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SAT vocabulary practice

SAT vocabulary practice

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  • 1.
    • (ree-FEUT)
    • Definition: Prove the falsity or error of a statement; give information to question a point.
    If you are going to refute what the teacher says, you better be sure you have the facts. Refute
  • 2.
    • (REHL-eh-gayt)
    Relegate The teacher relegated Daniel to the end of the line because of his bad behavior. Definition: Consign or dismiss to an inferior position
  • 3.
    • (ree-NOWNS)
    • Definition:
    • Consent formally to abandoned, give up or put aside, have no claim or obligation toward
    Daniel renounced all his claims to the money and possessions and left with nothing in the divorce. Renounce
  • 4.
    • (reh-pre-HEHN-si-bulh)
    • Definition:
    • so bad it can't be forgiven, a horrible act that goes beyond repair of the situation
    Domestic problems often lead to reprehensible actions. Reprehensible
  • 5.
    • (REH-ti-sehns)
    • Definition:
    • reserved, tend to be silent or not speak freely
    The students never noticed Tatiana's reticence in the class so she always seemed left out. Reticence
  • 6.
    • (ree-TRAKT)
    • Definition:
    • Withdraw a statement or to take something back
    Daniel couldn't retract his angry words once they were out and could only ask for forgiveness. Retract
  • 7.
    • (sah-GAY-shus)
    • Definition:
    • shrewd, having insight, good mental abilities
    Susana is sagacious because she knows the answer to the problem before her classmates. Sagacious
  • 8.
    • (SANK-shun)
    • Definition:
    • Approval by custom or tradition, authorized or allowed
    If you do not wear the sanctioned uniform to school, you will get in trouble. Sanction
  • 9.
    • (sa-TEER-i-kul)
    • Definition:
    • the use of irony, sarcasm in exposing, denouncing, or making fun of a situation
    A mischievous student changed the sign to be a little more satirical . Satirical