Gps for outdoor activities
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Gps for outdoor activities



Presentació que vaig fer durant el curs que em van donar com formador a Alemanya segons el Internation Board for Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (

Presentació que vaig fer durant el curs que em van donar com formador a Alemanya segons el Internation Board for Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (



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Gps for outdoor activities Gps for outdoor activities Presentation Transcript

  • GPS for outdoor activities Enjoy a rich, safe and funny experience in nature activities with a GPS? run, bike, go trekking, sail, hunting, recollecting to find, discover, record, explore, share & exercise and never ruin your experience because you get lost Saves you time for more enjoyment!
  • Objectives
    • Select best device
    • Know limitations and fundamentals
    • Share your experience in Internet
  • What’s GPS
    • GPS is Global Position satellite system developed by US Department of Defense. Started in 1973 and fully operational in 1994 with 24 satellites
    • Bill Clinton issued a policy directive opening GPS system to civilian use in1996
    • Other systems are under development: GLONASS (Russia), Compass Navigation System (China) and Galileo (UE)
    • Some GPS devices have capabilities which officially are considered as weapons
    • See more in
  • GPS devices for outdoor activities
    • Mobile phone with GPS
    • Integrated with other devices
    • Data charges when AGPS is used (assisted GPS)
    • Low sensibility
    • Low autonomy (2-4 hours) without replaceable batteries
    • Maps may update over mobile network, but not too much topography maps
    • GPS outdoor devices
    • Much richest features
    • Higher sensibility (accuracy)
    • Higher autonomy with replaceable batteries (10 hours an AA pair)
    • Manager multiple coordinating systems used in topography
    • Able to work in highly humid environments, even submergible
  • Recommendation
    • Recommendation: GPS outdoor devices
    • Garmin and Magellan most important manufacturers
    • Price ranges from 100 to 600 Euros
    • There are smaller ones in clocks and pulsemeters for runners (Garmin, Polar)
    • How to select most appropriate?
  • Product features escalation
    • No maps
        • Starting users or/and occasional use.
        • Garmin eTrex® H (100 Euros)
    • Maps and MicroSD ext. memory
        • Regular use
        • Garmin eTrex LEGEND HCx (150 Euros)
    • Electronic Compass
        • Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (190 Euros)
        • Garmin GPSMAP® 62st
    • Atmospheric altimeter and barometer
        • Professionals and experts
        • GARMIN GPSMAP 62s (325 Euros)
    • Tactile, wireless data sharing, camera
        • Garmin Oregon® 450 (355 Euros)
    • Price source: Pixmania http://
  • Some functionalities Trip computer Height profile 3D views
  • Limitations and recommendations
    • Signal strength decreases (accuracy) in dense forests, canyons, high buildings, high density clouds.
    • GPS maps cannot provide a global view about routes. Zoom out has too much clutter
    • A compass is a good complement
    • Paper printed cartography is highly recommended.
  • Basic concepts
    • Waypoints. Reference points of your route.
    • Track Log . Route you are following represented and stored in your device.
    • Track . Path you plan to follow represented in your screen
  • Basic concepts
    • Coordinate system = Datum
    • “ Flat representation of a rough ellipsis”
      • Latitude and longitude not useful
      • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) are used on cartography. 1 Km divisions
      • Each country uses its most accurate Datum
        • Spain ED50 , Google maps WGS84 , GB OSGB36 . …
      • Wrong Datum can be 200 meters errors
  • Basic GPS settings
    • Select same Datum as your topo map
    • Orient screen image in following ways:
      • North on top . Useful in orientation with paper maps
      • Track Log direction on top . Track rotates pointing your direction up. Useful following a track or driving
    N N
  • Get tracks and waypoints
      • Get waypoints from a Maps.
        • ¡Use same Datum in GPS device!
        • Tip: 10 divisions rule can be extremely useful!
      • Send directly points in Google Maps direct to your GPS
      • Scan a map, select Datum select reference points, write route and send it to GPS. SW solution: OziExplorer
      • GPS software with related maps
  • Sharing data
    • Geolocated photographs. Panoramio
      • URL:
      • Photos in Picasa can be geolocated and be send to Panoramio
    • Share tracks. Wikiloc,,…
      • URL Wikiloc:
      • URL Gpsies:
    • Then you can share your experience on Social Networks, Blogs,…
  • Panoramio
  • Wikiloc
  • Wikiloc
  • Conclusion
    • GPS is great electronics device for adventurers
    • What would you do if you have one?
    • Would you do same things if you do not have one?
    • Any question?
    • If you are you interested know more feel free to contact me
    • Thank you for your interest