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Developmental Education Redesign Decision Making

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Detf presentation 1 4 13

  1. 1. Redesign Decision Making Implementation Planning
  2. 2. Proposed Implementation Timeline  Fall 2013 Scale up existing courses  Spring 2014 Introduce new courses Continue to scale up Stop offering past sequence  Fall 2014 Full implementation Existing sequence gone from CCNS
  3. 3. Culture  How will the college introduce the redesign and the work that will be done on the campus? Faculty Staff  How will the college involve students in the process?
  4. 4. Choices  Soft landing? Credit or non credit?  Which models?  Testing Diagnostic/Secondary assessments?  Current to scale New ways to approach new curriculum?
  5. 5. Staffing  How will the college staff the new models? Resources Space Time  Who will work with the CITs to develop the new curriculum?
  6. 6. Student Services  What are the implications for Advising/Educational Planning Admissions and Records Financial Aid Supplemental services  Who will need to be involved in the planning and implementation?
  7. 7. Testing  What involvement will your Testing Center personnel have in the State Accuplacer rollout process?  What are the policy and financial implications?  How will your Director work with the rest of the State Directors to support the new system?
  8. 8. What is your timeline? Introduction to the campus Catalog and schedule changes Curricular development Training Steps to full implementation
  9. 9. What are the barriers?  Identify roadblocks State statute CCCS Institution  Banner issues and planning
  10. 10. Faculty  How will Developmental Education faculty be involved in the planning and implementation?  How will the college involve transfer faculty?  Are there any credentialing issues? Institutional decision making
  11. 11. Resources  What resources does the college need to allocate for implementation?  How will TAA funds be used for the process?  How will the college plan for the fiscal changes in the first three years of implementation?
  12. 12. Training  What are the immediate training needs? Faculty Staff Students  What needs to be developed for ongoing training and orientation?
  13. 13. Partnerships  How will the redesign influence your relationships with K-12 Workforce Center Four year institutions Adult Education/Literacy programs
  14. 14. Evaluation  How will the college assess the redesign on their campus? Student outcomes Staffing and resource allocations Qualitative feedback  How will the college use data to continue to improve student outcomes?
  15. 15. Training Plan  Online course  Visits to colleges  Facilitate/deliver PD  State  Region  Campus
  16. 16. Creative Commons Attribution Unless otherwise specified, this work by the Colorado Community College System is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. The material was created with funds from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant awarded to the Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium (COETC).
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