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Cbs media evaluation

  1. 1. How did you use new mediatechnologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstages?
  2. 2. GaragebandImovieLiveType YoutubePhotoshop PreziIphoto BloggerITunes Sound Cloud RueMorgue Little White Lies Tagxedo Wordle Slide Share Digital Camera USB Microphone Scanner
  3. 3. The computer was the main aspect in themaking of our teaser trailer. We used thecomputer in many ways which is shown in thenext slides. The computer has helped us in theresearch and planning, as well as the making ofthe trailer. If the trailer had been made 10years ago using the computer, we would havebeen able to use the Internet, however wewould not have been able to use the specificsoftware on the Imac.
  4. 4. GaragebandThis software was not available 10 years ago, meaning the song ortune we wanted to create would have had to be created manuallyand recorded. Compared to 10 years ago it is quicker to createmusic using software such as Garageband, as it has ready madesongs and tunes installed in the software. (figure 1), Garagebandhas a score once you have created your track so it is easier to editand delete singular notes. This is different to 10 years ago as youwould have had to write out the score with a pen and paper,which would have been time consuming and harder to edit.ImovieTo create a movie without this software, means you would have tovideo your film manually and would not been able to edit and cutthe clips. (figure 2) Also it would have been harder to add musicand effects. To add music you would have had to record the musicwhilst filming. The outcome of the movie would not have beenvery good, as you would have not been able to perfect it.LiveTypeLiveType is specifically designed to create titles and credits, using avariety of fonts and effects. The title is important in a film since itgives the audience a clear idea of the genre. Not having softwaresimilar to this 10 years ago, would have been difficult as it wouldnot have had any effects or transitions.
  5. 5. PhotoshopThe first real version of Photoshop 1.0 arrived in 1990 with basicphoto editing filters and adjustments. (figure 3) We usedPhotoshop for our magazine and poster designs, for exampletaking a screenshot from our trailer and editing it onto Photoshop .It would have been harder to use 10 years ago as we used thequick selection tool to add another image in the eye by usinglayers, which was not possible in this software.IphotoWe used Iphoto to export our clips onto Imovie. (figure 4) Wewould not have had this 10 years ago, meaning we would not haveexported any of the clips. This would not have been a big issue 10years ago because you would not have had the software to edit theclips.ItunesWe used Itunes to import music and sound recordings onto Imovie.(figure 5) If music was to be included in the trailer 10 years ago,they would have added the music as they were recording the clips.
  6. 6. Digital CameraWe used the digital camera to film the clips for the trailer which we then imported onto the computer. The digitalcamera was in HD and it included different types of settings such as lighting and zoom. If the trailer was to berecorded 10 years ago, a camcorder would have been used. There may have been a setting for zoom, however thequality would be poor.They also would not have been able to use the torch which we used for filming when the natural light was too dark.USB/SD cardThe USB was used to import music, images and videos from our Iphone as well as the camera. We used the SD cardto import images for our magazine cover.
  7. 7. MicrophoneThe microphone was used for the narration. (Figure 6) The microphone wasintegrated into the Imac. This would have been different 10 years, if they were torecord the voice they would have had to speak into the camcorder as they werefilming. This would mean the quality would not have been great, also effects such asreverb and echo would not have been added.ScannerThe scanner was used to scan in images onto the computer. We designed patterns forour magazine cover, which we then scanned into the computer, however the designswe made were too small meaning once they were imported onto the computer theywere pixelated.SlideshareThis is a website to share your presentations with other websites such as Blogger. Thisis easier for us as if we had Microsoft Powerpoint at home we could easily upload thisonto SlideShare and share it onto Blogger. This would not have been possible tenyears ago, meaning we would have not been able to share the presentations acrossother wesbites.
  8. 8. PreziWe used this program to create slideshows presenting ourprogress during the making of our trailer. (figure 7) Prezi is usefulbecause it is clearer to see the development of our ideas, as well asmaking the transition between information smooth. We couldupload YouTube videos for examples and images from the browseror saved onto the computer. To create a presentation 10 years agowe would have used programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Inthis program you would have been able to insert clip art and copyand pasting images from your computer or Internet, but notvideos. Blogger We used Blogger throughout the duration of our media coursework. This enabled us to write down our thoughts and ideas, which we shared among the group. We were able to include videos and images as well as sound clips from Sound cloud. This would have been a problem 10 years ago as this website would not have been available, meaning we would have had to hand write ideas into a journal or typed onto Microsoft Word.
  9. 9. SoundcloudSound cloud is a website to record and upload music whichcan then be shared among other websites such as Bloggerand Prezi. (figure 8 ) We could not have been able to usethis 10 years ago, meaning we would not have been able toimport music or recordings onto other websites.Rue MorgueThis is a website for a magazine cover, which influenced usfor our magazine cover. We used the same title and layout,however edited the theme to match our trailer. We chosethis magazine because it similar to the genre of our trailer.We chose this because it is more niche market and moreindependent, which fitted well with our trailer.Little White LiesThis is another website for a magazine cover, however ithas a different theme which did not fit in with our trailersgenre. The cover was in the theme of pop art, which doesnot represent the horror genre.Ten years ago we would have had to sketch out the designof the cover and take it to a magazine publisher, whichwould have been time consuming and expensive.Tagxedo/ WordleWe used Tagxedo and Wordle to represent a stream ofthoughts and ideas. (figure 9) This is beneficial to use forquestionnaires as we can see which answer for eachquestion is most popular. Ten years ago we would have hadto write down in a spider diagram and scan the informationinto the computer.
  10. 10. Convergence is the rise of digital communication in the late 20th century it has made it possible for media organizations orindividuals to deliver text, audio, and video material over the same, wireless connections. The Iphone is an example of convergence. The Iphone is integrated with a camera, video player, internet,email,music player, games and many more. 10 years ago a mobile phone was used to make calls and text. However in the 21st century it has been made possible to use multiple technological applications.