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CB Workshop with uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs

CB Workshop with uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs



JAB 2012 presentation featuring CB, uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive integration

JAB 2012 presentation featuring CB, uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive integration



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    CB Workshop with uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs CB Workshop with uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs Presentation Transcript

    • CB Workshop withuddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs @ J and Beyond 2012
    • Author and other info … Nick A. (nant) – CB Team member along with Beat and Kyle Matias Griese – Kunena team Stephan Slabihoud - uddeIM © Joomlapolis 2
    • Extensions mentioned © Joomlapolis 3
    • References Slides will be shared here:  www.slideshare.net/cbteam/presentations Community Builder  www.joomlapolis.com/community-builder uddeIM  www.slabihoud.de/software/id4001.htm Kunena  www.kunena.org GroupJive  www.joomlapolis.com/cb-solutions/groupjive CBSubs  www.joomlapolis.com/cb-solutions/cbsubs Picture-book tutorials  www.joomlapolis.com/support/tutorials/111-picture-books © Joomlapolis 4
    • Agenda Introduction – goals Step 1: Joomla (2.5.4) Step 2: Community Builder (1.8)  Configuring CB + Joomla integration Step 3: uddeIM (2.7)  Configuring uddeIM + CB integration Step 4: Kunena (1.7)  Configuring Kunena + CB + uddeIM Integration Step 5: CB GroupJive (2.5.1)  Configuring GroupJive + CB + uddeIM + Kunena Integration Step 6: CBSubs (2.0.1) © Joomlapolis 5
    • Introduction Three different project teams Collaboration – skype group chats Clean integration – api extensions End-users benefit © Joomlapolis 6
    • 1. Joomla Starting with default content Joomla 2.5.4 website © Joomlapolis 7
    • 2. Community Builder Install CB component Install CB Modules (login, workflow, online) Edit CB Configuration:  General tab:  name style: First and Last Name Field  Date format: yyyy-mm-dd  Registration tab:  Allow User Registration: Yes, independently of global J! settings  Require Admin Approval: Yes  User Profile tab:  Fields validation in Admin: No  Allow user to edit his CMS parameters in frontend: ?  Use new div or old table based views: Use divs  Moderation tab:  Allow user to edit his CMS parameters in frontend: CB Moderators © Joomlapolis 8
    • More 2. Community Builder  Edit CB Configuration  Connections tab:  Enable Connections: Yes  Notification Method: PMS+Email  Connection Types: Add Contact + Forum-buddy  CB Login module  Position-7  Publish  Show only on Home menu (same as Joomla module)  Show avatar when logged-in: Always  Private Messaging System: uddeIM  Private Messaging Notification: Show even if no messages  Connections notification: Show only if pending connections © Joomlapolis 9
    • More 2. Community Builder  CB Workflow module  Position-7  Publish  Access: Special  Show on Home menu  CB Tab Manager  Enable Connections Tab  Enable Articles Tab  User Menu items:  Create CB Profile menu item in User menu  UnpublishYour Profile menu (Joomla) © Joomlapolis 10
    • More 2. Community Builder  Home Menu items:  Create CB Login menu  Unpublish Joomla Login menu  Joomla login  Unpublish all 3 instances  Turn-off Joomla Registrations  Users  User manager  Options: Allow User Registrations © Joomlapolis 11
    • Joomla and CB CB registration and login processes can be used instead of Joomla’s CB Articles tab shows all articles published by user CB users are also Joomla users (i.e., if you remove CB in the future your Joomla user table will still contain the users) © Joomlapolis 12
    • 3. uddeIM Install the uddeIM component Create User menu item to uddeIM Configure uddeIM:  Messages tab: Allow BB code tags: Yes  Integration tab  Verify that Community Builder has been detected © Joomlapolis 13
    • More 3. uddeIM and CB  Enable CB support for uddeIM  CB Plugin Manager  Private Message System plugin  Publish  PMS Component Type: uddeIM 1.0+  CB Tab Manager  Quick Message  Publish © Joomlapolis 14
    • More uddeIM and CB Integration  You can send a private message to user by visiting his profile and selecting CB menu item  Quick message (one-click message)  You can see number of incoming / unread private messages in CB Login  Any CB plugin can use CB Private Message plugin (example CB Connections, GroupJive, CBSubs mailer, etc) © Joomlapolis 15
    • 4. Kunena Install Kunena 1.7.2 component Kunena Integration tab:  Set Community Builder integration items Create Kunena entry page menu in Joomla Top Menu CB Plugin Management  Forum Integration plugin:  Publish  Forum component: Kunena CB Tab Management  Forum:  Publish © Joomlapolis 16
    • More Kunena and CB Integration  Forum Tab in CB shows all forum posts and thread subscriptions of profile user  Kunena avatar area uses CB Avatar and links back to CB User profile  Kunena uses CB Login, registration, forgotten login functions  Kunena sidebar can be customized to show CB data of poster © Joomlapolis 17
    • More Kunena sidebar – CB integration <ul class="kpost-profile"> <li class="kpost-username"><a rel="nofollow" title="" href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=[user_id]&Itemid= 47" class="kwho-admin">[cb:userfield field="formatname"/]</a></li> <li class="kpost-avatar"><a rel="nofollow" title="" href="index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=[user_id]&Itemid= 47" class="kwho-admin"><span class="kavatar">[cb:userfield field="avatar"/]</span></a></li> <li>[cb:userfield field="onlinestatus"/]</li> <li class="kpost-userrank">[cb:userfield field="forumrank"/]</li> <li class="kpost-userposts">Posts: [cb:userfield field="forumposts"/]</li> <li class="kpost-karma">Karma: [cb:userfield field="forumkarma"/] [karmaminus] [karmaplus]</li> <li>[cb:if cb_osm="1"]OSM[/cb:if]</li> <li>[cb:if cb_jlt="1"]JLT[/cb:if]</li> </ul> © Joomlapolis 18
    • 5. GroupJive Install and publish all CB GroupJive plugins Create GJ menu from CB Plugin area of main GJ plugin Move item to Top menu and Publish GroupJive Forum configuration (select Kunena top category) © Joomlapolis 19
    • GroupJive and uddeIM GroupJive notifications can use uddeIM (config) GroupJive group messaging can use uddeIM (config) © Joomlapolis 20
    • GroupJive and Kunena GroupJive created Kunena forum for private / intra-group discussions GroupJive forum tab shows forum subjects with links © Joomlapolis 21
    • 6. CBSubs With CBSubs you can further achieve the following integrations:  Automatically add/remove subscribers to/from Joomla Groups  Automatically add/remove subscribers to/from GJ groups  Protect Joomla content based on subscriptions (component, modules, menu items, articles)  Do not allow users to post on specific Kunena forum categories without a subscription (URL-Parts)  Show/hide specific CB Fields/Tabs based on subscriptions of profile owner and profile viewer © Joomlapolis 22
    • Conclusion Community Builder, uddeIM, Kunena, GroupJive and CBSubs integrate nicely with each-other and are able to support many different use case scenarios With new Joomla UX project, user interface will even look the same. This is an example of Joomla spirit and team-work There are many other Joomla projects that also have nice CB integrations:  K2 (authors use CB user profiles and K2 tab gets K2 articles)  AcyMailing (nice integration with CB and CBSubs)  We are always open © Joomlapolis 23