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SAT vocabulary word pictures and practice

SAT vocabulary word pictures and practice

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  • 1. Definition: To produce, cause, or give rise to a feeling or mood in or about something . en-jen-der Even though she was scared, Aunt Carla engendered a nervous smile as she rode the cable car.
  • 2. Definition: Something that is unclear and can have different meanings, especially when used to misguide someone. Ee-kwiv-uh-kuhl The girls are famous for providing equivocal answers to the teacher’s straight questions.
  • 3. Definition: To make weak, to take away energy or strength. EN-er-vayt The surgery was so difficult and extensive that she was left enervated .
  • 4. Definition: Understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest es-uh-ter-ik I tried to play with the boy but his game seemed very esoteric .
  • 5. EHM-eu-layt Lucho is trying to emulate Rocky Balboa. Definition: To strive to be like or imitate
  • 6. Definition: To make or become extremely thin. Ee-MAY-see-ay-tehd Pablo looks emaciated because he hasn’t eaten in a long time.
  • 7. Definition: To beautify by or as if by ornamentation; ornament; adorn; can also be to exaggerate. em-bel-ish Veronica has worked hard to embellish the lockers .
  • 8. Definition: Things that are valid only for a short time. ee-FEH-muh-ruhl The light produced by the match was ephemeral .
  • 9. Definition: A puzzling statement quality or thing. Ana’s secret friend remains an enigma because no one can figure her out. [ uh -nig-m uh ]