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Dillard University Faculty Resource Guide Spring 2011
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Dillard University Faculty Resource Guide Spring 2011


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Published in: Education

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  • 2. Dillard University Web Page – FACULTY RESOURCE GUIDE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dr. Marvalene Hughes, President Rosenwald Hall 204 – (504) 816.4640Ms. Denise V. Jochum Executive Assistant to the President RH 202C 816.4641Ms. Vicky Lazard Administrative Specialist RH 204 816.4640Dr. Muriel A. Hawkins Assistant to the President for Campus and RH 202E 816.4095 Community RelationsMrs. Kathy Ancar Research and Support Specialist RH 202B 816.4304 OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. David V. Taylor Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Rosenwald Hall 203 – (504) 816.4662Dr. Phyllis Dawkins Associate Provost and Associate Vice RH 203 816.4368 PresidentMr. Thomas King Executive Assistant to the Provost RH 203 816.4051Ms. Barbara Albert Administrative Assistant to the Associate RH 203 816.4216 ProvostMs. Cynthia Carter Administrative Specialist RH 203 816.4662Dr. Kimya Dawson-Smith Director, International Students and Study DUICEF 246 816.4184 AbroadDr. Willie Kirkland Director, Institutional Research RH 203 816.4428 OFFICE OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE Mr. Virgil Robinson, Vice President and COO/Interim CFO Rosenwald Hall 108A – (504) 816.4050Ms. Carolyn Sampson Administrative Assistant RH 108A 816.4050 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 2
  • 3. Dillard University Web Page – COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Robert Collins, Interim Dean Dillard University International Center for Economic Freedom (DUICEF) 227 – (504) 816.4092Ms. Shawn Bosby Administrative Assistant DUICEF 227 816.4701 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS (STEM) Dr. Abdalla Darwish, Interim Chair PSB 342 – (504) 816.4722Mrs. Juanita Nicholson Executive Assistant PSB 342 816.4810Dr. Amy Lesen Biology, Program Coordinator PSB 342F 816.4843Dr. Lovell Agwaramgbo Chemistry, Program Coordinator PSB 342G 816.4489Dr. Abdalla Darwish Physics, Program Coordinator PSB 342E 816.4722Dr. Lynda Louis Computer Science, Program Coordinator PSB 280L 816.4057Dr. Peter Frempong-Mireku Mathematics (Minor Only) PSB 262F 816.4064 DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES Mr. Cortheal Clark, Interim Chair Cook 145B – (504) 816.4245Mrs. Zena Ezeb Administrative Assistant Cook 122 816.4450Mr. John Barnes Visual Arts, Program Coordinator Cook 101 816.4448Dr. Lucian Zidaru Music, Program Coordinator Cook 128 816.4813Mr. Cortheal Clark Theatre, Program Coordinator Cook 145B 816.4245Dr. Chandra Mountain English, Program Coordinator Cook 149D 816.4707 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Lana Chambliss, Interim Chair DUCIEF 203 – (504) 816.4243Mrs. Shawn Bosby Administrative Assistant DUICEF 227 816.4701Dr. Dan Frost History, Program Coordinator DUICEF 213 816.4093Dr. Gary Clark Political Science, Program Coordinator DUICEF 223 816.4094Dr. Steve Buddington Sociology, Program Coordinator DUICEF 233 816.4178Dr. Keith Wismar Psychology, Program Coordinator DUICEF 244 816.4748Dr. Robert Collins Urban Studies and Public Policy, Program Coord. DUICEF 212 816.4092 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 3
  • 4. Dillard University Web Page – COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Dr. Laura Rouzan, Interim Dean Professional Schools Building (PSB) – (504) 816.4806 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Dr. Chris Fugar, Chair, PSB 380B – (504) 816.4697Ms. Helen Bougere Administrative Assistant PSB 380D 816.4698Dr. Wede Elliott-Brownell Accounting, Program Coordinator PSB 362D 816.4080Dr. Kim Coleman Economics and Finance, Program Coordinator PSB 362F 816.4174Dr. Chris Fugar International Business, Program Coordinator PSB 380B 816.4697Dr. Richard Igwike Business Management, Program Coordinator PSB 362D 816.4271Dr. Alicia Cooper Marketing, Program Coordinator PSB 362K 816.4201 SCHOOL OF NURSING Dr. Lenetra Jefferson, Interim Chair, PSB Suite 102 – (504) 816.4717Ms. Erica Mercadel Administrative Assistant PSB Suite 102 816.4717Ms. Carmelita Williams Nursing Computer Lab Coordinator PSB Suite 102 816.4721 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Dr. Valandra L. German, Chair, PSB 110B – (504) 816.4401Ms. Rachel Mercadel Program/Administrative Assistant PSB 110 816.4477Dr. Wodajo Welldaregay Program Coordinator PSB 110D 816.4379 SCHOOL OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS Dr. Cleo Allen, Interim Chair, PSB 280D – (504) 816.4790Ms. Zena Ezeb Administrative Assistant Cook 122 816.4450Dr. Cleo Allen Program Coordinator PSB 280E 816.4041 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 4
  • 5. Dillard University Web Page – COLLEGE OF GENERAL STUDIES Dr. Dorothy J.V. Smith, Dean of General Education Core and Continuing Education Dillard University International Center for Economic Freedom (DUICEF) 247 – (504) 816.4527Ms. Rachael Crosby Administrative Assistant DUICEF 251 816.4138Mrs. Lynn Strong Director, Undergraduate Research Asst. Director, LAMP/GAELA/TESSEE Programs PSB 250 816.4446 HONORS PROGRAM Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy Cook 144 – (504) 816.4354 QUALITY ENHANCEMENT PLAN/LEARNING COMMUNITIES & SECOND-FOURTH YEAR EXPERIENCE Dr. Ramona Jean Perkins, Director DUICEF 235 – (504) 816.4091 FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE Dr. Henrietta Harris, Director Professional Schools Building (PSB) Suite 101 – (504) 816.4765Ms. Ivy Hill Administrative Assistant PSB Suite 101 816.4918Ms. Kimberly Rutherford Instructor of General Education/First Year Seminar PSB Suite 101 816.4866Mr. Michael Wilson Instructor of General Education/First Year Seminar PSB Suite 101 816.4522Ms. Margaret S. Williamson Instructor of General Education/First Year Seminar PSB Suite 101 816.4520 LIBRARY SERVICES Ms. Cynthia Charles, Interim Director Alexander Library, 2nd Floor – (504) 816.4263 FAX: 816.4787Ms. Beverly Harris Collections 1st Floor 816.4881 stMs. Germaine Palmer Reference/Information Literacy 1 Floor 816.4254 stMs. Melissa Dellihoue Cataloging 1 Floor 816.4237Mr. Michael Campbell Archives and Special Collections 2nd Floor 816.4960 stMr. Malik Bartholomew Circulation 1 Floor 816.4786 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 5
  • 6. Dillard University Web Page – DIVISION OF STUDENT SUCCESS Dr. Toya Barnes Teamer Vice President for Student Success Rosenwald Hall 111 – (504) 816.4916Ms. Gwen Britton Executive Assistant RH 111 816.4236 ADMISSIONS, RECRUITMENT AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS Dr. Alecia Cyprian Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Rosenwald Hall 110 – (504) 816.4398Ms. Peggy Jackson Admissions Processor RH 110 816.4670Ms. Rebecca Armstrong-English Admissions Processor RH 110 816.4421Ms. Farah Parker Admissions Processor RH 110 816.4458Ms. Oshel Taylor Admissions Processor RH110 816.4198Ms. Monica White Coordinator of Campus Tours & RH 110 816.4374 Special Events RecruitmentMr. Calvin Haynes Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4345Mr. Alvin House Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4371Ms. Talia Pennington Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4129Mr. Chris Stewart Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4472Mr. James Milligan Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4457Ms. Michelle Paniagua Admissions Counselor Alumni House 816.4309 FINANCIAL AID/SCHOLARSHIPS Mrs. Shannon Neal, Interim Director Rosenwald Hall 126 – (504) 816.4228Front Desk Staff RH 126 816.4677Mrs. Josephine Hawkins Interim Associate Director RH 126 816.4864Mrs. Hortense Lockett Financial Aid Counselor/Administrative RH 126 816.4865 ServicesMs. Joyce Lyons Financial Aid Counselor RH 126 816.4426Ms. Monique King Financial Aid Counselor RH 126 816.4480Mr. Roland Keller, Jr. Financial Aid Counselor RH 126 816.4679 RECORDS AND REGISTRATION Ms. Pamela England, University Registrar Rosenwald Hall 116 – (504) 816.4871Mr. Robert Mitchell Assistant Registrar RH 116 816.4217Ms. Valencia Duffel Director of Student Services RH 116 816.4524Ms. Shondra Clements Director of Transcripts & Records Management RH 116 816.4524 OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Mr. Christopher Cameron, Vice President Kearny Hall – (504) 816.4673Ms. Dawn Holmes Administrative Assistant Kearny Hall 107 816.4685Mr. Claude McField Student Activities Kearny Hall 108 816.4656Mr. Kyle Turman Activities Director Kearny Hall 816.4603Dr. Corey Hebert Student Health & Wellness Health Center 816.4345 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 6
  • 7. Dillard University Web Page – www.dillard.eduDr. Dawn Williams Career & Professional Development Kearny Hall 107A 816.4914 RESIDENTIAL LIFE Ms. LaToya Lewis, Interim Director 3568 Gentilly Gardens – (504) 816.4205Mrs. Alma Andrews Administrative Assistant Williams Hall 114 816.4734 OFFICE OFFICE ISSUE OFFICE CONTACT PERSON LOCATION NUMBERATHLETICS President’s Office Ms. Kiki Barnes Dent Hall 148 816.4752 Athletic DirectorBOOKSTORE Business/Follett Ms. Lucy Green Henson Hall (Front) 816.4299CAFETERIA Sodexho Food Serv. Ms. Yolanda Holland Kearny Hall 816.4000 nd Manager, Menu Line 2 FloorCAMPUS POLICE Public Safety Chief Andre’ Menzies Gentilly Gardens 816.4911CAREER & PROFESSIONAL Student Affairs Dr. Dawn Williams Kearny Hall 107A 816.4914 stDEVELOPMENT 1 Floor stCASHIER Business & Finance Ms. Jeri Brumfield Rosenwald Hall, 1 816.4654 Floor, Cashier WindowCOMPUTER PROBLEMS ITT Help Desk Network Support Rosenwald Hall 301 816.4287 rd Services 3 FloorDIVERSITY University Chaplain Rev. Gail Bowman Lawless Chapel, 102 816.4791FINANCIAL AID AND Student Success Front Desk Rosenwald Hall 126 816.4677SCHOLARSHIPSHOUSING Residential Life Mrs. Alma Andrews Williams Hall 114 816.4734LEADERSHIP Vision Quest/ Rev. Gail Bowman Lawless Chapel 102 816.4791 Leadership InstituteMINORITY HEALTH AND HEALTHDISPARITIES RESEARCH CENTER Nursing Ms. Angela Pittman Stern Hall 100 816.4104PARKING DECALS Public Safety Chief Andre’ Menzies Gentilly Gardens 816.4911PAYROLL Business & Finance Ms. Anna Parker Rosenwald Hall 101E 816.4394 stPOST OFFICE Business & Finance Ms. Jackie Thomas Kearny Hall, 1 Floor 816.4739PRESIDENT’S OFFICE President’s Office Ms. Vicky Lazard Rosenwald Hall 204 816.4640RECORDS AND REGISTRATION Student Success Front Desk Rosenwald Hall 116 816.4705RECRUITMENT, ADMISSIONS Student Success Front Desk Rosenwald Hall 110 816.4670AND PROGRAMMINGSEXUALITY/SPIRITUAL University Chaplain Rev. Gail Bowman Lawless Chapel 102 816.4791EXPLORATIONSTUDENT GOVERNMENT SGA President Ms. Sabrina Bland Kearny Hall 104 816.4103ASSOCIATION (SGA) 816.4865STUDENT ACCOUNTS Business & Finance Ms. Eula Lynch Rosenwald Hall 108C 816.4652STUDENT AFFAIRS Student Affairs Kearny Hall 108 816.4360STUDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS Student Affairs Dr. Corey Hebert Health Center 816.4532SWITCHBOARD Business & Finance Ms. Diane Lane Rosenwald Hall 301 283.8822 rd 3 FloorTRAVEL Business & Finance Ms. Leonora Byrd Rosenwald Hall 101G 816.4384TUTORING/STUDY SKILLS Student Support Ms. Ridell Edwards-Rose Dent Hall 110 816.4715 Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 7
  • 8. Dillard University Web Page – OFFICE OFFICE ISSUE OFFICE CONTACT PERSON LOCATION NUMBER ServicesUNIVERSITY CHAPLAIN/VISION University Chaplain Rev. Gail Bowman Lawless Chapel 102 816.4791QUEST Music Coordinator Mr. Charles McCall Lawless Chapel 816.4555 ndWRITING CENTER Instructor Ms. Angelle Scott Library 2 Floor 816.4180 Ms. Danielle Tyler Office of Academic Affairs (rev. 01/2011) 8