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VoiceThread for Interactive Projects
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VoiceThread for Interactive Projects


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A BYOL session given by Colette Cassinelli at ISTE11

A BYOL session given by Colette Cassinelli at ISTE11

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Using VoiceThread for Interactive ProjectsISTE11 handouts: Colette Cassinelli Twitter: ccassinelli
  • 2. ISTE ’11 Handouts:edtech VISION wiki OR 4 Educationcollaborative wiki
  • 3. Create an educator VoiceThreadaccount (free)
  • 4. NETS*SNETS #2 - Communication andCollaborationStudents use digital media and environments tocommunicate and work collaboratively, including ata distance, to support individual learning andcontribute to the learning of others. NETS for Students 2007
  • 5. What is a VoiceThread?A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents, and videos.
  • 6. 4 WAY TO USEVOICETHREAD CommentingCommunication Creativity Collaboration
  • 7. VoiceThread sandboxClick BROWSE and search for “ISTE11” on VoiceThreadhomepage. As we share VoiceThread projects, share yourideas or thoughts and leave a text, voice, phone, or web camcomment for all to view.
  • 8. Commenting  Join another’s VoiceThread project  Good place to begin so all can get comfortable with interfaceAll Grade levels – Advice for Obama Many Voices of Darfur
  • 9. Communication  Use VoiceThread as a platform to share information or opinions  Voice component very powerful when combined with images, docs, and/or video 8th Grade Debate 1st Grade talking about books 10th Grade Career Report
  • 10. Creativity  Use photographs, scan student artwork, use computer painting program, upload documents, add video Year 7 Water Cycle – uses artwork 6th Grade Math – uses video Grade I Spy – uses photographs _Grade_math_from_Jackie_Ionno/
  • 11. Collaboration Harness the true power of VoiceThread by collaborating with other classes or experts Authentic audiences bring purpose to the assignments4th & 5th Grade Progressive Stories 4th Grade Letters from the Internment Camps Letters_from_the_Internment_Camps/
  • 12. VoiceThread for Online Instruction
  • 13. VoiceThread ideas …Literacy Development  Poetry Anthologies  Book promotions  Author Studies  Oral NarrativesSubject Areas  Scientific Inquiry  Historical Cause/Effect  Create an Invention
  • 14. More ideas … ESL / ELL  Language Practice  Cultural comparisons Thinking Around A Topic  Commentary on Social Issues  Debate an Issue Explanations  Math directions  Instructions / How to
  • 15. Even more ideas … Collaboration  Landforms where we live  Multi-Generational projects Showcasing Work  Art Gallery  Speeches  Digital PortfoliosCan be used with any grade level and anysubject area – even professional developmentVisit:
  • 16. VoiceThread Digital Library
  • 17. More examples … 5 yr old collecting 100 comments for 100th day celebration 3rd Grade – Strategies to help with bullying 5th grade Flip book animations - Professional Development: Reflecting on NETS for Teachers Booktalks from Ms. Skalkottass Class - ss-class.html
  • 18. The VoiceThread process1. Pre-planning / arrange collaboration2. Select/create docs, images, video3. Prepare for Narration4. Upload Content / choose settings5. Add Comments
  • 19. Pre-plan What the goal? Who is the audience? Who will participate? Storyboard plan Conduct research
  • 20. Create Docs/Images/VideoBASIC MORE OPTIONS  Use digital photos, PDF,  Use Creative Commons Word, Excel, PowerPoint licensing files, images and video  Can imports photos from Media sources like: Other VoiceThreads, Flickr, Facebook, New  Hint: Use PowerPoint to make slides and then export as *.pdf York Public Library or from URL shooting/File_types_accepted/
  • 21. Prepare for Narration BASIC  Text, audio, web cam, doodle & phone MORE OPTIONS (paid acct)  Record audio using: ◦ Audacity or GarageBand w/mic ◦ A online recording site ◦ iPod w/ mic
  • 22. Upload Content Upload images & choose title and description Record narration or upload audio files Choose playback and publishing options Be sure to moderate comments
  • 23. Add comments  ONE account but multiple identities  Younger students can draw and scan original artwork for avatar  You can doodle on top of the media as you record your comment
  • 24. Additional Suggestions  Start simple.  Encourage appropriate and thoughtful comments like: I noticed …, this reminds me of …, I’m not sure that ..  Moderate comments if VoiceThread is public  Beware: if account is deleted, all comments are gone
  • 25. You might not know … Download media with right click Export finished VoiceThread to .mov Can receive Daily Digest of comments on your Threads Bookmark a VoiceThread by “subscribing” and it will appear on MyVoice page
  • 26. Newest Features … A new Voting feature is now live on the VoiceThread player The Moodle "VoiceThread Commenting" Assignment is a new assignment type within Moodle 2.0 VoiceThread supports many forms of authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, etc..) New: VoiceThread Universal - interface specially designed for screen-reading software Coming Soon: VoiceThread Mobile
  • 27. ITSE Evaluation Please fill out the BYOL evaluation at:
  • 28. Questions?Please add your VoiceThread samplesto the collaborative wiki at Thank you for coming