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From the Joomlapolis Picture-book series: This presentation guides you through initial Community Builder user list creation process

From the Joomlapolis Picture-book series: This presentation guides you through initial Community Builder user list creation process

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  • 1. Creating your first CB User List Links: • Joomlapolis • Community Builder • Membership • Tutorials Promotion: • Use “pic-book” coupon code and get 15% off any Joomlapolis product or subscription Community Builder user list quick-start guide© 2004-2012
  • 2. Go to Community Builder List ManagementGo to CB List Management area from:Components  Community Builder  List Management© 2004-2012 2 of 10
  • 3. Create a new CB User List• Click on the New List icon to start creating your first CB user list© 2004-2012 3 of 10
  • 4. Configuring Title, description and accessibilityGive a list title, a description and mark it to select users from all user groups. Sort list by ascendingusername order and no filtering. Make list viewable for Registered access view levels© 2004-2012 4 of 10
  • 5. Select and put fields in columnsSelect fields from middle field repository and click one of the 4 Add buttons to move field to relevant columnEnable columns and give column titles© 2004-2012 5 of 10
  • 6. Keep list parameter default valuesThe list parameter area is left with default values. You canstudy the tooltips to experiment with these later on if you want.© 2004-2012 6 of 10
  • 7. Create a Member Lists menu item• Create a new menu item under User Menu and select the Users lists type from pop-up.© 2004-2012 7 of 10
  • 8. Publish item in User Menu and saveThe Access level could have been Registered also, but doesn’t matter since User Menu module isRegistered and our list is also only available for Registered viewers.© 2004-2012 8 of 10
  • 9. User list in actionOur Joomla home page now shows a Member Lists menu in the User Menu (for logged in users) and thismenu takes us to the default user list we just created© 2004-2012 9 of 10
  • 10. Thank you for viewing Did you like this? Other available books • Comment here • Vote for CB • Become a member • More picture- books • GroupJive Quick-start • Kunena Quick-start • Installation • uddeIM Quick-start • Installation • Basic configuration • CB integration • CB Integration • CB Connections • CB Connections • Configuration • Configuration • GropJive & Kunena • Operations • Operations • GroupJive & uddeIM New Joomlapolis Picture-books are being continuously created Click here to see full list© 2004-2012 10 of 10