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SAT vocabulary practice

SAT vocabulary practice

Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. Unkempt (unh-KEHMT)
    • needing grooming, tangled and matted; messy and neglected; unpolished
    The grass is unkempt because no one is collecting the leaves or gathering the garbage. Mr. Enright always looked unkempt.
  • 2. Venerate (ven-er-ate)
    • 1. respect or regard somebody with profound respect or reverence
    • 2. to honor somebody or something as sacred or special
    Buddha is a highly venerated figure in Buddhism.
  • 3. Unobtrusive (un-ob-TROO-siv)
    • inconspicuous: not conspicuous, blatant, or assertive
    Sofia is being obtrusive because she interrupted the boys' conversation.
  • 4. Vacillation (vas-i-LAY-shun)
    • 1. to be indecisive or irresolute, changing between one opinion and another
    • 2 . swing back and forth, maybe this, maybe that
    Sofia vacillated over the decision to marry Tom or not.
  • 5. Viable (VAI-a-bul)
    • 1. practicable or worthwhile: able to be done or worth doing
    The committee is deciding if my senior project is viable or not.
  • 6. Vilify (VIL-i-fai)
    • to make malicious and abusive statements about something.
    Laura vilified Juanita by spreading gossip about her.
  • 7. Virtuoso (ver-choo-OH-soh)
    • 1.exceptional performer
    • 2. talented person
    • 3. connoisseur
    Sofia became a virtuoso by practicing everyday.
  • 8. Virulent (Vir-eu-lehnt)
    • very poisonous; malicious or irritating
    The virus is highly virulent and has made many students sick.
  • 9. Zealot (ZEH-lot)
    • 1. zealous follower; a fanatic about a cause; extremely active and/or vocal in a mission or purpose
    Sofia is a zealot who is overzealous about religion; she prays all day.