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Tania Ellis: The New Pioneers
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Tania Ellis: The New Pioneers


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  • 1. The New Pioneers Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • 2. Do you want to save the world or do you want to make money?
  • 3. New times create new needs… Traditional Modern The Silent Revolution Self-realisation Quest for Recognition Meaning Social needs Identity Safety Happiness Wholeness Physical needs Ethics Responsibility Sustainability Meaning
  • 4. …And new needs require new solutions Private Public Civic ”Fourth sector” Social enterprise Social entrepreneurship High purpose companies For-benefit business Values-driven enterprise Social purpose ventures Affirmative business Social firms Socialøkonomiske virksomheder…..
  • 5. 1. Social mission Creating social value and social change (social in broadest sense, i.e. incl. environment) 2. Profits as a means Focus on financial strategies that work Range from 100 % external funds to 100 % financially self-sustained Social mission always has first priority – but self-sustained = more social mission 3. Innovative problem solving Find new solutions to social problems and/or people’s unfulfilled needs => social innovation
  • 6. New solutions that improve people’s lives or solve societal problems… Source: Presentation by Geoff Mulgan, The Young Foundation New ways of thinking, living, learning, and working…
  • 7. Knowledge sharing Learning Work processes Organisational forms New business models New concepts
  • 8. • Test of micro credit in 1976. Bank established in 1983. • Bangladesh today: 1.084 branches, 12.500 employees, 5.6 mio. borrowers, 60.000 villages. • Average loan 500 kr. 98 % of loans are repaid. Muhammad Yunus ”This is not charity.This is business. Business with a social purpose.”
  • 9. Specialisterne Specialist competences: perserverance, learning abilities, error finding, detailed work Used for data registration, tests, quality management etc. “Specialisterne is more than a business – we want to change society’s view on the large group of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).”
  • 10. The business entrepreneur The social entrepreneur Economic mission (”make a profit”). Social mission (”helping others”). Meets financial/commercial needs. Meets social/society’s needs. Creates financial capital. Creates social capital. Profit-driven, commercial dimension, business Socially driven, charitable dimension, sense of sense. justice. Profit as goal in itself Profit as means to succeed with social goals - to secure owner’s financial welfare. - to secure financial independence. Value is measured through financial income Value is measured through social effect ”Financial return on investment” ”Social return on investment” Surplus goes to owners/shareholders. Whole/parts of surplus is reinvested in organization or in new social projects. Growth. Sustainable growth. Source: Tania Ellis, De Nye Pionerer, 2006
  • 11. New times – new business logics There is only one God: Green goals are the bottom line big business Economy is the goal Economy is a means Single bottom line Double/triple bottom line Show me the money Do good and do well Businesses only have one social obligation: Social responsibility is connected directly to financial to increase their profit growth The business of business is business The business of business is staying in business Capitalism Social capitalism The corporation as a mechanical system The corporation as part of larger, living system (money machine) (one of society’s contributors) Create value for owners/shareholders Create value for stakeholders Growth Sustainable growth
  • 12. From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporate Social Innovation (CSI) ”We distinguish between making a profit and profitting. For us profit must be for a purpose.” Winner of the Index:Award 2005, Design to improve life,
  • 13. ”We’re launching ecomagination not because it’s trendy or moral, but because it will accelerate our growth and make us more competitive.”
  • 14. Companies of the future make business and do good at the same time - And it is the social innovators who pave the way…!
  • 15.
  • 16. CBS special offer 25% discount on The New Pioneers until end Sep 2010 Promotional code: VA894 at