Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
  • 34.
    • Add a complete in-car navigation system to your Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC wirelessly with the Bluetooth GPS Nav Kit. Socket’s MyNavigator personal routing software makes trip planning quick and easy. With audible "turn by turn" instructions, quick auto re-routing, day/night screen optimization and more, all your navigation needs are met before you release the parking brake. And because the receiver does not use your devices CF or PC slot, you still have expandability.
  • 35.
    • Mobile phone and PDA combination that utilizes Memory Stick Duo for saving and transferring files and features a CommuniCorder for capturing digital still images or video clips. It also features MP3 playback, Bluetooth wireless technology and a 65,536 color-touch screen and supports multimedia messaging, e-mail, Web browsing and can be synced with a PC or Mac. In addition, the P900 has speakerphone and conference call capabilities and supports Java for 3-D gaming.
  • 36.
    • Nokia Remote Camera is a wireless and compact home monitoring solution offering transfer of high quality images, video clips and sounds, captured by Nokia Remote Camera, directly to a compatible mobile phone or e-mail.
  • 37.
    • The naviPlay Stereo Kit is designed for active listeners. Use it on a treadmill at the gym, take it with you cycling…anytime being tied to your iPod would limit your range of motion.
    • Just attach the naviPlay remote using the armband, belt clip or lanyard and tuck your iPod and naviPlay adapter nearby. The possibilities are limitless.
    Ten Technology
  • 38.  
  • 39.
    • Medical Avant™ 4000 Digital Pulse Oximetry System
    • Pulse oximetry system which allows SpO2 and pulse rate data to be transmitted from a wrist-worn sensor to a monitor.
  • 40.
    • Medical Bluetooth-to-GSM or GPRS gateway
    • The TeleHealth Gateway is a wireless Bluetooth-to-GSM or GPRS gateway for the seamless and secure transmission of data from vital sign monitoring devices like blood pressure monitors, personal weight scales, SPO2, peak flow monitors etc. to an HTTP server on the Internet. The TeleHealth Gateway is designed for home use by the patient. The Wireless TeleHealth Gateway contains a number of unique features that make the device state-of-the-art for system integrators working in the area of home monitoring, e-health and remote disease management.
  • 41.
    • Via RS-232, Infra Red or Bluetooth, the Wireless Telehealth GSM/GPRS Gateway now supports a wide range of biomedical devices including leading brand Blood Glucose Monitors.
  • 42.
    • Vital signs from the outpatients are collected from the blood pressure monitor or personal weight scale and transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to the communication gateway. The communication gateway sends the received vital signs information through an ordinary telephone connection to the Internet using encrypted and secured data protocols. Authorised personnel from the healthcare service provider, e.g. nurses, can access this data using secure web technologies supplied by the healthcare integrator.
  • 43.
    • Audio and Visual, Audio and Visual Accessory, Office Equipment, Unique Products MeetingPad 400
    • A wireless pad that gives you full mouse functionality from anywhere in the room, letting you turn any surface into an electronic whiteboard. The MeetingPad also allows you to annotate and add notes to presentations, keeping the audience informed and engaged.
    GTCO Calcomp
  • 44.
    • Highlights First interactive wireless pad for the classroom.  Bluetooth wireless device lets you teach from anywhere in the classroom (up to 300 feet!) or pass it to a student and let them contribute from their desk. Use with the InterWrite SchoolBoard , or project computer images on any surface to create an interactive whiteboard.  InterWrite Software included to make your lessons fully interactive. 
  • 45.
    • After registering your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone using the multi-information display, hands-free calling becomes automatically available. A maximum of four cellular phones with built-in Bluetooth® can be registered. Through the touch-screen panel and/or steering wheel controls you are able to make and receive calls.
  • 46.
    • Gaming, Handheld Zodiac-2
    • Zodiac-1 Mobile Entertainment Console. Combines a MP3 player, photo viewer, video player, PalmOS PDA, and 3D Graphics Game Console, all in a pocket size device. Hardware includes built-in Bluetooth for multi-player gaming, 2 SD Card Slots, 128 MB RAM, sterio speakers, headphone jack, Motorola Mx1 200MHz ARM CPU, ATI Imagion W4200 Graphics coprocessor, and Yamaha PA-2 Sound chip.
    TapWare, Inc
  • 47.
    • Automotive, Home Environment, Keyboard and Mouse, Personal Computer, Personal Computer Accessory, Unique Products XBOARD
    • Bluetooth Mini Trackball Keyboard
    Wireless Engineering Inc.
  • 48.