Marie McFeely at Creative Commons Ireland event


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Slides by Marie McFeely, Images and Licensing Officer, National Gallery of Ireland at 'Maximising Digital Creativity, Sharing and Innovation', National Gallery of Ireland, January 2014.
Event organised by Creative Commons Ireland and Faculty of Law, University College Cork.

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Marie McFeely at Creative Commons Ireland event

  1. 1. Providing Access to Content & Managing Intellectual Property at the National Gallery of Ireland Marie McFeely Images & Licensing Officer, National Gallery of Ireland Email: LinkedIn:
  2. 2. The NGI Mission Statement “To care for, interpret, develop and showcase art in a way that makes the National Gallery of Ireland an exciting place to visit and provide an outstanding visitor experience that inspires interest in and an appreciation of art for all”.
  3. 3. Museums and IP “I.P., in particular copyright has always been considered inhibitive to museums ability to carry out their mission and mandate”… “However, if managed well, IP may hold the promise of sustaining cultural heritage programming for museums” – WIPO Guide, Managing I.P. for Museums by Rina Elster Pantalony, 2013
  4. 4. I.P. is at the core of all NGI activities Trademark/Logo/Brand Patents/Trade Secrets Domain names Copyright: Creators Users Licensors Assignees
  5. 5. The Challenges of working with © 23% of the art collection is in ©. 6.5% - orphan works Tracing Copyright and Legal Compliance Legal documentation and risk mitigation Intensive IP Management is essential to our operation. Problematic legal issues with copyright – see NGI submission to the Dept. of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation land.pdf
  6. 6. Engaging with the “Experience Economy”, The Traditionalist Stance: “There is always the argument by scholars that museums should stick to their traditional objectives of preservation, collections access and scholarship and not to take part in the expectations of consumers in the experience society”…. WIPO, Managing IP in Museums Relevance of Museums Today – quality experience. The drive for access to historic experience and content through digital media. NGI Public Photography Pilot Scheme – hugely popular with the public Significant social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and the NGI YouTube Channel 42,340 in 2013. 365,561 virtual visitors to the NGI website bringing visitor numbers to well over 1 million in 2013.
  7. 7. NGI Digital Operations and offering access to Content We need to preserve our digital formats to ensure we can carry out our mission. Providing high quality digital content is a very labourintensive and costly exercise. Large cross-departmental digital operation NGI Website –5 systems including CMS. NGI Images Website – due to launch in February 2014 offers e-commerce. Print on Demand later in 2014 – kiosks and online. Additional apps, microsites and digital resources have been developed or are under development.
  8. 8. NGI aims – a balanced approach Increase access to NGI Collections Protect and promote the NGI’s IP rights Harness the economic, communicative and educational value of IP in the NGI’s activities Ensure legal compliance and mitigate risk Respect IP rights of all parties Ensure the freedom to publish, use and share the NGI’s own intellectual content in the future