What are the health benefits of dance


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Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre 509 Parliament St Toronto, ON M4X 1P3‎ (416) 924-5657 - offers a range of dance classes across the Greater Toronto Area.

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What are the health benefits of dance

  1. 1. What Are the Health Benefits ofDance?
  2. 2. It’s no secret that maintaining an active lifestyle is oneof the keys to good health. It’s also no secret thatpeple will generally keep up with physical activity if itis something they enjoy doing.Dancing is one form of exercise that is practicedaround the world and loved by millions. Whetheryou take part in ballet, hip hop, jazz or modern danceclasses or just dance on your own, it offers manyhealth benefits that are hard to ignore.
  3. 3. Cardiovascular FitnessMost forms of dancing will benefit your cardiovascularfitness. This generally results in the ability to do moreexercise in terms of intensity and duration.Once your stamina increases, you can incorporate morechallenging or complex movements. Most modern danceclasses will gradually introduce more intensity anddifficulty as a student’s fitness improves.
  4. 4. Improved Muscle Tone & StrengthDance also benefits your muscles, and will both tone andstrengthen muscles in your legs, buttocks, abdominals,back, arms and shoulders.Some forms of dance will work more on certain bodyparts than others, but you can be sure your muscles willget a good workout. Just be sure to take the classes andthe movements seriously, and you will progress.
  5. 5. Improved Bone DensityImproved bone density will help with issues likeosteoporosis, and weight bearing exercise like dancing isone way to make it happen.Ballet and other forms of dance typically require a lot ofjumping and leaping and are helping your bones all thewhile.
  6. 6. FlexibilityYou can bet that all modern dance classes, ballet classesand any other type of class will include a strong stretchingelement.Flexibility is a key to preventing injuries in class, and inyour everyday life. Being flexible allows you to movemore fluidly and to avoid muscle pulls or tears from tryingdifferent dance moves.
  7. 7. Coordination and AgilityBoth coordination and agility are important elements invirtually any sport, and even in many non-athletic day-to-day activities. Being agile and coordinated helps youavoid falls and helps keep you balanced when working intight places or carrying heavy items.Learning any type of dance will automatically boost yourcoordination and agility, as these two qualities areessential just to complete basic moves. The more youget into it and perform more complex moves, thegreater benefit to your coordination and agility.
  8. 8. Stress ReliefStress is a culprit in many different health issues, andmore are being discovered all the time. Luckily, dancehas the ability to minimize and even eliminate stressfrom your life.The physical exertion and learning to move the bodywith such flow are keys to reducing stress. The musiclikely also plays a big role.
  9. 9. Weight LossWith all of the movement and exertion and activity, it’sno wonder that dance is also a good way to lose weight.Dancing burns calories and burning calories helps youlose weight.Just remember to observe a healthy diet, so you don’tjust add back all of the calories you burn through yourdancing.
  10. 10. Types of DanceSome of the different types of dance you might try toboost your overall health, include: Ballet Contemporary or modern dance Jazz Hip-hop Salsa Zumba Ballroom dancing
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