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From the Joomlapolis Picture-book series: This presentation guides you through initial uddeIM private messaging extension installation and basic configuration for Community Builder integration.

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Jpb udde im-quickstart

  1. 1. uddeIM Quick-start picture-book Links: • Joomlapolis • Community Builder • Membership • Tutorials Promotion: • Use “pic-book” coupon code and get 15% off any Joomlapolis product or subscription uddeIM Quick-start with basic Community Builder integration© 2004-2012
  2. 2. Go to uddeIM websiteGo to uddeIM page at latest version that is compatible with your Joomla version© 2004-2012 2 of 17
  3. 3. Unzip and find uddeIM componentUnzip downloaded distribution package (has unzip1st inname) Find component package  starts with com_© 2004-2012 3 of 17
  4. 4. Install uddeIM componentSelect the component package you want (all languages orEnglish only) and install it© 2004-2012 4 of 17
  5. 5. Successful installationLook for installation success message and study extra messages on this page. Click the Continue link to godirectly to component page (you can also get there from Components  uddeIM menu)© 2004-2012 5 of 17
  6. 6. Allow BB code tags setting in uddeIMImportant setting to turn on right away as it will be veryuseful in many CB related integrations© 2004-2012 6 of 17
  7. 7. Integration setting in uddeIM for CBThere are many Community Builder related integrationsettings in uddeIM that need to be configured© 2004-2012 7 of 17
  8. 8. Create a new User Menu item for uddeIMWe need to create a menu item to the uddeIM component© 2004-2012 8 of 17
  9. 9. Select uddeIM menu item typeClick on the Menu Item Type select button and find theuddeIM PMS component menu item type from popup© 2004-2012 9 of 17
  10. 10. Complete uddeIM menu item configurationGive uddeIM menu a title, make Public (guess it couldalso be Registered) and Save it.© 2004-2012 10 of 17
  11. 11. Find CB Private Message System plugin The Private Message System plugin (built-in CB) has integration parameters for uddeIM private messaging component.© 2004-2012 11 of 17
  12. 12. Publish and configure CB plugin for uddeIMWe need to publish the plugin and select the properuddeIM version from parameter drop-down field.© 2004-2012 12 of 17
  13. 13. Publish Quick Message tab(Optional) Find Quick Message tab in CB Tab manager andpublish it to get a quick one click message window whenvisiting a user profile (not your own)© 2004-2012 13 of 17
  14. 14. Configure CB Login module for uddeIMWe can configure our CB Login module to support uddeIMand show notification message in login module under theavatar.© 2004-2012 14 of 17
  15. 15. Frontend view with uddeIM installed We can see our My Messages menu and our CB Login integration. Both have links that will take us to our uddeIM Inbox area.© 2004-2012 15 of 17
  16. 16. User Profile integration with uddeIMHere we can see the Quick Message box integration and theSend Private Message menu when we visit other user profiles(not our own)© 2004-2012 16 of 17
  17. 17. Thank you for viewing Did you like this? Other available books • Comment here • Vote for CB • Become a member • More picture- books • GroupJive Quick-start • Kunena Quick-start • Installation • CB Quick-start • Installation • Basic configuration • CB Integration • CB Connections • Configuration • CB User Lists • GropJive & Kunena • Operations • Basic configuration • GroupJive & uddeIM New Joomlapolis Picture-books are being continuously created Click here to see full list© 2004-2012 17 of 17