1 Re-imagining church - our faith our hope synopsis


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1 Re-imagining church - our faith our hope synopsis

  1. 1. Page 1 of 3 Re-Imaginging Church/Our Faith Our Hope Synopsis of Activities Presented by Genevieve A. Chornenki, Rector’s Warden & Henry Zaluski, Deputy Warden In 2012 two important initiatives took place at Christ Church Deer Park. Several seeds were sown. Certain of them germinated and are now enjoying robust growth: In The Works: In October, the Rector and churchwardens (now called “Management Team”) welcomed everyone into a “bottom up”, participatory process. Parishioners were invited to explore and initiate activities that would enhance the life and vitality of CCDP over and above the good work that was already being done by dedicated volunteers. The process was a bit of an experiment. It had no pre-determined outcomes and had never been done before. But it was to be guided by 10 “vital signs” or ideals – hospitality, discernment, healing, contemplation, testimony, diversity, justice, worship, reflection & beauty. What happened? Five active working groups emerged: i. Developing Spiritual Practices ii. Discerning Our Gifts for Lay Ministry iii. Opening Our Sacred Space & Grounds iv. Raising Spiritual Kids; and v. Welcoming These groups convened, developed their mandates and took action. A number of individuals also generated interesting and innovative ideas for outreach, education or other activities. In short, there was much parish ingenuity, engagement and commitment in the months since October 2012. Our Faith Our Hope: This was a fundraising campaign initiated by the Diocese. Like the above process, it too was intended to enhance health and vitality of the church, in this case within the diocese as well as within our parish. Monies raised were intended for parish growth such as through youth ministry or outreach, capital projects and re-imagining our presence at Yonge & Heath. Our gratitude is extended to all who participated in this very successful campaign. CCDP exceeded its initial fundraising goal and raised the third highest amount in the parish. As a result, we stand to receive $406,000 over 5 years when all pledges have been realized. What happened? Management Team created an allocations process and appointed an Allocations Committee. This was an advisory body mandated to receive applications from
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3 working groups and individuals and to make funding recommendation to Management Team. To our knowledge, we are the only parish in the Diocese to do this. By August 2013, CCDP had received $180.000 +/- form the Our Faith Our Hope campaign. Management Team is responsible for this money. It is not to be used for operations but for the general purposes for which it was raised. In 2013, the In The Works process and the allocations process converged. Management Team received and approved recommendations from the Allocations Committee for a variety of individual and group activities. In this way, approximately $70,000 was allocated to initiatives that speak to youth, diversity & growth as well as the advancement of significant capital projects. This particular Parish Forum was intended as a sampling of what is going on at Christ Church Deer Park from the “bottom up” and the “top down”. In addition to the presentations that follow, there are a number of ongoing Corporate/Management Team initiatives that parishioners should be aware of: Management Team Initiatives: i. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS – a. A new Webmaster has been hired and a re-vamp of the existing website is currently underway. The new design is based on bestpractices research plus current analytics that reveal the most visited pages and most sought after information on our existing site. The new website aims to be user-friendly, consistent and clear. It will highlight weekly worship services (including scriptural readings & music), announcements and important events. I’m New Here will take a visitor directly to pertinent information. For a peak at the pending design click here. [Paul – please link this to Henry’s slide of the home page. It’s slide #23.] ii. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS a. A Code of Behaviour was developed to guide parishioners and visitors in the use of our space. Framed copies of this code will be posted throughout the building. For a look at the text, click here. [Paul – please link to Slide #33] b. A hymn board has been re-purposed to display the photos and titles of current parish leadership. This board will be displayed in the atrium shortly.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 iii. TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES a. Management Team is currently assessing and costing the hardware, software and network needed to support our bookkeeping, accounting, database management, publishing and other needs. Once these short term items are addressed, we will consider additional ways to communicate in a wireless world. iv. LONG TERM CAPITAL PLANNING PROCESS a. Annual Vestries in 2012 and 2013 expressed a wish for a long-term capital plan for the building. Practical steps are now being taken to this end. b. In January 2013 a Condition Report was received about the condition of the building. c. Recently, Management Team approved a proposal from the Property Committee to fund capital planning services. These services are intended to produce a report that identifies priorities, costs and timing. From this data, an informed long-term property plan can be developed and appropriate fundraising can be conducted. v. BUDGETING FOR 2014 a. As at October 2013, Management Team has begun the budgeting process for 2014. vi. STEWARDSHIP a. A letter was sent to all parishioners in June 2013 thanking them for contributions to date. b. Annual stewardship activities are continue with a second letter pending this month.