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From the Joomlapolis Picture-book series: This presentation guides you through initial Community Builder Connections configuration.

From the Joomlapolis Picture-book series: This presentation guides you through initial Community Builder Connections configuration.

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  • 1. Configuring CB Connections Links: • Joomlapolis • Community Builder • Membership • Tutorials Promotion: • Use “pic-book” coupon code and get 15% off any Joomlapolis product or subscription How to configure the CB Connections feature© 2004-2012
  • 2. Enable connections in CB ConfigurationEnable Connections in the CB Configuration Manager Connections tab. If you set Notification Method toPMS make sure you have installed uddeIM and configured it to work with CB (picture book available)© 2004-2012 2 of 14
  • 3. Publishing the CB Connections pluginVisit the CB Plugin Manager and make sure that the CBConnections plugin is published.© 2004-2012 3 of 14
  • 4. CB Connection tabsMake sure the Connections Paths and the Connectionstabs are published in CB Tab Manager© 2004-2012 4 of 14
  • 5. User profiles now have a Connections tabUser profiles now have a new Connections menu, a newTab and connection stats© 2004-2012 5 of 14
  • 6. Use member list to find a user to connect withLogged in user can display user list to find someone to connect to and click on list row to get to this user’sprofile page© 2004-2012 6 of 14
  • 7. Locate Connections menu on visited profileWhen a logged in user visits someone else’s profile page the Connections menu will allow them to RequestConnection (if Mutual Consent = Yes on CB Configuration Connections tab)© 2004-2012 7 of 14
  • 8. Requesting connection with personal messageWhen you visit a profile and select Request Connection from Connections menu you are presented with a popupwindow to add a personal request message. Request message is sent using method(s) set in CB Configuration© 2004-2012 8 of 14
  • 9. Reading connection request private message A connection request message is received with the personal message and a link to quickly managec onnections© 2004-2012 9 of 14
  • 10. Approve or reject the request In your Manage Actions connection tab you can approve or reject your pending requests.© 2004-2012 10 of 14
  • 11. Manage your connectionsYou can manage your connections at any time by visiting theConnections  Manage Connections menu from your profilepage© 2004-2012 11 of 14
  • 12. Connection tab now shows first connectionUser accepting the connection now has this appear as a new connection in the Connections tab (this isbecause Cross Connections = Yes in CB Configuration)© 2004-2012 12 of 14
  • 13. Requester profile also shows connectionRequester profile shows connection© 2004-2012 13 of 14
  • 14. Thank you for viewing Did you like this? Other available books • Comment here • Vote for CB • Become a member • More picture- books • GroupJive Quick-start • Kunena Quick-start • Installation • uddeIM Quick-start • Installation • Basic configuration • CB integration • CB Integration • CB Connections • Configuration • CB User Lists • GropJive & Kunena • Operations • Basic configuration • GroupJive & uddeIM New Joomlapolis Picture-books are being continuously created Click here to see full list© 2004-2012 14 of 14