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Sunteck Ltl Master Capabilities Presentation Pdf

  1. 1. Sunteck Agenda • Sunteck Transport Group – Our Services Our mission, vision, & future, Corporate and Agent Mgmt. Teams • The Sunteck Model Sunteck’s Services, Accomplishments, Freight Under Management, Revenue Growth, Modal Offerings, & Milestones • SunteckLTL Operations - Strategic and Tactical Strategy • SunteckLTL Technology • Benefits to Brand Energy for Partnering with Sunteck Transport Group • Key Contacts
  2. 2. Sunteck Transport Group
  3. 3. Our Mission, Vision, Future Our Mission Sunteck's mission is to provide the highest quality of customer service and care delivered with unparalleled professionalism and company spirit. Sunteck strives to continuously leverage technology with industry best practices to create a better business model for agents, customers and employees. Our Vision Sunteck places special emphasis on the need for dynamic and responsible innovation that generates lasting growth and improvement in business partnerships. The key missions of management, at all levels, include developing and encouraging creativity and originality in all its aspects of our business. Ideas that support or direct Sunteck’s strategy receive the resources for implementation. Our Future Sunteck’s future success depends on our ability to respond to the continuous evolution of product movement patterns and models, advances in technology, and strong partnerships. Our customers’ transportation management teams are challenged each day to answer increased demands and manage unique variables. We work closely with our customers to develop supply-chain and transportation management processes that are faster, more efficient and highly cost-effective.
  4. 4. Our Corporate Management Team • Harry Wachtel • Chris Castellaw President & CEO Vice President LTL Operations & Sales With Sunteck since 1997 Response for developing/executing • Bill Wunderlich Sunteck’s LTL offering CFO With Sunteck since 2009 (19 years With Sunteck since 2000 transportation experience) • Mike Williams • Warren Cohen COO Vice President Distribution & Logistics With Sunteck since 2007 (8 years Response for developing Sunteck’s brokerage industry experience) 3PL operations • Mark Weiss With Sunteck since 2008 (12 years transportation & logistics experience) Executive Vice President • John Cordle Responsible for agent service and network operations General Manager, Business Services With Sunteck since 1997 Responsible for back office, including shipper billing, carrier payables, • David Less credit, collections, claims Vice President and CIO Joined Sunteck in 2008 (10 years Joined Sunteck in 2008 (22 years IT supply chain, purchasing and logistics experience) planning experience)
  5. 5. Sunteck’s Model Sunteck’
  6. 6. What Sunteck Provides: • Shippers with a balanced portfolio of • Connectivity across the U.S. and Canada transportation and logistics services by a network of ( 54 ) agents and Full Truckload independent branch offices Dry van • Philosophy of customer service Refrigerated excellence shared by all business partners Flatbed • Ability to continuously react to changing Less than Truckload market conditions and evolving Intermodal customer needs through its brokerage Freight Forwarding operations Heavy Haul Services • Fully staffed carrier relations Expedited department, contracts with a full complement of diversified carriers Government • Technology to achieve optimization, Third Party Logistics integration and visibility through the Distribution & Logistics – Last Mile, supply chain; our offices focus on a Pool Distribution and White Glove diverse range of market sectors Service • Full Compliment of “Turn-Key” Solutions • Brokerage and carrier authority and in Supply Chain Management executing operations all functions from “Cradle to Grave”
  7. 7. Sunteck Agency / Operations Network
  8. 8. Back Office Capabilities for our Agent Network • Carrier freight invoice audit • Credit analysis • Customer billing • Carrier database • Carrier payments • Cargo claims and safety • Commission statements • Collections • Marketing • Technology and systems
  9. 9. Sunteck Statistics and Accomplishments: • Financially secure business partner Parent revenues up 31% 2007 vs. 2006 and 49% 2008 vs. 2007 Wholly owned subsidiary of Auto Info, Inc. Publicly traded (OTC BB: AUTO.OB) Divisions: Sunteck Transport Group and Eleets Logistics • Member EPA SmartWay Partnership; certified with highest score possible • Performance-Certified by Transportation Intermediaries Association • Top 15 brokerage firm (Transport Topics) • Top 70 3PL (Food Logistics) • Top 150 Florida Public Company (Florida Trend)
  10. 10. Freight Under Management & Authority Info Sunteck Transport Group Year Founded -- AutoInfo, Inc. 1976 2008 Revenue $180 million Company Type Corporation -- Public State of Incorporation Delaware Corporate Offices Boca Raton, Florida D-U-N-S Number -- AutoInfo, Inc. 09-889-6756 Surety Trust Fund California Factors & Finance; Account 12545 Sunteck Transport Co., Inc. Federal Tax Identification Number 65-0788578 Broker Authority MC-329363 SCAC Code SNKS NAICS 488510 -- Freight Transportation Arrangement Insurance The Campbell Group of Florida Sunteck Transport Carriers, Inc. Federal Tax Identification Number 45-0484554 Contract Carrier Authority MC-438912 SCAC Code STKT NAICS 484120 -- General Freight Trucking, Long Distance Insurance Greene-Hazel & Associates DOT Number 1067244
  11. 11. Sunteck’s Growth • Organization where entrepreneurship is the cornerstone to conducting business • Financially secure business partner Sunteck revenues up 66% over past three years Wholly owned subsidiary of Auto Info, Inc. Publicly traded (OTC BB: AUTO.OB) Revenue (000) -- 2000 thru 2009 $200,000 $180,000 $160,000 $140,000 $120,000 $100,000 $80,000 $60,000 $40,000 $20,000 $0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  12. 12. Milestones – Last Three Years Jan-07 COO appointed; revenues more than double in the next two years Oct-07 Company Store model launched; comprises 25% of revenue by end of 2008 Jan-08 AutoInfo reports record revenue for 2007: $110 million; up 31% Jan-08 3PL Distribution & Logistics division launched; gains traction with new customers Mar-08 New CIO appointed; technology initiatives move to forefront of strategic planning May-08 Director Marketing/Communications appointed; first marketing plan developed/enacted Jun-08 Florida Trend names AutoInfo Top Florida Public Company; second year in a row Jun-08 Sunteck receives EPA Smartway designation; qualifies Sunteck for more freight opportunities Aug-08 Traffic World names Sunteck Top 15 brokerage firm; first time inside the largest 20 Sep-08 Sunteck hires general manager for back office; cost savings are seen by year-end Jan-09 AutoInfo reports record revenue for 2008: $180 million; up 49% Feb-09 Credit/Collections split with separate managers; provides greater control over lost receivables AutoInfo arranges $30 million credit facility with Regions Bank; solidifies short-term capital Mar-09 requirements May-09 Highly visible senior vice president appointed for sales and recruiting efforts Nov-09 Sunteck hires VP LTL operations & sales to develop comprehensive LTL service offering
  13. 13. SunteckLTL Operations - Strategic & Tactical Strategy
  14. 14. To help protect your privacy, PowerPoint prevented this external picture from being automatically downloaded. To download and display this picture, click Options in the Message Bar, and then click Enable external content. Sunteck Operations - Services • Operations & Execution Compliment of Services (24) Hour (7) Days per Week Availability & Supporting Staff - Immediate Response…No Voice Mail Issues Resolution Experts – Well Versed by Adapting to “Last Minute Shipping Needs” and procuring equipment when Shippers, Manufacturers, Forwarders, & Suppliers are in a ‘pinch” and need help. Expedited Services for situational “inventory” demands that call for immediate execution on “Just in Time” delivery needs. Weather / Seasonal Fluctuations are common to our day-to-day operations. We pride ourselves on executing delivery needs when Nature’s disasters occur OR when economic peaks and valleys with seasonal changes happen…we can work through any situation.
  15. 15. Sunteck Operations - Services • Operations & Execution Compliment of Services ( Cont.) FEMA Certified for all Government Regulated Relief Efforts Carrier Management Services – We can tap into over 17,000 DOT certified & diversified carrier companies to co-ordinate – Full Truckload, LTL, Intermodal, Heavy-Haul Services, Expedited, Inland Drayage, Small Package & Import / Export Container Services Vendor Compliance Services - ALL Sunteck Carrier’s ( Domestic and International ) are approved by a strick “Vendor Compliance” department that checks for: DOT Certifications/Licenses, Current Insurance Certificates, Safety Ratings, & “Clean” equipment before we arrange for transportation of our customer’s freight. Single / Team Service Partnerships across the US and Canada when your freight must “require” the necessary support for Capacity Availability on a moment’s notice.
  16. 16. Sunteck Operations - Services • Operations & Execution Compliment of Services ( Cont.) Bid Negotiation and RFP Services that will allow our office to service the “Best in Class” carriers at the most competitive rate to our customer. Full Truckload, Heavy Haul, and Expedite Analysis Services – We can analyze market trends via lane densities, state to state matrix evaluations or zip to zip market locations to review strategic analysis for most competitive pricing scenario. Spot Quote Services – for purchasing departments and traffic management offices that need real-time rate quotes for immediate transportation pricing. Long-Term Contract Services – for transportation needs that require our carriers/providers to secure pricing on a long-term basis with a shipping contract that describes Sunteck’s full compliment of services and accountability.
  17. 17. Sunteck Operations – Contract Management • Streamlining TL & LTL Contracts / Client Specific Programs 1. Sunteck’s TL & LTL Contracts are standardized and streamlined for ALL carrier pricing and client specific rates for our core carrier network. 2. Insurance and Claim revisions have been created for a more “user-friendly” contract that will create a more competitive pricing edge than our competitors. 3. Pricing developed for “one” specific rate base, ( Czar lite ). As LTL carriers are brought on board, and pricing terms are negotiatied, our rates can be compared by discount ranges off a common tariff, and “not” mulitple tariffs from multiple carriers adding unnecessary confusion. 4. Customer’s benefit from a shipment volume and gross revenue leverage with Sunteck’s freight under management. Customer’s negotiated rates “direct” with our same TL & LTL carriers are “higher” than the negotiated rates Sunteck provides to our client base. We are more highly competitive to gain more attractive rates saving our customers large margin dollars of their transportation costs.
  18. 18. Sunteck Operations – Sourcing RFP’s / RFQ’s • TL & LTL Analysis, RFP / Sourcing Events / TMS Training 1. Support Functions for our Customers by managing analysis and cost reduction programs to evaluate transportation spend. 2. We will manage sourcing events and gain sharing efforts for manufacturing and shipper customers in an effort to control inventory costs and manage sound programs for both LTL and TL suppliers. 3. RFP / RFI initiatives that will enable us to gain greater momentum with our core TL & LTL carriers to build business relationships quickly and effectively. 4. Project Management and Implementation operations teams to coordinate large volume opportunities with Fortune 100 – 500 accounts.
  19. 19. Sunteck Operations – Carrier Metrics • Core LTL Carrier Development, KPI’s, and Reporting Metrics • Carrier Profiling – Contact Information • Shipment Metrics – Number of loads, miles, Total weight, stops, etc. • Key Performance Indicators – On Time Delivery %, Claims Ratio % to Revenue, Missed Pick Ups, Billing Accuracy, Accidents per million, etc. • Claims Detailing – New Claims, Claims Paid, Open Claims • Carrier Cost Breakdown – Carrier Monthly Costs, base rates, Avg. Costs Per load, Cost of Damage Goods, etc. • SLA – Service Level Agreements to be instituted within our contract management process for all core LTL carriers.
  20. 20. Sunteck Operations – ScoreCarding Diagram Sunteck Transport Group
  21. 21. Sunteck Operations - Project Management • Project Management Schedule, Time-Line Adherance, & LTL Pursuit Team 1. Disciplined program structure that will create action items, accountability teams, deadline management, visibility to project exposure, and formatted process to project completion for new customer implementations, TMS integrations strategies for both operations and accounting, training development, etc. 2. Implementation/Project Mgmt./and TMS Training to conduct and streamline all projects and conduct meeting notices, meeting updates for all mid-level management teams. 3. Current Team Developed for LTL Pursuit Team initiation and creation is: David Less – CIO, Mark Weiss – Exec. VP, John Cordle – GM, Warren Cohen – VP of Dist. / Log., and Joan Schnell – HR Mgr.
  22. 22. Sunteck Operations – Project Management Diagram Sunteck LTL Implementation TimeLine and Strategy Development Key Area: IT and Systems Development Stages Sub Groups Date Start Date Complete Days Description Completed Task Owner Group Members Assigned Sunil to develop interface technology for SmartSCM to SMC3 Stage I. Dec. 1st Dec. 31st 30 to build interface and complete testing. Sunil Chris, Mark, David Sunil and Smart SCM to complete and sign SMC3 Re-seller Dec. 31 Jan. 15th 15 agreement to engage customers to use developed TMS Sunil Chris, Mark, David Begin Contract Engagement with SMC3 for Software Tools and Jan. 18th Jan. 22nd 5 User Licensing Agreements for Sunteck. Chris, David Chris, David, Mike Finalize Budget Ammendment for Mike Williams and LTL Jan. 7th Jan. 8th 2 Pursuit Team for Review Chris, David Chris, David, Mike Assign Functional LTL Team to create assignment based tasks Chris, David, Chris, David, Mike, Sunil, for execution and use of Smart SCM for testing of operational Sunil Mark Upload of Rates for use of Rateware XL and Carrier Connect to Chris, David, Mike, Sunil, begin test rate engine and transit data Chris, David Mark Upload of Contracts Carrier Tariffs for FSC and Accessorials for Chris, David, Mike, Sunil, testing Chris, David Mark Begin Creation of Operations Training Manual for a "How to" Chris, David, Chris, David, Mike, Sunil, guide for the functional LTL areas of the system. Trainer Mark Develop interim TMS Solution as Smart SCM TMS application Chris, David, Chris, David, Mike, Sunil, Stage I.5 is delayed in implementation. Trainer Mark Create Gannt Chart describing functionality requirements and Chris, David, Mark, Mike, cost structures to executive steering committee. Chris Harry, John and Warren
  23. 23. Sunteck LTL Technology
  24. 24. SunteckLTL Technology • MercuryGate LTL Transportation Management System called “SunteckLTL” 1. SunteckLTL has recently acquired the licensing & operating rights to the TMS Technology Application MercuryGate for managing LTL shipment volumes. 2. SunteckLTL’s rating tools, transit calculators, and order execution programs to manage high volume LTL shipments. 3. SunteckLTL will also allow customers to have access through a “customized” portal that will allow each client to enter orders directly into our system. 4. The system will create orders, book capacity, track & trace through to delivery, and execute audit & payment functionality.
  25. 25. Sunteck LTL • We have extremely competitive LTL rates with National, Super-Regional, Regional and Local LTL carriers. For a rate quote or proposal how we can tailor an LTL program just for you, please visit and advise your shipping requirements. A Sunteck representative will respond within 24 hours.
  26. 26. Sunteck LTL • LTL shipments typically weigh between 151 and 20,000 lbs. SunteckLTL manages manufacturers and shippers freight volumes and our operations team will coordinate pickups and deliveries, coordinate track and trace functionality “real-time” with our LTL carrier partners from our customer’s plants, freight yards, and warehouses locally, regionally, and nationally. We consolidate and distribute freight into trailers to delivering terminals or to hub terminals where the freight will be further sorted pool consilidation and distribution for deeper savings to our customers. • We recognize our customers' expanding and continuously changing need for cost-effective, consistent LTL services. Sunteck is pleased to announce that Sunteck LTL has been created as a complete, full service LTL division providing competitive rates and exemplary customer service. • Our services cover the spectrum of shipping needs for virtually any distance, destination, special delivery requirements or handling. Our customers rely on our premium quality service with every single shipment.
  27. 27. Sunteck LTL • National coverage of all 50 United States including Alaska and Hawaii Dry, Refrigerated or Frozen Freight International coverage for thousands of shipping destinations throughout the world • Our foundation for unparalleled LTL service: Friendly, highly skilled professionals Extensive coverage Long-term relationships with the nation's largest LTL fleets Cutting-edge technology Very low claims ratio
  28. 28. Key Account Contacts Sunteck Transport Group 11437 Central Parkway, Suite 102 Jacksonville, FL. 32224 Toll Free# 1-888-301-7720 Sunteck Corporate Chris Castellaw Sunteck Transport Group Jacksonville, FL 32224 (888) 301-7720, ext. 8812 Maybelline Camacho TMS Training / Implementation Mgr. Sunteck Transport Group Jacksonville, FL. 32224 (888) 301-7720 ext. 8808