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MS Curr Changes 09 10
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MS Curr Changes 09 10

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Half Hollow Hills Middle School curriculum changes for 2009-2010

Half Hollow Hills Middle School curriculum changes for 2009-2010

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  • 1. Middle Level Curriculum Changes for 2009-2010 Michael DeStio Andrew Greene Kirk Strong Jeff Morris Love Foy Francesco Fratto
  • 2. Research Drives Decision making in Half Hollow Hills
    • District House Model
  • 3. Recent Changes
    • Addition of Chinese Grade 6
    • Foundations in Spanish 7
    • Law Seminar Grade 8
    • Seminar for Math Seven
    • ELA Elective Grade 8
    • Literacy Classes Grades 7 and 8
    • Added Technology
    • Achievement Gap
    • Laptop Pilot program
  • 4. Program Enhancements
    • Modifications of ELA Elective in Grade 8
    • Creation of Chinese program Grade 7
    • New Social Studies Online Resources for Grades 7 and 8
    • Stronger alignment of Middle level to High School Honors and Regents Track Programs (Vertical Teaming)
  • 5. Program Enhancements
    • Creation of Mastery Level Classes in ELA, LOTE and Social Studies
  • 6. What is Mastery Level?
    • Mastery Level classes blend both Honors and Regular classes in a heterogeneous setting
    • Mastery Level classes provide opportunities for ALL students to achieve success as defined by the NYSED
    • Mastery Level sets a curriculum standard where ALL students have opportunities to become HONORS high school students
    • The creation of Mastery Level Classes does NOT impact Honors Earth Science, Mathematics and Studio in Art
  • 7. Supportive Research
    • Robert Marzano – Leveled Questions
    • Grant Wiggins
      • Six Facets OF Understanding
        • A-M-T
  • 8. What is the Educational Research / Rationale that drives this decision?
    • Honor recommendations are made too early and they are often not accurate
    • Many of the best schools on Long Island do not have tracking in ELA, SS, or LOTE
    • All students should be exposed to classes that have high expectations and quality work assigned
    • Schools that have been recognized as EE/STW do not have tracking…that is a key ingredient of the evaluation process
  • 9. What is the Educational Research / Rationale that drives this decision?
    • There are better peer relations in heterogeneous classes as well differing points of view which enhances the skills of all students
    • There is no accepted designation on the high school transcript for ‘honors’ in 8th grade
    • Students will still be challenged in a Mastery Level class due to differentiated instructional and grading strategies
    • Students will be better evaluated for 9H based on tiered assignments
  • 10. Coordinators and Directors Comments
    • Dr. Morris, Director of Social Studies
    • Ms. Foy, Coordinator of ELA
    • Mr. Fratto, Coordinator of LOTE
  • 11. Middle Level Curriculum Changes
    • Questions / Comments