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A story of innovation! Engaging catechetical ministers in the integration of technology into everyday ministry with youth and adults. This marriage between ministry and technology empowers others to ...

A story of innovation! Engaging catechetical ministers in the integration of technology into everyday ministry with youth and adults. This marriage between ministry and technology empowers others to use new tools and media to build God's kingdom.



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Digital Discipleship: DISC Presentation Digital Discipleship: DISC Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Learner LeaderDigital ImmigrantFounder of Interactive ConnectionsMaster of Arts in EducationalTechnology and Religious StudiesD.Min. in Parish RevitalizationEducator in secondary education for 4 YearsPastoral Associate for 2 YearsDiocesan Service for 16 YearsCongregational Leadership for 4 YearsPublishing Industry Electronic Media for 4 YearsUniversity Academic Technology and Campus Ministry for 7 YearsNew Media Formation since 1983 (30 Years)
  • WELCOMEYou’re in God’s field of dreams now!INFORMStrengthening Catholic Ministriesthrough Technology
  • Digital Culture Creative Classroom
  • Where is the EducationalTechnology World? (Best Guess)
  • Where is the Ministry World?(Best Guess)
  • Why?
  • What?0 Lack of access to computers and software0 Insufficient time to plan instruction0 Inadequate technical and administrative support0 Beliefs about teaching0 Beliefs about computers and technology0 Established classroom practices0 Unwillingness to change
  • Educational Technology1975- AppleComputers donatedto schools. (38 years)1981 – IBM developsthe PC and. . .1990 – MultimediaPCs are developed1997-2007 – Growthof the Internet2011- DIGITALDISCIPLESHIP BC
  • DDBCYou’re in God’s field of dreams now!INNOVATEStrengthening Catholic Ministriesthrough Technology
  • What is DDBC?
  • DDBC is. . .. . . a training opportunity for the everyday minister –professional and volunteer to gain an understanding of theculture, language, and skills needed in a Digital World
  • What are the building blocksof DDBC?
  • Building Block:Educational TechnologyCTI
  • WEB 2.0 TOOLS
  • ISTE - NETS0 Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity.0 Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiencesand Assessment0 Model Digital Age Work and Learning0 Promote and Model Digital Citizenship andResponsibility0 Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
  • PARTICIPATORYCULTURE“. . . participatory culture is also one in which membersbelieve their contributions matter, and feel some degreeof social connection with one another (at the least theycare what other people think about what they havecreated).”Henry Jenkins, Director of Media Studies MIT
  • COLLABORATIONNETWORKSISTE - NETSUniversity of DaytonInstitute forPastoral Initiatives
  • What do we do in DDBC?
  • An IMMERSIONExperience.Are you willing to jump in with both feet?
  • A HANDS ONExperience.Are you willing to gain the SKILLS needed today?
  • Module Topics0 Orientation + LAB TIME0 Social Networking: Communities for Christ0 Wikis: Interacting, Collaborating and Organizing forMinistry0 Blogging: Sharing My Personal Faith Story0 Mobile Devices and Ministry0 Ten Great Ideas for Your Catechetical Classroom orMinistry Using Web 2.0 Tools0 Capstone Project (Optional)
  • WebinarsSlideShareClass BlogClass WikiISTE/NETSClassFacebookGroupIndividualInstructionYour Web 2.0Personal Learning Network
  • What do participants sayabout DDBC?
  • “I am not exaggerating in the least when I say ithas opened up a whole new world ofpossibilities for catechizing all age levelsand for improving communication with ourparishioners in general. I learned about toolsthat I never even knew existed.”Mary MillerSt. Thomas Aquinas Catholic ChurchNew Port Richey, FL
  • “This class is so much more than you expect itto be. Once you get started, it is hard to stop.You are led to places you didn’t even knowexisted. You become a modern day apostlewhen you discover new ways that peoplecan experience God and our Church. Anamazing experience.”Sherry Foecking, RetiredSenior
  • “This is the BEST learning experience I havehad in a LONG time! No matter howexperienced…or inexperienced…you arenavigating on the digital continent-you aregoing to learn a lot. Don’t getoverwhelmed…just start with those ideaspresented that really grab you…conquerthe ones you like best.”Amy Barber, Gainesville, FL
  • “There is so much to be learned. While it mightbe scary at first, you will gain confidence asyou continue to use the tools.”Sr. Beatrice CaulsonGainesville, FL
  • 0 Florida Dioceses: St. Petersburg, Orlando, St. Augustine, Venice, and PalmBeach0 Ohio Arch/Dioceses: Cincinnati, Columbus, and Las Cruces, NM0 Parishes: St. Camillus (Baltimore)0 Individuals in parishes from:0 Asheville, NC0 Austin, TX0 Camp Hill, PA0 Erie, PA0 Ft. Myers, FL0 Glen Allen, MD0 Jacksonville, FL0 Marco Island, FL0 Newtown Square, PA0 Olney, MD0 St. Augustine, FL0 Tequesta, FL0 Wheeling, WVWho is participating?
  • DDBCYou’re in God’s field of dreams now!COLLABORATEStrengthening Catholic Ministriesthrough Technology
  • What is the goal?
  • Vision: Team WorkCTI
  • Where is Your Diocese?
  • COLLABORATIONYou are invited!
  • Thank You!You’re in God’s field of dreams now!CelebrateStrengthening Catholic Ministriesthrough Technology
  • Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, D.Min.c.cerveny@verizon.netWebsite | acyberpilgrim.orgWebsite | catechesis20.orgTwitter | | |digitalcatechesis“The secret of change is to focus all of yourenergy not on fighting the old, but on buildingthe new.” - Socrates
  • Credits. . .0 Digital Tourist Guide - Digital Natives & Immigrants - Ripples in Pond - Building Blocks - Social Icons - Silos - Networks - Reimagine - Reimagine Church - Reimagine Campus - Map US States -