Global leadership engineering planning in the workplace


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For decades, women of all walks of life have felt pressured to prove themselves as they continue to break barriers, norms, and stigmas. Some women focus on overcoming the challenges, while others make strategic decisions to seize opportunities that take their organizations to the next level. Within the organization, there are both small and big ways to make a difference in outcomes and build lasting professional value. The ability to inspire others, infuse a sense of integrity and strength in tasks, and maximize results is the foundation of long term success. Women in diverse industries are changing trends and making critical contributions that result in major economic gains. We have seen a surge in innovation, opportunity creation, and transformative leadership breakthroughs among women in the workplace. Come to this seminar to learn more about how you can become a trailblazer and innovative leader in your organization.
Learning Objective: Increase leadership skills, techniques, and strategies
Outcomes-At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
a. Explore ways to be more assertive in your executive approach
b. List valuable skills and professional habits to add value at any level of the organization
c. Explore techniques and power questions to identify opportunities for innovation and breakthrough results
d. Examine planning techniques of successful executives

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Global leadership engineering planning in the workplace

  1. 1. October 17–19, 2013 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ENGINEERING PLANNING IN THE WORKPLACE Olabisi Boyle Chrysler Director, Engineering Planning & Technical Cost Reduction
  2. 2. Global Alignment EMEA Turin, Italy NAFTA APAC Auburn Hills, MI Shanghai, China LATAM Betim, Brazil
  3. 3. Building Successful Partnerships NAFTA Brands by region EMEA LATAM APAC Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat SRT Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Fiat Lancia Alfa Romeo Chrysler Ram Jeep Fiat Chrysler Dodge Jeep Fiat
  4. 4. Operating in Different Cultures NAFTA EMEA LATAM APAC - Dress Code (Bus./Casual) - Handshaking - Punctuality - Maintain speaking distance - Dress Code (Business Attire) - Hospitality - Maintain eye contact while talking - Dining Out - Dress Code (Business Attire) - Handshaking - Hospitable - Physical contact is part of communication - Dress Code (Business Attire) - Bowing - Punctuality - Avoid personal contact
  5. 5. Engineering Planning Responsibilities Operative Planning Business Planning & Process Timing Cost Optimization Facilities • Plan and effectively allocate resources to meet LRP objectives • Identify external to internal resources required to achieve optimal structure • Coordinate with other functions to execute products at most efficient ER&D cost • Make recommendations on hiring with respect to LRP changes • Understand competition relative to Engineering Research & Development • Standardize processes to make engineering efficient • Provide oversight and expertise to standardize processes • Reduce costs and improve value through process and efficiency improvement • Understand competition relative to process efficiency • Recommend and implement efficiency improvement opportunities • Plan and monitor multiple programs to meet timing deadlines • Ensure the timing execution of programs • Coordinate with other functions to ensure new products are executed on time • Understand competition relative to timing • Recommend timing improvement opportunities • Lead cost analysis for design concepts to ensure new products are economically viable • Understand competition relative to innovation and cost improvement • Utilize global network to gain cost efficiencies • Develop state of the art Engineering facilities that lead engineering to be more productive • Have efficient and sufficient accommodation for the optimal workforce
  6. 6. Optimizing and Aligning Global Planning • Engineering Research & Development Costs • Technical Cost Reduction • Product Development Timing • Key Process Indicators • Part Development Plan • Sourcing • Direct vs. Indirect Resources • Supplier Quality Audit • Supplier ED&D • Vehicle Architecture Process • Organization Structure
  7. 7. Global Proficiency • Global Awareness • Ability to collaborate as an effective member of a transnational ‘team’ • Skill to execute the mission and achieve the global objectives • Language Training & Problem Solving • Innovation & Creativity • Social Responsibility • Ensuring accurate communication across cultural barriers • Working as a transformational change agent - Understand profoundly different regional regulatory standards - Understand potential for protectionism designed to drive regional employment and technology
  8. 8. Global Impact • Global automotive production affects demand • Higher demand translates into higher vehicle orders • Growth in BRIC countries will benefit demand in the OEM market • Global consumer focus on safety, fuel efficiency will result in requirement to reduce component weight • Global growth will increase pressure on cheaper, lighter, safer vehicles • Global environmental awareness drives eco-friendly, green materials, and recyclable natural fabrics
  9. 9. Global Sustainability at Chrysler Product • • • • • Optimize fuel economy of conventional engines Increase use of alternative fuels Develop non-conventional propulsion systems Design systems to cut emissions Reduce vehicle energy demand People • • • • Equal opportunity and inclusion Motivation and innovation Health and safety Work-Life balance & Employee well-being Society • • • Group support for communities Improving the lives of those in need Technical training for youth in the community Environment • • • Continuously improve the environmental performance of our products and operations Emphasize compliance with environmental legislation and regulations Enhance the quality of life and the environment among our employees, dealers, suppliers, customers and public
  10. 10. Your Global Opportunities … • Significant responsibilities with very challenging assignments • Exposure to broad business capabilities • Opportunity to develop business insight across multiple business regions • Collaboration with multiple organizations • Accomplish tasks needed to support global growth • International assignments that allow you to learn cultures in other regions • Ability to move through the company and experience other organizations
  11. 11. Make it Happen! • Seek out opportunities in your organization • Learn the language, learn the culture • Align and optimize your responsibilities globally • Become proficient in collaborating globally • Be known as an effective team player • Be socially and globally aware • Add value • Make an impact
  12. 12. Seize the Opportunity!