Dillard University Student Policies FY2010 - 2011


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Dillard University Student Policies FY2010 - 2011

  1. 1. Dillard University Course Syllabus PoliciesNon-Discrimination PolicyDillard University assures equal opportunity for all qualified persons in the admission to,participation in, or employment in the programs and activities of the university. The university iscommitted to the policy of compliance with federal laws and regulations concerning non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status,sexual preference, or veteran’s status.Student Disability PolicyDillard University is committed to full compliance with all laws regarding equal opportunity forstudents with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) andother applicable federal, state and local laws. The Office of Academic Affairs will respond toany requests for reasonable and appropriate accommodations in a timely and effective manner.All disabilities require documentation from the student. All university practices and activities areconducted on a nondiscriminatory and confidential basis.Disaster Preparedness/Emergency PolicyThe following disaster plan statement must be bolded and included at the bottom of the firstpage:“In the event of disaster, the Dillard University Preparedness Plan will take priority over thetimeline in this syllabus. The summary of key points for the plan is available on the Universitywebsite and by printed literature.”Class AttendanceIt is expected that students attend every class and that professors call roll and document studentabsences. Continuing student absence without official withdrawal affects the amount offinancial aid a student must return to the Federal Government. The University is responsible forinforming the Department of Education concerning the last day of a student’s attendance if thestudent has stopped attending class but has not officially withdrawn.Student AbsencesThe university recognizes that a student may miss a class for legitimate reasons. The universityallows no more than three (3) excused or unexcused absences per course. Absence forms whichmust be handed in to the instructor with documentation of the absence (e.g., doctor’s note, etc.)are available on the web. A student may incur an excused absence under the followingdocumented circumstances: 1) illness/hospitalization; 2) death of a parent, sibling orgrandparent; 3) official university business (i.e., choir, varsity team, debate, etc.); 4) legal matter.
  2. 2. When the absence is excused, a student is allowed to make up all missed assignments. Theassignments and the completion dates must be contractually arranged with the instructor, the dateno later than the end of the semester. If the instructor determines that the work of the classcannot be successfully completed prior to the end of the semester, the student should withdrawfrom the class or the student may risk failing the course. Below list the allowable absences froma course per semester: 5 semester credit hour course equals to 5 excused/unexcused absences 4 semester credit hour course equals to 4 excused/unexcused absences 3 semester credit hour course equals to 3 excused/unexcused absences 2 semester credit hour course equals to 2 excused/unexcused absences 1 semester credit hour course equals to 1 excused/unexcused absencesThe course syllabus indicates the manner in which student absences affects grades in the course.Students who are absent for a sustained period of time should consult with their advisors todetermine whether or not they should continue enrollment in the course.The Grading SystemQuality points and the University Grading Scale for each semester hour of credit earned atDillard are assigned as follows:Grading Scale* and Quality Points A- 90 – 100 Excellent 4 quality points per semester B- 80 - 89 Good 3 quality points per semester C- 70 - 79 Average 2 quality points per semester D- 60 - 69 Passing 1 quality point per semester F 0 - 59 Failure No quality points*Grading scale range can be calculated in terms of percent for any number of total points accumulated,e.g. 90% of 1000 (1000-900 = A), 80% of 1000 (800 – 899 = B), etc. I –Incomplete with the default letter grade (IB, IC, ID, IF) - recorded on the Removal of Incomplete/Change of Grade P-Pass NC-No Credit W – Withdrawal (Administrative Withdrawals for no classes attended by census date) WP-Withdrawal, Passing (Attending and passing course at time of withdrawal)
  3. 3. WF-Withdrawal, Failing (Indicates that the student ceased attendance and failed to complete the course objectives but did not officially withdraw from the course- Approved by Senior Cabinet, April 12, 2010). A student who discontinues attending classes but who fails to withdraw officially in a timely manner will receive a WF (F in 2009-2010 catalog, p. 12) in all courses for which he/she is registered. Note: Grades of P, I, W, and NC are not counted as credits attempted in computing grade point averages.Incomplete Grade PolicyIf a student’s work is of passing quality but cannot be completed during the regular semester dueto circumstances beyond the student’s control, the instructor issues a grade of “I” (Incomplete).The student should initiate the Removal of Incomplete/Change of Grade form by contacting theprofessor in whose course the student received an “Incomplete.” The student must arrange withthe professor to complete the work indicated by the professor in a timely manner so that the “I”may be removed from the student’s record before midterm in the semester following the one inwhich the “I” was given. See University Calendar for dates. If the appropriate coursework isnot completed and the Removal of Incomplete/Change of Grade form not submitted withinthe time frame for change, the “I” becomes an “F” or the default grade earned with a zerocalculation for assignment(s) missing. The default “I” grade (IB, IC, ID, IF) will berecorded on the Removal of Incomplete form at the time the grade of “I” is recorded. Agrade of “F” shall be the default if the instructor fails to provide a default. The final grade(default or removed) on the transcript will be a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F).Withdraw Failing (WF) PolicyA grade of WF (Withdraw Failing) has been established to comply with Title IV regulations thatan institution must have in place to identify and resolve instances where a student’s attendancethrough the end of the enrollment period could not be confirmed. WF indicates that the studentceased attendance and failed to complete the course objectives but did not officially withdrawfrom the course. Any student that does not notify the instructor of consecutive absences fromclass will be considered unofficially withdrawn from the university under the followingcircumstances: Six consecutive missed class periods (MWF) and/or Four consecutive missed class periods (TTh) and Failure to obtain an approved leave of absenceThe purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism to identify and resolve instances where astudent ceases to attend or participate in class activities prior to the withdrawal deadline. Itprovides a grade which clearly indicates the cause of class failure as due to lack of attendancerather than failure to complete course objectives.