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Re imagining-church-information-package

  1. 1. Re-ImaginingChurchInformationPackage
  2. 2. RE-IMAGINING CHURCH INFORMATION PACKAGEThank you for your commitment to Christ Church Deer Park. This package containswhat you need to know in order to apply for financial support from Re-ImaginingChurch, our project for funding new initiatives that promote the vitality and growth of ourparish".Here is what you will find: 1. RE-IMAGINING CHURCH GENERAL INFORMATION SHEET 2. RE-IMAGINING CHURCH FUNDING APPLICATION FORM 3. OUR FAITH – OUR HOPE: PARISH CASE STATEMENT 4. PARISH FORUM: SIGNPOSTS OF VITALITY 5. IN THE WORKS - WORKING GROUPS 6. DIOCESE OF TORONTO: OUR FAITH-OUR HOPE: RE-IMAGINE CHURCH GRANTS. Please visit funding/our-faith-our-hope-re-imagine-church-grants/ APPLICATION DEADLINES Round 1: April 30, 2013 Round 2: August 15, 2013
  3. 3. RE-IMAGINING CHURCH FUNDING APPLICATIONS GENERAL INFORMATION SHEETIn 2012 Christ Church Deer Park participated in a successful fundraising campaign of theDiocese of Toronto called Our Faith Our Hope. In accordance with the terms of that campaign,we will receive (for our own use) a portion of the money raised to a maximum of $406,348 over5 years. When our first installment arrived in January 2013, the clergy and churchwardens setthe money aside and created Re-Imagining Church, a project for funding initiatives that willadvance the vitality and/or growth of the parish. These are to be new initiatives (as opposed toexisting activities or general operations) that are consistent with the four broad prioritiesidentified in our fundraising literature namely: • Additional staffing for new ministries (i.e. youth and pastoral care) • Capital projects that will enhance our mission and ministry • Technology to help us communicate in more innovative ways • Outreach projects – locally and globally.Any individual or group may apply for funding by completing the attached Re-ImaginingChurch Funding Application, and everyone is encouraged to develop and bring forward ideasthat they think are worthy of finding.Applications for Re-Imagining Church funds will be reviewed by an Allocations Committeecomposed of parishioners, namely:  Walter Blackwell (co-chair) 416.964.1462  Tony van Straubenzee (co-chair) 416.994.4811  Edna Quammie (member)  Ward Lindsey (member) wlindsey@christchurchdeerpark.orgThis committee will vet applications and make recommendations for funding using the criteriacontained in the Funding Application. The Management Team (clergy and churchwardens) willultimately allocate funds across a range of initiatives, taking into account how well proposals areshown to contribute to the vitality and/or growth of Christ Church Deer Park.Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to apply at the earliest possible date by sendinga completed application form to one of the committee chairs.
  4. 4. RE-IMAGINING CHURCH GRANT APPLICATION FORM Thank you for applying to the Re-Imagining Church project at Christ Church Deer Park. To assist the Allocations Committee in its recommendation to clergy and churchwardens, please be as thorough as possible when completing this form. Feel free to attach supplementary information or additional pages in support of your application. For your convenience, an on-line version of this application is available at .Person(s) making this applicationInclude your name, affiliation & contactinformationApplication dateThe date your completed application issubmitted to Christ Church Deer ParkWhat is this initiative called?Short titlePlease describe the initiativeWhat is it and how is it new to Christ ChurchDeer Park?What is the timeline for thisinitiative?When will it start? How long will it take? Etc.What is this initiative intended toaccomplish?For example, will there be specific outcomes?How would you measure success?
  5. 5. How much money are you askingfor?Be specificHow did you calculate the amount ofthis request?Identify assumption & projections and provideback up such as comparables, quotes or unitpricesWill this initiative use any additionalexisting parish resources?Such as custodial time, administrative supportor premisesDo you have additional or potentialsources of funding?Such as from participants, donors or otheravailable fundsHow and when will the funding beused?Provide an outline, work schedule or proposedwork planHow will this funding contribute tothe vitality and/or growth of ChristChurch Deer Park?
  6. 6. Which Signpost(s) of Vitality apply  Hospitality  Discernment  Healingto this initiative?  Contemplation  Testimony  DiversityCheck all that apply  Beauty  Reflection  Worship  JusticeWhat support do you currently havefor this initiative?Inside and/or outside of Christ Church DeerParkIs there anything else you would liketo add in support of thisapplication? Thank you for taking an interest in our parish and for completing this application. Completed applications should be sent by e-mail or given to either of:  Walter Blackwell (co-chair) 416.964.1462  Tony van Straubenzee (co-chair) 416.994.4811
  7. 7. Explanatory Note: These “signposts” were developed by the clergy and churchwardens fromthe writings of Diana Butler Bass and were presented to the parish at a Parish Forum onOctober 14, 2012. They are ideals for Christ Church Deer Park to live up to while we continueto develop and grow as a spiritual community. Applicants for Re-Imagining Church grants willbe asked to indicate which of these apply to their proposed initiative. ************************************* S I G N P O S T S O F V I T A L I T YAs we live out our Christian identity at Christ Church Deer Park, we aspire to a vital communitythat reflects these ideals: SIGNPOST: WHAT IT MEANS TO US AT CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK: HOSPITALITY Welcoming others whether or not they are like-minded, without pressure to conform DISCERNMENT Deep listening and openness to where the Spirit is leading us HEALING Attending to the spiritual, physical, mental and relational wellbeing of one anotherCONTEMPLATION Honouring silence and cultivating the practice of prayer TESTIMONY Creating a safe space for people to talk about their faith stories DIVERSITY Embracing the rich variety and inherent value of all people. JUSTICE Embodying Christ’s compassion in the world. WORSHIP Cultivating a sacred environment that evokes experiences of the Divine. REFLECTION Engaging in study and dialogue that supports an enquiring and open approach to living a Christian life. BEAUTY Awakening an experience of awe, humility and respect that yields glimpses of the Transcendent Mystery.
  8. 8. Explanatory Note: At our Parish Forums on October 14th and 28th, 2012, participants sharedtheir ideas about how to make our parish more vital and alive. They then signed up for one ofsix working groups (collectively known as “In The Works”) under the leadership of fellowparishioners with a view to meeting and developing new initiatives. The working groups willreport their progress to Parish Forum on April 21, 2013. Applications for Re-ImaginingChurch may but need not be submitted under the auspices of one or more working groups. Inany event, applicants should coordinate their initiatives with relevant working groups andexisting undertakings at Christ Church Deer Park and be in a position to generally demonstratesupport from interested individuals and groups. IN THE WORKS WORKING GROUPS 1. WELCOMING – Jill MacRae & William Jackson 2. DISCERNING OUR GIFTS FOR LAY MINISTRY – David Moore 3. OPENING UP OUR SACRED SPACE & GROUNDS – Bob Hutchison & Henry Zaluski 4. DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL PRACTICES – Gavin Keachie 5. BUILDING COMMUNITY INSIDE & OUT – Michael Overbury 6. RAISING SPIRITUAL KIDS – Andrew van Nostrand & Christopher Symonds