2011 Nalco Company Overview


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This presentation provides an overview of the business of Nalco, the world's largest sustainability services company, providing Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air to its customers.

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2011 Nalco Company Overview

  1. 1. Nalco OverviewEssential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air
  2. 2. Strong Heritage of Proven Success1920–1960 1928: National Aluminate Corporation 1952: founded (NALCO) Our first non-U.S. subsidiary, Nalco Italiana, is founded to meet growing European needs 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1937: A new headquarters, housing offices and laboratory space, is 1959: constructed outside Company name Chicago 1947: changes to Nalco National Aluminate common Chemical Company stock begins trade in the over-the-counter market 2
  3. 3. Strong Heritage of Proven Success1960–1990 1989: Nalco achieves 1964: $1 billion annual Nalco shares revenue mark listed on New YorkStock Exchange 1979: Nalco opens new Naperville Technical Center 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 1999: Suez acquires Nalco and Calgon and 1966: integrates both withNalco annual sales top Aquazur $100 million 1984: Nalco introduces The PORTA-FEED® Delivery System 3
  4. 4. Strong Heritage of Proven Success 2000–Present 2003: Nalco’s 75th anniversary 2010: Nalco annual sales top US$4.25 billion Leveraged buyout of 2008: Nalco by Suez Board names J. Erik Fyrwald as new Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer 2000 2010 2008: 2010: 3D TRASAR technology New research wins U.S. Presidential facilities open 2004: Green Chemistry in Shanghai, China Nalco introduces Challenge Award and Pune, India 2001: 3D TRASAR® Technology Name changedto Ondeo Nalco Company Return to NYSE as publicly traded company 4
  5. 5. Company OverviewNalco is the world’s largest sustainability services company focused onindustrial water, energy and air applications. We help our customersreduce water, energy and other natural resource consumption,enhance air quality, minimize environmental releases and improveproductivity and end products while boosting the bottom line. Customer base is diversified across multiple industries – Nearly 50,000 customer locations – Business is divided into two core divisions • Water and Process Services (WPS) – Water Services – Paper Services – Air and Emissions Control Offerings • Energy Services (Energy) 5
  6. 6. Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air Essential to the Environment Nalco solves critical natural resource and environmental issues (water, energy, air, waste) Nalco is Essential 6
  7. 7. Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air Essential to your Profitability Our programs keep operations running and the lights on – sometimes literally Nalco is Essential 7
  8. 8. Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air Extensive Industry/Application Expertise  7,000+ sales engineers and service technicians - 50% or more of first year spent in training - Experienced local sales teams – global average of 8 years - District Managers average 15 years of Nalco experience globally  Accelerated universities in rapid-growth areas - (Deepwater, Downstream, Asia Water and Paper)  Global Expertise Centers share best practice knowledge Nalco has  Global Knowledge Management System connects more than 150 Expertise countries 8
  9. 9. Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air Continuous Innovation/R & D Leadership  Portfolio realigned to focus on breakthrough developments - 600+ research employees, including more than 330 PhDs - 1800+ patents - US$80 million spend in 2010  14 research laboratories around the world - locations in the United States, the Netherlands, India, China and Brazil Nalco has  US$1.13 billion in 2010 sales generated from products introduced in Expertise prior five years Leiden Naperville Shanghai Pune Suzano
  10. 10. Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air Market Direction for Nalco Water Scarcity (recycling and reuse) Water Quality Energy efficiency (heat transfer) Regulations and Enforcement Water Resource Use Optimization Reservoir efficiency (EOR)For Water, Hard-to-Reach Oil (deep/ultra-deep) Energy Opportunity Crudes and Air Produced Water Management Alternative Technologies Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides Mercury (Hg) and Particulates Combustion efficiency Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reduced contribution to Global Warming 10
  11. 11. Unmatched, Diverse Global Presence North America Europe/Africa/Middle East $2.081 B 49% $1.011 B 24% 4,986 40% 2,760 22% 16 36% 10 22% Latin America $0.451 B 10% 1,849 15% 6 13% Asia/Pacific $0.708 B 17% 2,898 23% 13 29% 2010 Sales Employees Plants Countries of Operation 11
  12. 12. A Service Company Water Services 4 Paper Services 4 Energy Services2010 Market • $6.4 billion global market(1)(2) • $6.7 billion global market(2) • $5.6 billion global market(2)Positions • #1 Market Position • #3 Market Position • #1 Market Position • 20% Market Share(3) • 11% Market Share • 30% Market ShareProducts and • Cooling water treatment • Retention, Drainage and Formation • Flow AssuranceServices – Scale control, microbial fouling, Technology • Asset Integrity corrosion control • Deposit Control Monitoring and • Production Maximization • Boiler water treatment Treatment • Produced Water Management – Pre-treatment, condensate control, • Yankee Dryer Automation • Boiler, cooling water, raw water and internal treatment • Paper Machine Clothing Care wastewater applications • Raw and wastewater treatment • Brown Stock Wash Aids • Refining Process Treatment • Water reuse and recycle • Digital Printing Technology • Petrochemical Process • Water system engineering • Pulp Mill Technologies Treatment • Mining and mineral process aids • Boiler, cooling water, raw water and • Fuel Additives • Air emission control and combustion wastewater applications • Well Service Chemistry efficiency • Combustion efficiency and air • Enhanced Oil Recovery • Other process applications emission control • Coating and Release Technology • Strength and Productivity Programs2010 Sales $1,791.7 million $754.8 million $1,704.0 million (1) Approximate market size based on internal estimates and industry publications and surveys. (2) Represents the water treatment and services markets, which accounted for approximately 71% of our Water Services segment’s net sales in 2009. (3) Market share calculations include end-market allocations from an all-inclusive Emerging Market business unit within Water Services. (4) Managed internally as Water and Process Services Division. Separate segment reporting being maintained. 12
  13. 13. More than Twice the Size of Nearest CompetitorNalco has a sizable scale advantage across the $19 billion water and water-related services andchemicals market space* Nalco Baker Petrolite Ashland Hercules 22.3% BASF Champion GE Water Kemira Kurita Danaher Chemtreat Buckman EKA All Other * Note: Uses 2010 sales and market size data in share chart. During 2010 and early 2011, we took a fresh, detailed look at our market shares and sizes. More details are available in our 10-K, Part 1, Item 1, Our Segments and Offerings 13
  14. 14. Competitive Offering Nalco’s ability to leverage process and water treatment capabilities is unmatched among our major competitor Company Water Process industrial Middle Market paper energy other Nalco Baker Petrolite Hercules BASF GE Water Kemira Champion Danaher/Chemtreat EKA Ecolab SNF-Floerger Cytec Note: Based on total estimated sales Market Middle Small/Ni Not in this Source: Management estimates Leader Tier che space 14
  15. 15. Nalco Program Sources of Economic Value Near-term Earnings Mid-term Earnings Intangible Value Increased production / sales Capital Expenditure Process delay or avoidance Risk avoidance efficiencies, including reduced raw material costs Reduced Safety, Health Source water savings and Environment compliance costs Brand reputation Thermal energy savings Worker risk exposure Raw water pre-treatment reduction and water pumping avoidance License to operate Reduced wastewater treatment labor, Environmental fine chemicals, energy avoidance Reduced waste disposal costs (sludge) Meet Legislative Requirements and Carbon / Other Avoid Regulatory Maintenance cost savings Environmental Credits Penalties 15
  16. 16. Business Model – Value Proposition CHEMISTRY Process, Polymers, Water Treatment SERVICES What We Provide Value-Added Innovative Consulting, Engineering, Solutions Technical Support EQUIPMENT Feed, Storage and Analysis, Control and Water Treatment Higher System Extended Reliability and Asset Life Productivity ROI Reduced Enhanced What Customers Receive Maintenance, Plant Safety Increased Labor Efficiency Enhanced Sustainability Performance 16
  17. 17. Nalco Delivers Superior Sustainability PerformanceNalco Mission Statement Sustainable Our Mission is to lead the industry in creating value for customers and Nalco through differentiated services and technologies that save water and energy, enhance production and improve air quality while reducing total costs of operation. 17
  18. 18. Nalco Sustainability Partnerships and Commitments Nalco and hundreds of other major corporations are participants in the United Nations Global Compact, the worlds largest corporate citizenship and social responsibility organization committed to ten principles covering human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Nalco is one of participants in the United Nations Global Compact who’s CEOs have made a further commit for their companies to support and advance water sustainability solutions. Enhancing World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) ability to deliver on water conservation by supporting WWF’s efforts to establish credible water stewardship standards through the Water Roundtable and Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Nalco is one of 317 companies listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index which tracks the financial performance of the leading sustainability- driven companies worldwide. Nalco and the Nalco Foundation support Water For People, a non-profit international development organization supporting locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and health and hygiene education programs in developing nations. 18
  19. 19. Nalco Sustainability Partnerships and CommitmentsTaking our place as a global stakeholder in our common future Nalco and hundreds of other major corporations are participants in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), reporting publically commitment and gains in the areas of environmental, economic, and social sustainability Nalco is one of several hundred participants in the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), reporting actions in the areas of CO₂ emission reduction and publishing policies around emission reduction, energy management, and goals Nalco is a co-sponsor of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Business for the Environment (B4E) programme, having co-sponsored B4E events in Europe (2009) and Asia (2010), Nalco also presented its Sustainability Evolution Model to the G8 World Leaders Conference in 2008 Nalco has a corporate Sustainability Steering Team, reporting to the CEO, and publishes an annual stand-alone Sustainability Report (separate from its Annual Report on financial performance), this documents goals and progress with their achievement Nalco is a founding member of the Responsible Care movement, and places Product Stewardship at the heart of its commercial operations
  20. 20. Sustainable Development DriversCustomer Objectives Economic Environment Social Nalco Drivers Gains Compliance Value CapabilitiesReduction of:  Fresh water use  Energy requirements  CO2 emission  Other air pollutants  Heavy metal discharges  Water pollutionImprovements in:  Resource utilization  Indoor air quality  Asset longevity  Waste Recycle  Employee safety Nalco delivers economic solutions to meet any customer focus 20
  21. 21. Operation and Environmental Benefitsof Key Offerings Operational Problem Solution Environmental Benefits BenefitsBoiler Water  Corrosion  3D TRASAR®  Prevents surface  Lowers resource for Boiler technology deposits, maximizing consumption  Scaling heat transfer  Reduces gas emissionsCooling Water  Scaling  3D TRASAR® Technology  Optimizes chemical  Lowers gas emissions for dosing and improves  Corrosion  Reduces water Cooling Water system performance consumption  Microbio growthWastewater  Regulatory Compliance  Integration with utility  Lowers treatment cost  Reduces water and operations and sludge disposal energy usageTreatment  Freshwater availability  Recycle and reuse  Optimizes operations  Supports regulatory  Waste minimization options complianceEnergy Services  Oil/water separation  BREAXIT®  Maximizes oil/water  On spec discharge to the Emulsion Breakers separation, water environmentUpstream  Heavy oil production clarification  Less energy consumed  High viscosityEnergy Services  Processing opportunity  RESOLV®  Improved dehydration  Lowers fuel consumption crudes Desalter Management and desalting efficiencyDownstream  Reduces CO2 emissionsPaper Process  Chemical waste  PARETO™  Reduces retention aid  Reduces water Mixing Technology dosages and wet-web consumptionTreatment  High freshwater breaks consumption  Lowers greenhouse gas emissions 21
  22. 22. Generating Measurable Results Water and Maintenance Cost SavingsPlant: Dow FreeportRegion: North AmericaSituation:  Water supply challenges  Heat transfer inefficiency  Unscheduled production outagesApplication: 3D TRASAR® technology for Cooling WatereROI Benefits:  1 billion gallons of water saved annually  Improved system reliability  Reduced maintenance  Estimated $4,000,000 in annual maintenance cost savings  Substantial energy savings Global edition of Wall Street Journal 22
  23. 23. Generating Measurable Results Water Balance and Cost SavingsPlant: Nucor Steel Kankakee Inc.Region: North AmericaSituation:  Poor control of the make-up and blow-down valves was leading to excess fresh water make up use  Poor chemical treatment control was causing corrosionApplication: 3D TRASAR® technology for Cooling WatereROI Benefits:  60 million gallons of water saved annually  $125,000 in annual cost savings U.S. edition of Wall Street Journal 23
  24. 24. Generating Measurable Results Water and Energy Cost SavingsPlant: Renaissance Convention Center (Marriott)Region: Asia (India)Situation:  Frequent fouling of the condenser  High energy consumption  High water consumptionApplication: 3D TRASAR® technology for Cooling Water with reuse of grey watereROI Benefits:  16 million gallons per year of water savings  600,000 KHW energy savings  Total savings: $148,000 per year  Payback period: less than 1 year Economic Times of India 24
  25. 25. Generating Measurable Results Water and Chemical Cost SavingsPlant: Nevada Energy (Reid Gardner Power Station)Region: North AmericaSituation:  Poor access to favorable water conditions  Deposition on condenser tubes and cooling tower fill  Zero Discharge PlantApplication: 3D TRASAR® technology for Cooling Water with silica dispersanteROI Benefits:  281 million gallons of water saved per year  $47,503 savings on chemical and water pumping costs  Maintained water balance avoided permit process U.S. edition of Wall Street Journal 25
  26. 26. Generating Measurable Results Water and Chemical Cost SavingsPlant: Gallatin SteelRegion: North AmericaSituation:  Media fouling in Direct Contact Water filtration system reducing capacity and efficiencyApplication: Nalco CAT-FLOC® technologyeROI Benefits:  179 million gallons of water saved  2.3 million kWh of energy saved  9,000 tons reduction of CO2  410 tons reduction of waste sludge generated  $125,000 in annual savings U.S. edition of Wall Street Journal 26
  27. 27. Generating Measurable Results Water Balance and Cost SavingsPlant: Suzano Papel e CelluloseRegion: Latin AmericaSituation:  Facility needed to lower overall Total Cost of Operation  Improve On Machine Efficiency (OME)Application: PARETO™ mixing technologyeROI Benefits:  10 million gallons of water saved annually  Energy savings of 4,500 MM BTU  Reduced fiber usage by 1.3%  3% productivity improvement  $2.2 Million in profit improvement and savings Revista Exame magazine (Brazil) 27
  28. 28. Water ServicesSolutions for Industrial and Institutional Customers Handles the water, waste and process treatment needs of industrial and institutional customers. Organized around six key industry segments: – Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical – Commercial and Institutional Buildings – Manufacturing – Power Generation – Primary Metals – Chemicals Processing – Mining and Mineral Processing This division also includes our process-focused Colloidal Technologies business and Environmental Hygiene Services, which provides water and air hygiene programs that protect against health risks like Legionnaires’ disease 29
  29. 29. Water Services OfferingsCooling water treatment is provided for comfort and process coolingacross most market segments Evaporation Hot Water  Scale Control  Corrosion Control  Microbial Fouling Control Cold Water Clean heat transfer surfaces result in greater operational efficiencies, lower overall cost for the customer and reduced environmental impact by conserving water, improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gasses and protecting customer assets. 30
  30. 30. Water Services OfferingsBoiler water treatment is offered for heating and process steam production inall major market segments  Pre-treatment (oxygen scavengers)  Internal Treatment (scale & corrosion control)  Condensate Treatment (corrosion control) Proper boiler water treatment prevents deposits and corrosion ensuring reliable and safe production of steam at reduced energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas levels. 31
  31. 31. Water Services Offerings Wastewater and raw water treatment is offered in all market segments  Flocculants  Coagulants  Antifoams  Soluble heavy metal removal  Emulsion breakers  Bioaugmentation  Odor control Proper wastewater treatment is essential in achieving regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship 32
  32. 32. Water Services ValueCore water technologies in all divisions and industries Extend useful life of assets Minimize downtime of facilities Conserve water and energy Reduce waste Lower Total Cost of Operation 33
  33. 33. Technology Innovations for Water Services 3D TRASAR® Automation for Cooling Water, Boilers and Reverse Osmosis The APEX Program for paint detackification utilizes sustainable ingredients Green Suite technologies minimizes total water footprint Nalco Water Reuse and Recycling Programs deliver turnkey solutions 34
  34. 34. Technology Innovations for Water Services 3D TRASAR® Automation for Cooling Water, Boilers and Reverse Osmosis is an innovative monitoring and control technology that reduces our customers’ energy and water usage as well as their carbon footprint. It contributes to meeting goals that are closely tied to business performance and sustainability objectives, such as resource management, asset protection, safety and environmental compliance. To ensure we deliver these results to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we include our Nalco 360 Service remote expert monitoring to compliment all of our 3D TRASAR Technology offerings. 35
  35. 35. Technology Innovations for Water Services The APEX Program utilizes next-generation, patent-pending sustainable technology for paint decalcification. Developed through extensive research and development efforts and rigorous field testing, this unique program raises the bar for paint decalcification programs by lowering total cost of operations, increasing system performance and providing a step change improvement in program sustainability. 36
  36. 36. Technology Innovations for Water Services Green Suite technologies were developed to meet our customers’ goal of minimizing their total water footprint through reduced chemical-based solutions while providing the same reliable results and improved efficiency of our other Nalco solutions. 37
  37. 37. Technology Innovations for Water Services Nalco Water Reuse and Recycling Programs combine our advanced knowledge of water quality requirements for various process and utility operations, as well as our best-in-class technologies to provide these prescribed water quality requirements. Nalco utilizes a combination of a practical engineering approach and hands-on knowledge of system operation to design, build, operate and/or maintain the optimal reuse or recycle solution for each application and customer. 38
  38. 38. Air and Emissions Control OfferingsNalco Mobotec Control capabilities for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, acid gases, particulates and carbon dioxide Combines equipment, chemistry and engineering expertise to optimize performance, minimize capital and ensure regulatory compliance Established New Air Improvement Research Platform – Matching chemistry, equipment, monitoring and control software to solve sophisticated customer emissions challenges across all segments Same ROI-based sales methodology as water treatment allowing more efficient use of sales force base 39
  39. 39. Technology Innovations for Air Indoor air quality audits/programs – CoilFlo® coil cleaning – Air handling/filtration control – Mist-based disease risk management Dust control technology Odor control applications – Includes H2S scavengers Flue gas desulfurization chemistry 40
  40. 40. Energy ServicesSolutions for Oil, Gas and Refineries Global leader in providing on-site problem solving innovations through extensive network of technical field specialists in more than 70 countries. Principal supplier of specialty chemicals applications and services for entire hydrocarbon market, including process and water treatment. Consists of four industry-focused groups: – Adomite Well Service Chemicals – Oil and Gasfield Chemicals and Services Upstream – TIORCO Enhanced Oil Recovery Programs – Chemical Process Industry (CPI) Downstream – Refinery Fuels Management (RFM) 41
  41. 41. Energy Services Offerings  Corrosion Control  Oil/Water Separation  Scale Control  Produced Water Management Oilfield Chemicals  Paraffin/Asphaltene Control  Gas/Production and Processing  Gas Hydrate Solutions Adomite  Enhanced Oil Recovery Treatment programs protect capital assets, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gasses and ensure optimum operational efficiency 42
  42. 42. Energy Services OfferingsEnergy Services’ Downstream businesses focus on maximizing plant throughput whileminimizing total cost of operations – with dedicated on-site experts, globally networkedIndustry Technical Consultants, customer centric R&D, world-class processes anddifferentiated technologies Refining Chemical Processing  Heavy Crude Desalting  Polymer and Corrosion Control  Viscosity Breaking Desalting Styrene  Acid Gas Removal  Pour Point Depression  Primary Fractionator  Fouling Control Improvement  Corrosion Control  Fouling Control  Water Treatment Refining  Dilution Steam Acrylic acid System Improvements Transportation Ethylene & Storage 43
  43. 43. Technology Innovations for Energy Services Heavy Oil Viscosity Reducers The BREAXIT® Emulsion Breaker portfolio The PRISM Green Retarder program The RESOLV® crude oil management program BrightWater® Technology for Waterflood Sweep Improvement 44
  44. 44. Technology Innovations for Energy Services Heavy Oil Viscosity Reducers maximize production through the use of unique water external dispersions, which are easy to make and easy to break. The result is a dramatic decrease in apparent viscosity, and a significant positive impact on operational efficiency and production costs. 45
  45. 45. Technology Innovations for Energy Services The BREAXIT® Emulsion Breaker portfolio includes over 190 emulsion breakers (EBs) and over 40 reverse emulsion breakers (REBs). These are worldwide field-proven products specifically designed to provide cost- effective performance for virtually every type of crude oil production system from light condensates to heavy oil and bituminous oil sands. 46
  46. 46. Technology Innovations for Energy Services The PRISM Green Retarder program provides our customers with innovative, environmentally friendly alternatives to highly toxic nitro-compound derivatives for outstanding polymer control. 47
  47. 47. Technology Innovations for Energy Services The RESOLV® crude oil management program is a comprehensive approach that addresses varying challenges posed by undesirable crude oil qualities. Enhancing removal of salts, water and metals, the RESOLV program optimizes desalter and tankage performance. 48
  48. 48. Technology Innovations for Energy Services After secondary recovery attempts like waterfloods fail, TIORCO offers an alternative that promises to maximize your production, BrightWater® technology for waterflood sweep improvement. Co-developed by Nalco, BP and Chevron, this unique chemistry is injected downhole with flood water during a secondary recovery process. It is designed to activate at a pre-determined “in-depth” location within the reservoir. Upon activation, the BrightWater particles begin to expand to many times their original volume, blocking pore throats and directing injection water into untapped, oil-rich zones. This deep reservoir profile modification causes additional oil to be swept toward the producing wells. 49
  49. 49. Paper ServicesSolutions for the Papermaking Industry Fiber Management Creating and Maintaining Value (CMV) We adopt a grade-based approach to Board & Packaging understand and address the unique needs of each industry segment: graphics, board & packaging, tissue and fiber. Nalco’s grade focused solutions are specially Graphic Papers designed to deliver cost improvement in fiber, water, energy and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact. Tissue & Towel Additionally, our Global Expertise Centers develop and deploy new technologies that apply to one or more grades, utilizing some of the most experienced people in Water Management the industry. 50
  50. 50. Paper Services Offerings Paper Services provides innovative programs that impact the key operations of the paper making process across all grades Digestion Fine Paper - Digester Additives Washing - Online Monitoring & Control - Defoamers & Wash AidsCoated - Pitch Control Bleaching - Scale Control - Retention, Drainage & Formation Aids - Strength Aids Machine - Microbial Control ChestNewsprint - Sizing - Felt Cleaners Paper - Coating Additives Machine Tissue - Machine Optimization - System Audits Presses Board Dryers Our novel technologies improve production efficiency, operational stability, and product quality while reducing energy, greenhouse gasses and water consumption 51
  51. 51. Technology Innovations for Paper Services TULIP™ Creping Technology FillerTEK® Technology for Engineered Filler Structure PARETO™ Mixing Technology DC-PRO™ Contaminant Control Technology METRIX® Technology for Strength and Productivity 52
  52. 52. Technology Innovations for Paper Services TULIP™ Creping Technology is Nalcos latest solution for tissue grades. This innovative new technology helps tissue makers achieve improved coating characteristics with superior adhesion and excellent uniformity. This technology also offers improved hand feel softness, increased machine efficiency and improved crepe structure. 53
  53. 53. Technology Innovations for Paper Services FillerTEK® Technology for Engineered Filler Structure addresses the concerns of today’s paper producer, delivering an increase in filler content of up to five units, while preserving the critical strength and optical attributes of the final sheet. FillerTEK technology effectively delivers cost-efficiency to paper producers by allowing them to utilize less expensive raw materials. 54
  54. 54. Technology Innovations for Paper Services PARETO™ Mixing Technology effectively balances the interrelated and dependent variables of hydrodynamics, chemistry and water management, bringing customers reduced cost, significant water/energy savings, improved wet end stability and enhanced finished product quality. 55
  55. 55. Technology Innovations for Paper Services DC-PRO™ Contaminant Control Technology is a new chemistry, application and monitoring technology that allows papermakers to improve paper machine efficiency by proactively monitoring and controlling contaminants. 56
  56. 56. Technology Innovations for Paper Services METRIX® Technology for Strength and Productivity is a synergistic, multi-component program developed to enhance machine efficiency, sheet strength, and product quality for paperboard manufacturers. METRIX programs effectively allow papermakers the ability to reduce board and packaging basis weights and increase fiber substitution levels. Also, METRIX programs improve sheet pressing and drying efficiency, resulting in both lower energy demand to dry the sheet and higher paper machine speeds. 57
  57. 57. Service Offerings Nalco has developed its service organization to complement its sales force, offering customers an unmatched knowledge base. Nalco service professionals are able to mobilize quickly to meet the immediate needs of customers regardless of location. Our services include: – Preventive Maintenance – Wet Chemistry & Testing Analytical Services – Water Treatment Equipment Inspection Services – Chemical Feed Equipment Installation & Commissioning – On-Site Chemical Feed Equipment Upgrades – Scheduled Chemical Equipment Maintenance – Dedicated Equipment & Operating Staff – Design/Build Chemical Feed Systems – Cooling Tower and Coil Cleaning/Maintenance 58
  58. 58. Essential Expertisefor Water, Energy and Air Unparalleled, global expertise Industry-focused innovation Committed to sustainability © 2011 Nalco Company. Nalco, the tagline, logo, PORTA-FEED, 3D TRASAR, eROI, CAT-FLOC, PARETO, APEX, CoilFlo, BREAXIT, PRISM, RESOLV, SMART Solutions, TULIP, FillerTEK and DC-PRO are trademarks of Nalco Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 59