Started From the Bottom - Networking 101


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Connections are your greatest sources of power. They serve as personal consultants, mentors, teachers, and resources. The ability to build effective power networks will increase your ability to learn and grow. Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and be assertive about seeking and developing key relationships. This seminar will help you create a power network map that will keep you at the top of your game.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

a. Explore tools and techniques to gain access to wider networks
b. Examine communication skills that will engage leaders and managers
c. Identify ways to provide value to personal networks
d. Identify the people that everyone should have in his/her network
e. Explore common networking/relationship building mistakes and approaches

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  • Part of your success in life is directly tied to the people you choose to keep company with most of the time. The influence the way you think, how you act- and most importantly how successful you’ll be. So do not under-estimate the effects of your pessimistice, unambitious, or disorganized friends. Your company either makes you stronger or weaker.
  • calls for accountability. There can be no excuses not to get things done as you are not only answerable to yourself, but to your other group members as well.Network: Your core group will more than likely have a network of people who are more successful than they are.
  • Started From the Bottom - Networking 101

    1. 1. October 17–19, 2013 STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NETWORKING 101 Mr. Albert E. Sweets, Jr., Principal, iSTEMS Mr. Dipo Adesina, Senior Business Operations Associate, Areotek Mr. Eric Price, Vice President of Recruiting and Training, CCG 19 October 2013
    2. 2. Agenda • • • • Introduction of panelists Defining the network Understanding the inner circle Effective networking tips
    3. 3. Acquaintances Affiliates Associates Inner Circle
    4. 4. The Power of Your Inner circle •“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn•Is this really true, is your success dependent of your circle of influence? •Let’s examine the story of these three friends, Dan, Ger and Rous.
    5. 5. Where are they know?
    6. 6. What determined their success? • Accountability • Support • Honest feedback. • Network
    7. 7. Listen • • • • Make eye contact Be focused & relaxed Picture words Engage • • • • Don’t interrupt Don’t close your mind Don’t look bored Don’t be awkward
    8. 8. The Power of Groups • • • • Have a goal Find a mentor Volunteer Social Network • • • • Don’t’ wait Don’t be a wallflower Don’t ask for a job Don’t forget to follow-up
    9. 9. Summary • • • • Networking starts with you Know your value What do you want Win/Win results