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Discusses math courses, math classes, math studies and math jobs for math majors with a math degree.

Discusses math courses, math classes, math studies and math jobs for math majors with a math degree.

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  • 1. Careers for a Math MajorWhat kind of jobs can I get with a Math Degree?
  • 2. Careers for a Math Major Mathematicians use mathematical theory, computational techniques, algorithms, andcomputer technology to solve problems in a wide range of fields including economics, science,engineering, physics, actuarial science, statistics,operations research, computer science, business and industrial management, finance, chemistry, geology, life sciences, and behavioral science.
  • 3. Careers for a Math MajorMathematics is usually divided into the broad areas of theoretical (pure) mathematics and applied mathematics, but there is a fairamount of overlap between these categories.
  • 4. Careers for a Math MajorTheoretical mathematicians are dedicated to advancing mathematical knowledge by developing new principles and recognizing previously unknown relationships between existing principles of mathematics.
  • 5. Careers for a Math Major Although theoretical mathematicians focus on increasing basic knowledge withoutnecessarily considering its practical use, it is a fact that the knowledge they obtain has played a crucial role in many scientific and engineering achievements.
  • 6. Careers for a Math MajorOn the other hand, applied mathematiciansare focused on solving practical problems inbusiness, government, engineering, and the physical, life, and social sciences by using mathematical theories and techniques likemathematical modeling and computational methods.
  • 7. Careers for a Math Major Applied mathematicians start with a real- world problem, consider the separate elements of the problem, and then reduce the elements to mathematical variables so that they can analyze relationships amongthe variables, and solve complex problems by developing mathematical models.
  • 8. Careers for a Math MajorTo find out more about careers for Mathmajors and the possible jobs available tothose with a degree in Math, please visit