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SAT vocabulary practice with pictures

SAT vocabulary practice with pictures

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Gregarious—(gri-gair-ee-uhs)
    • DEFINITION: Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.
    • SENTENCE: Santiago feels gregarious towards Andres and enjoys his company.
  • 3. Guile—(gahyl)
    • DEFINITION: Clever or crafty character or behavior.
    • Daniel couldn't believe the guile with which Juan David was cheating.
  • 4. Hackneyed—(hak-need)
    • DEFINITION: Overfamiliar through overuse, trite.
    • SENTENCE: The hackneyed school´s logo was changed because it was overused and no longer attracted any interest.
  • 5. Haphazard– (hap-haz-erd)
    • DEFINITION: Characterized by lack of order or planning, by irregularity, or by randomness; determined by or dependent on chance; aimless.
    • SENTENCE: The desks were organized in a haphazard manner.
  • 6. Haughtiness—(haw-tee-ness)
    • DEFINITION: Very proud; conceited, above others
    • SENTENCE: Andrés was feeling haughty because he had the latest Ipod while Santiago still had an old radio.
  • 7. Hedonism—( ( hedon-zm)
    • DEFINITION: Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
    • SENTENCE: Students on spring break often participate in hedonistic activities.
  • 8. Heresy - her-uh-see]
    • DEFINITION: a religious opinion or doctrine not in line with accepted doctrine.
    • SENTENCE: Andrés doesn't believe the heresy that the Catholic church needs to change.
  • 9. Homogeneous— (hō'mə-jē'nē-əs, -jēn'yəs)
    • DEFINITION: The same or similar nature or kind
    • SENTENCE: Andrés and Santiago look homogeneous in their seniors jacket.
  • 10. Hypocritical—(h p -kr t -k l)
    • DEFINITION: acting or talking one way but really believing or following the opposite.
    • SENTENCE: Presidents are often considered hypocritical because they talk peace while contemplating war.