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SAT vocabulary picture practice

SAT vocabulary picture practice

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  • 1. (meh-TIK-eu-lus) Showing great care and attention to detail. Jacobo is meticulous about caring for his new car.
  • 2. ( MAI-zer-lee) ( adj) person who loves money and hates spending it or giving it away; cheap; hoards what they have Scrooge is a miserly person who doesn't want to give any more than the minimum to others. jimhillmedia.com
  • 3. (MI-ti-gayt) Make something less harmful or serious Laura was able to mitigate the situation by giving the boy some candy.
  • 4. (mohr-OHS) gloomy, in a bad mood, depressed and down. Jacobo was morose when his girlfriend broke up with him.
  • 5. ( mun-DAYN) Not interesting or exciting; boring, common, or every day. Every day Jacobo had the same mundane breakfast: a dry piece of bread.
  • 6. (noh-tor-AY-eh-tee) Well known for being bad in some way Jacobo was notorious for being bad at basketball.
  • 7. (NUHL-i-fai) Show to be invalid or no longer have value Mrs. Carpenter nullified Laura´s exam when she saw she was copying from Valentina.
  • 8. (NER-chur) to protect and care for something; help it to grow Parents are responsible for nurturing their kids while farmers nurture their crops.
  • 9. (oh-BLIV-ee-ahn) State of being unaware or not aware of what is going on around you. The man was oblivious to the students that were parading past him. www.thenarrative.net