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SAT vocabulary practice with pictures …

SAT vocabulary practice with pictures

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  • 1. Incongruous [in- kong -groo- uh s] Out of keeping or place, inappropriate, inconsistent, lacking harmony of parts. (Adj.) Maria Mercedes has an incongruous body that looks really strange.
  • 2. Incontrovertible [in-kon-truh-vur-tuh-buhl) not open to question, discussion, or dispute; indisputable. The evidence was incontrovertible : the test proved he didn’t know the information.
  • 3. Incorrigible [in- kor -i-j uh -b ul} bad beyond correction or reform, can't fix Chewing gum all day is an incorrigible habit for Maria Mercedes.
  • 4. Indict [in- dahyt ] To bring a formal accusation against, as a means of bringing to trial. The grand jury is expected to indict the man for murder.
  • 5. Indulgent [in- duhl -j uh nt] Characterized by or showing indulgence; lenient or permissive. (Adj.) The Spanish teacher indulges the students by reading to them instead of make them read.
  • 6. Infamous [ in -f uh -m uh s] Having an extremely bad reputation, know for bad reasons; detestable. Everybody knows Andres Tobon for being infamous : he is always acting like a clown at the wrong time.
  • 7. Infiltrate [in- fil -treyt] To join or enter for a secret purpose; to find a secret way into something Maria Mercedes infiltrated Mr. Loaiza’s office by pretending to have a meeting with him.
  • 8. Ingenuous [in- jen -yoo- uh s] Free from reserve, restraint, candid; sincere. Isabela was so ingenous , she didn't notice Maria Mercedes was mocking her behind her back.