Diversity and Inclusion Fatigue: Transforming your Diversity Initiative into a Strategic Innovation Approach


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Diversity and Inclusion Fatigue: Transforming your diversity initiative into a strategic innovation approach

Organizations need to refresh, and sometimes, reinvent their diversity initiatives. A successful diversity strategy should be an innovative management and leadership approach. There is a process by which you can successfully roll out a robust and sustainable diversity initiative. Clarifying and effectively mapping your direction will save you and your organization time and resources. This process includes understanding specific diversity challenges that are tied to the business goals of the organization. Often companies start with external recruiting, employee resource groups, and other sources that may not yield maximum results. What does success mean to your organization and how can your initiatives contribute to this greater purpose? In this seminar, top diversity and inclusion leaders share ways to drive a sound message, implement best practices, and integrate diversity strategies into the bigger organizational picture. These strategies will increase talent acquisition, enhance performance, and strengthen leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes: Increase leadership effectiveness in areas of Diversity and Inclusion

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

a) Explore strategic approaches to increase diversity and inclusion effectiveness
b) Examine ways to refresh and assess current diversity strategies
c) Examine talent acquisition, performance, and leadership tools and techniques

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Diversity and Inclusion Fatigue: Transforming your Diversity Initiative into a Strategic Innovation Approach

  1. 1. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION FATIGUE: TRANSFORMING YOUR DIVERSITY INITIATIVE INTO A STRATEGIC INNOVATION APPROACH Dr. Vernon Ross, Jr., Lockheed Martin Company Dr. Paul Tchounwou, Jackson State University Ms Shanna Travis, US Department of Treasury
  2. 2. Learning Outcome Increase Leadership Effectiveness in the Areas of Diversity Inclusion
  3. 3. Transforming Diversity Initiatives Elements of Strategic Innovative Approach Diversity & Inclusion Council Diversity & Inclusion Framework D&I Strategy and Key Business Objectives Focus Areas Leadership Commitment and Participation Communications Demonstrated Results
  4. 4. Diversity & Inclusion Council Rich Lockwood MST D&I Executive Champion Chester Kennedy MST Sustainability D&I Exec Lead Sue Heisler MST D&I/EOP Sr Mgr Site Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Leads Cory Weathers Jeanine Yaichuk Orlando Shari Sterling John Martinez Nicole Castro Owego San Diego Small Sites Akron Jeanette Hensell Pierre Cannon Tessa Anodide Clearwater Manassas Moorestown Scott Butcher Keila Gonzalez Hernando Nieto Elaine Mayfield Molly Corley Fort Worth Marion Palm Beach Baltimore Syracuse Focus Areas MST Integration Jim Craig Focus Area Exec Sponsor Talent Development & Recognition Kris Siegmundt Focus Area Exec Sponsor Talent Pipeline Melonie Parker-Washington Focus Area Exec Sponsor Advisory Team Marcia Beach-Malinowski Communications Lisa Gross Ethics Nancy Woytek HR D&I Council Grier Meassick HR ERG/EN POC Dani Deering Legal Gary Harrer Supplier Diversity
  5. 5. Diversity & Inclusion Framework Diversity & Inclusion Framework Example Preference Build and sustain an environment where all employees are embraced and valued for who they are so that they reach their full potential to enable your company to provide ….. Workforce Workplace Recruit, develop, retain high performing, talented, engag ed employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Educate, promote, and communicate designed to foster an inclusive, engaging, culture and environment. Culture and Core Values Marketplace Recognized as the preferred brand in the market you serve by building valued relationships with diverse customers, suppliers, college s, universities, etc.
  6. 6. D&I Strategy and Key Business Objectives A diversity and inclusion strategy is most effective and sustainable when it:  Aligns with and help achieve key business strategies and plans.  Maintains full active support and engagement of the CEO and Senior Executive Leadership  Recognizes the organization’s culture, readiness, and capacity for change.
  7. 7. Focus Areas The Important of Framework Pillars:  WORKFORCE  Efforts to recruit, retain and develop high performing, talented and engaged associates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives signals your belief that each individual is critical to the success of our business as a whole.  WORKPLACE  Acquiring the skills to work together as a diverse team and to better serve your global customers is tied to your ability to educate, advocate and communicate in order to foster an inclusive, engaging culture and work environment.  MARKETPLACE  Creating a diverse workforce will allow your organization to not only mirror the communities it serve, but to become the preferred brand by building valued partnerships with diverse customers, suppliers and universities.
  8. 8. Leadership Commitment and Participation An Example from Lockheed Martin Three New Leadership Forums Expand Opportunities in 2012 • Lockheed Martin’s Executive Diversity Council approved three new Leadership Forums and executive sponsors, strengthening the Corporation’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and professional development. They are the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), Military/Veterans, and People with Disabilities forums. • Leadership Forums are corporate-sponsored events that offer opportunities for eligible employees to network with individuals from various levels, locations and areas of the corporation, and take advantage of mentoring and professional development activities. They were established in 2002 to promote professional development and retention. • Executive involvement in the new forums will help foster a culture of shared values and respect. • The three groups join Lockheed Martin’s existing forums, which include the African American Leadership Forum, Council of Asian American Leaders, Hispanic Leadership Council, and Women’s Leadership Forum. • There are other ways employees can get involved in areas that matter to them. Employee Resource Groups (ERG) align to leadership forums within business areas and are open to all levels of employees throughout the corporation. Employee Networks (EN), also open to all levels, help employees with common interests join together, providing a channel to share ideas that support business objectives. Visit the ERG and EN website to learn more. • Employees will receive information about the opportunities via LM News, LM People ads, business area communications and more. (NOTE: The Importance of Communications.)
  9. 9. 2013-2014 External Diversity Award Winners 2014 BEYA/STEM Special Recognition Award Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington Exceptional Service and Dedication to Young People MST Manassas Lockheed Martin’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) 2013 Out and Equal Workplace Summit ERG of the Year Award Gilda Jackson Program Management Director - Fort Worth Lisa Callahan, VP GM Tashika Hussey Tech Ops ATLP Senior 2013 Women of Color Outstanding Achievement Awards Anisha Anthony Rising Star Baltimore Grace Auyeung Rising Star Moorestown Letia Barnes Rising Star Moorestown Donna Childs Rising Star Moorestown Catherine Clinton All-Star Moorestown Madiha Jafri Rising Star Moorestown Kathryn Martinez Rising Star Moorestown Maria Rivera All-Star Moorestown 2014 BEYA Outstanding Achievement Awards Craig Brown Modern Day Technology Leader Orlando Matthew Brown Modern Day Technology Leader Manassas Ken Campbell Modern Day Technology Leader Orlando Tashika Hussey Modern Day Technology Leader Manassas Cassandra Jackson Modern Day Technology Leader Orlando Carl Tinsley Modern Day Technology Leader Manassas
  10. 10. 2013 External Diversity Awards       Anita Borg Women of Vision Asian American Engineer of the Year Award Black Engineer of the Year/STEM National Awards Black Engineer of the Year/ STEM OAA (Magazine) Careers and the disABLED Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award      Out & Equal Women in Aerospace Women of Color National Women of Color OAA (Magazine) Society of Women Engineers