Star Trek Into Darkness(2013)


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Star Trek Into Darkness(2013)

  2. 2. The genre of this film is SCI FI. Other films that are also Sci Fi are: Total recall Inception The matrix Serenity The Genre Of The Film And Similar Films
  3. 3. The Purpose Of The Sci Fi Genre • The purpose of the Sci Fi genre is to show what an extension of the science that is known today can do in use to everyday life. Its exposition to new world technology and the world of scientific imagination is used to stimulate and exert a pull on audience.
  4. 4. THE AUDIENCE • The main type of audience for the Sci Fi genre is people between the ages 18-29. • This is because Sci Fi explores futuristic devices and technology, therefore, with young open minds, people at this age are more flexible to understanding and exploring this type of genre.
  5. 5. Conventions Of This Genre SCI FI CONVENTIONS EXAMPLES FROM FILMS Fast panning and tracking shots to follow the action occurring. This creates tension and allows audience to feel as though they are there and caught up in the battle. Quick lighting for lift offs or in general, which include special effect to emphasis the fiction of science I Am Legend The Matrix Evil villains have deep high tech voices with supernatural powers. Only main characters are humans (aliens, monsters, superheroes) Spy Kids Massive technical jets and cars with intense lighting Earth being damaged/exploded and isolated. The War Of Worlds Binary opposites of good verses evil. Transformed and peculiar twisted buildings. The Avengers Beautiful female superhero who attracts/is attracted to male superhero. The Time
  6. 6. Conventions Of STAR TREK. Conventions Evidence Explanation Most heroes wear bright colours. However, the villains are usually in dark clothes. The heroes wearing bright colours are connotations of hope, energy and allows them to stand out. Whereas, the villains in their mysterious dark clothing blend in with their surroundings. A colossal amount of explosions and crashes Hero characters try to save the planet from some sort of invasion which results to destruction and damage. Big city where all action occurs Bright lights in a big city, where everything gets destroyed and completed transfigured.
  7. 7. Subgenres Of STAR TREK • The subgenre is Time Travel/Action. • Other films in the same subgenre are: • The Avengers • The Matrix • The War Of Worlds
  8. 8. Hybrids Of STAR TREK • The Hybrid is Superhero/Action/Futuristic/Virtual Reality. • Others films that represent the same hybrid are: • The Time • I Am Legend • Spy Kids
  9. 9. DENOTATION: A man standing in dark clothes with a white mask on his face. CONNOTATION: The villain probably feels defeated by the superheroes by the expression of his face and the yellow subtle explosions behind depicts the calm after the fight. CONNOTATION: The villain is running away from the destruction he has just made on earth and is ghastly looking back to see the damage he has caused. DENOTATION: A man looking at something behind him.
  10. 10. DENOTATION: High technology devices which control every aspect of the superheroes mission to destroy the villain from further invasion on earth. CONOTATION: A bright room with many lights , table, chairs and a window. CONOTATION: People glazing up at something. DENOTATION: The beautiful superhero and civilians staring shockingly at a terrible thing that has just occurred, which is gathered by the superheroes facial expression.
  11. 11. Places Being Represented In The Trailer The Superheroes and the Villains are located in places which are represented as mystical and secluded. The superheroes spaceship is able to see this view. This suggests the superiority of good, and religion is included as it depicts an angelic heaven like view. The city always has mist and fog to illustrate the mystery of who will win the battle between the superheroes and the villains.
  12. 12. Objects Being Represented In The Trailer The Technology in the way they travel, is represented as complicated machinery. There are high angles to portray the machinery as highly paramount in the world of science and without it, futuristic science may as well be non-existent. The intensity of the lights exaggerates the amount of technology utilised to construct this type of machinery. Within every image, the equipment are located in an isolated place, not alone to show-off the technology but to depict the power it has and uses against everyone and everything.
  13. 13. Stereotypes(Objects) In The Trailer The jet has additional features such as guns and bullets. A very high tech flying spaceship and flying device. In Sci Fi movies, there is often a stereotype that a male superhero possesses risky weaponry/spaceships and jets.
  14. 14. Stereotypes(People) In The Trailer Sci Fi films also consist of an extremely masculine and attractive superhero who becomes almost defeated at some point and loses faith, not only him, but the other superheroes as well. From the mid shot in the two images, the superhero and the villain are seen as equals, no one is defeated just yet. The villain is also a male and cares about nothing more than power and dominance. He is depicted as a mysterious, sinister character that gets thrill from destruction. In every Sci Fi movie, there seems to be a beautiful, slender, seductive woman that is either with the superhero or the villain. She is usually represented as being vulnerable and innocent, but from the reality of the low angles in this film, it portrays that she is indeed powerful and more than cable of fighting.
  15. 15. Are Stereotypes Challenged Or Reinforced? Stereotype Reinforced Challenged Very High Tech Equipment The advanced creation of high technology machinery is used constantly throughout STAR TREK to show that it is the life of the future and the necessity of life for the superheroes and the villains. Villain As Threatening By the use of his voice, being deep and masculine he is portrayed as a threat. He is also presented as threat through the destruction of the city and his dark clothing. The villain and the superhero at one point are shot at a mid angle which represent them as being equal rivals, no one being more dominant as of yet. This questions who actually is powerful and who will win the battle between the superheroes and the villains. Beautiful Super-Woman She is a beautiful superhero who is slender and very attractive. A superhero/villain(male) is needed in Sci Fi films to protect and save a woman as well as provide for their needs, which makes her vulnerable. On the hand, she is also represented as a powerful character who is able to fight villains(men!) She’s portrayed as strong and intelligent as she is also used to seduce, manipulate and entwine the mind of the villain.
  16. 16. *The Context Of STAR TREK • In my opinion, high technology is a highlight of reality that every person on earth is effected by. Poles are set up to receive wifi (coverage) and scientist interfering with gear from space which is then polluting and producing carbon dioxide on the earth and the society of today, which is a major subject matter in the film. • Through the centuries that have passed, women have been always seen as the weaker sex and the incompetent beings. This sexist belief is only reinforced in the film by emphasising the power and dominance of the male figure. • The action within this film is expressed by violence and destruction, which is condoning the act of war and hostility and proving that the only solutions toward situations are through physical combating.