Developing Spiritual Practices
Contemplative Knitting Circle
-This is a voluntary gathering for knitting or other forms of...
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Forum Nov 2013 6 Developing Spiritual Practices


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Forum Nov 2013 6 Developing Spiritual Practices

  1. 1. Developing Spiritual Practices Contemplative Knitting Circle -This is a voluntary gathering for knitting or other forms of needlework. The Circle strives for a non-judgmental atmosphere where all skill levels welcome and with no required output. Moreover, there is no overt religious content; rather it is an exercise in gracious hospitality, building a community, about half of which is made up of members of CCDP and the other half are friends or visitors. -The Circle first listens to an appropriate reading to focus the mind and then works in silence for half an hour. For the second half an hour, talking is an option. -The first Contemplative Knitting Circle was held in the chapel at CCDP on May 8th, 2013, and has continued thereafter on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 67pm. -A selection of items made by members of the circle is on display right now in the Arthur Smith Room. These are available for purchase by silent auction, with all proceeds going to CCDP. Labyrinth -A labyrinth is a twisting and turning maze that nevertheless has only one path with no forks and no possibility of getting lost. -Walking one is an ancient contemplative practice that has aided the prayers of many generations of Christians. -We are planning on holding a labyrinth workshop here at CCDP on December 14th, as an advent retreat. This will involve bringing a portable labyrinth here and having a trained facilitator guide us through waling it prayerfully. -If you would like to help out in the organizing of this event or setting things up on the day of, please speak either to me or to Emily Chatten. Initiatives that are still developing -First, depending on the interest of the congregation, we are also hoping to eventually train our own labyrinth facilitator, so that the contemplative life of CCDP may be enriched with regular labyrinth workshops. This has been approved, and we are looking for a candidate for the next time there is a training opportunity in the area. -Second, in order to enrich our appreciation for the music done here at CCDP, we are discussing a an event examining Eric as composer and improviser, exposing the necessary link between what he is doing and the spirituality of the wider congregation. -Third, we are discussing having a regular Bible study, centred on a particular theme such as ‘the holiness of place and the land in the Bible.’ This would lead to a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in order to prayerfully visit the very sites we had been studying. Both events would be open and welcoming, with attendance at the Bible study being neither a requirement a commitment to come on the pilgrimage itself. We would also seek to involve other churches and friends in both the study and the pilgrimage. -Currently, we are looking for someone to take the lead on this. Please speak to me if you are interested.