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Sisel Intro Teamsizzle

Sisel Intro Teamsizzle



This is an introduction of what SISEL business is all about and how is our team can support you to achieve success in this business with us !

This is an introduction of what SISEL business is all about and how is our team can support you to achieve success in this business with us !



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  • Welcome. In the next few minutes we are going to show you some ideas and concepts that could change your life. And we will introduce you to an amazing company, SISEL, and a team of business professionals, TeamSizzle. But before we get into it too far, let’s back up and talk about life. Or more specifically, let’s talk about the challenges or constant desires in our lives.

Sisel Intro Teamsizzle Sisel Intro Teamsizzle Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome! TeamSizzle: Serve. Support. Succeed.
  • What’s Your Problem? What do you want more of?
    • More Money
    • More Time
    • Better Health
    Nearly 100% of everyone you ask will mention at least one of these three things:
  • What’s Your Problem? Balancing the Exchange of Time for Money $
  • What’s Your Problem? Balancing the Exchange of Time for Money $ $ $ If we want more money…
  • What’s Your Problem? Balancing the Exchange of Time for Money $ $ $ We have to work more hours.
  • What’s Your Problem? $ $ $ Create an automated home business as leverage. Change the Equation
  • Why a Home Business?
    • Benefits of a home business:
    • Set your hours, time with family
    • Income stability, you are in control
    • Financial freedom
    • Make a Change:
    • STOP trading hours for dollars
    • STOP being a wage slave
    • START using leverage to earn money
    • START deciding how you want to spend your time
    • J Paul Getty said that he would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of his own efforts.
  • What type of home business? A Leveraged, Automated Home Business:
    • Consumable, unique, high quality products or services
    • Customers incentivized to refer other customers
    • No manufacturing, assembly, inventory or shipping
    • Automated sales/purchase system
    • Automated accounting/bookkeeping systems
    • No employees necessary – keep it simple
    • Can be operated from your home or anywhere else
    • Virtually unlimited income potential
    • Flexible operations hours to work around your schedule
  • What type of home business? Sound impossible? Too much to ask? Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • What is MLM? What is Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?
    • A product delivery system where products go directly from the manufacturer to the consumer – AUTOMATION!
    • A home business opportunity where commissions on product purchases are paid through a multi-level distributor organization – LEVERAGE!
  • Why Network Marketing?
    • Benefits to the manufacturer:
      • No “middle men”
      • No advertising
      • More resources for research & development
      • Geometric market growth
      • Simpler business model
    • Benefits to you as a “distributor”:
      • High quality products
      • Secure income – you are in control
      • Proven business system
      • Support and mentoring with your best interests in mind
  • Why Network Marketing? Why network marketing as a home business?
    • It’s SIMPLE!
    • No products to manufacture, inventory or ship
    • No on-site service to perform (carpet cleaning, etc.)
    • No accounting or invoicing
    • No employees
    • Low cost to start
    • Low ongoing costs
    • Low time commitment
    • Unlimited potential
    • Training and support
  • Why SISEL?
    • New and exciting, no baggage, politics or bureaucracy
    • Innovative – maximizing the Internet and modern technology
    • Safe, effective modern, high-tech products
    • Entire product lines, not just one “magic” product
    • Total control of product manufacturing
    • World-class, wholly owned manufacturing facility
    • Experienced management
    • Virtually unlimited financial resources
    • Debt free company, no investors or lenders
    • Global, “early money” compensation plan
    • Global launch, world-wide opportunity
    • Ideal timing, pre-launch and foundation positions
  • The Mowers:
    • Tom Mower Sr., SISEL Founder
    • Founded Neways International which he grew to a $700+ million dollar a year company
    • Formulated Neways most successful products
    • 20+ years experience in the network marketing industry
    • Sold Neways when it deviated from the direction of his vision
    • Invested over $25 million in a new manufacturing plant
    • Invested over $100 million in SISEL
    • Darick Mower, President & Tom Mower Jr., CEO
    • “ Grew up” in Network Marketing
    • 20+ years experience in the industry
    • Innovative and forward-thinking
    • Devoted to their father’s Mower Mission
  • SISEL’s Business Philosophy S cience People want to have confidence in the products that they take and sell to family and friends. I nnovation Innovation keeps a company sharp, always searching for the latest and greatest inventions. S uccess Innovative products and the most lucrative compensation plan in network marking lead to success . E nergy With SISEL’s innovative, breakthrough products and its extremely lucrative compensation plan, you will actually feel energized! L ongevity We want to help you live a longer, healthier life, while helping you acquire the most lucrative, financial rewards available.
  • SISEL’s Manufacturing Capability
    • The Mower Commitment
      • Through SISEL International — Tom Mower and his sons, Tom Jr. and Darick, continue to honor their commitment to create only the safest, most effective products.
    • Monumental Manufacturing Capacity
      • SISEL’s facility is among the top three manufacturing plants in the United States .
    • GMP Certified
      • The facility is spotlessly clean earning Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (GMPC).
    • Extensive Packaging Capability
    • The Mower Dream Team
    • Self-Reliance
  • Examples of SISEL Products Spectra AO The Full Spectrum of Antioxidants
    • Protects cellular integrity by neutralizing free radicals
    • Promotes longevity by slowing the aging process
    • Enhances brain health by safeguarding cells in the brain
    • SISEL’s Spectra AO provides the WIDEST ARRAY of antioxidant power available anywhere!  Spectra AO’s power comes from:
    • Superfood berries like pomegranate, blueberry and raspberry
    • Vegetable antioxidant sources: broccoli, carrot, tomato, kale and spinach
    • Nutrition superstars like sea buckthorn, pine bark, green tea and cocoa
    • No other antioxidant drink even comes close to the power of Spectra AO!
  • Examples of SISEL Products FuCoyDon Fucoidan Health Supplement
    • Contains the amazing FUCOIDAN nutrient found in limu moui seaweed
    • People who eat seaweed are healthier and live longer
    • SISEL’s innovative packaging retains all three types of fucoidan molecules (U, F, and G)
    • FuCoyDon also contains a variety of high-powered juices with extraordinary antioxidant activity
  • Examples of SISEL Products SupraMaxx for Him/Her Essential Trace Minerals and Nutrients
    • Trace minerals, extremely vital for optimal health, are the most absent nutrients in the modern diet
    • SupraMaxx contains essential nutrients that make it gender specific
    • SupraMaxx for Her contains a valuable herbal tonic called, vitex, which nourishes and supports the endocrine system, helping the body to establish balance
    • SupraMaxx for Him includes a remarkable herb, maca, rich in essential minerals, fatty acids and polysaccharides which enhances strength, endurance and virility
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan
    • Global-seamless compensation enables international integration for a world-wide opportunity
    • Executive “break-throughs” in your downline create additional income streams for YOU
    • Generous 100% retail bonus payout creates exponential return on income most companies ignore
    • Dynamic compression maximizes your income
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Business Organization Distributors Preferred Customers Level 2 Level 3 Level 6 Level 4 Level 5 You Level 1
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan SISEL’s 5 Star Compensation Plan Retail Bonus Fast Start Bonus Leadership Development Bonus Executive Bonus Lifestyle Bonus
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Retail Bonus
    • Retail Bonuses are paid weekly
    • There is no “break-away” – the Retail Bonus is paid to you on your first 5 levels FOREVER!
    • All SISEL customers both Distributors and Preferred Customers pay retail
    • SISEL pays 100% of the retail amount through 5 levels of Distributors
    • Preferred Customers receive a 20% rebate
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Fast Start Bonus
    • Quick rewards for your efforts in building your SISEL business
    • You receive up to a 25% commission on the wholesale portion of new Distributors’ purchases for their first 2 months
    • Paid to you for Distributors on your first two levels
    • Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly
    • Again, there is no “break-away” – the Fast Start Bonus is paid to you on your first 2 levels FOREVER!
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Leadership Development Bonus
    • Encourages leadership and support in your business
    • Paid as a percentage of the wholesale portion of product purchases through 7 levels of your business
    • Leadership Development Bonus is paid monthly
    • Again, there is no “break-away” – the Leadership Development Bonus is paid to you on your first 7 levels FOREVER!
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Executive Bonus
    • Rewards your efforts to help your distributors become leaders in their businesses
    • Paid as a percentage of the wholesale portion of product purchases through 6 generations of Executives
    • As Distributors in your business achieve the Executive status you are rewarded with an EXTRA bonus – the Executive Bonus
    • Executive Bonus is paid monthly
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Lifestyle Bonus
    • Designed to encourage you to show off your new SISEL lifestyle and the financial benefits of your SISEL business
    • Earned when your monthly commission are US$2000 or more for three consecutive months
    • Up to US$1000 is available to you monthly
    • Lifestyle Bonus is paid monthly
  • The SISEL Compensation Plan Your SISEL Business
    • US$100/month = 7 People
    • $500/month = 35 People – 7 each get 5
    • $1,000/month = 70 People – 7 get 5 who get 2
    • $5,000/month = 350 People – 5 get 5 get 5 who get 2
    • $50,000/month! – 3500 people Possible? Yes!
  • Your SISEL Business Business Expenses
    • Distributor Kit US$10
    • No large first order required
    • 100PV (about US$100) – Silver Level
    • 200PV (about US$200) – Gold Level
    • 300PV (about US$300) – Platinum Level
    • Personal advertising, tools & travel expenses
    • TeamSizzle training, tools & support – FREE!
  • The Support of TeamSizzle TeamSizzle
    • Strong, personal mentoring and support
    • Experienced business and network marketing professionals help you build your business
    • Free tools: websites, manuals, presentations and more
    • TeamSizzle Philosophy:
    • Our business is building YOUR business
    • TeamSizzle Motto:
    • Serve. Support. Succeed.
  • Your SISEL Business What problems in your life would you like to solve?
    • Money
    • Time
    • Health
    • Freedom
    • Choices
  • Your SISEL Business A SISEL business may be the answer for you.
    • Money: Unlimited income potential
    • Time: Set your own hours, work YOUR schedule
    • Health: Amazing products to improve your health
    • Choices: Open your life to new possibilities
    • Freedom: Enjoy financial and time freedom
  • Thank You Thank you for your interest in SISEL. Please get with the person who encouraged to you to watch this presentation to have your questions answered and begin your life-changing SISEL business with TeamSizzle!