Extreme Snow Avalanches
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  • 1. Extreme Snow Avalanches By :Trevor McMurray 7 th October 26 th ,2009
  • 2. History of Avalanches
    • The worlds largest avalanche was at Mount St . Helens in Washington.
    • Americas largest avalanche was at Mount St. Helens in Washington.
    • In Alabama there has never been a avalanche in a snow avalanche.
  • 3. What Causes Avalanches
    • Avalanches are caused by layers of snow building up and gaining stress. A vibration or a voice or a train can cause a avalanche. Also certain weather can cause a avalanche. When water under the snow builds up under the snow it can cause an avalanche .
  • 4. Effects of Avalanches
    • Avalanches can tear down trees , plants and ski lifts. Avalanches can also kill people. Avalanches kill people by trapping them under the snow. They also can effect resorts beautiful scenery. This catastrophic event can cause wide spread damage.
  • 5. Past Avalanches
    • The most costly avalanche was in Washington on Mount St. Helens.
    • The most deadly avalanche was in Pakistan it killed 11 hikers.
    • The most destructive avalanche was in Washington on Mount St .Helens.
  • 6. Fun Facts
    • The average age of avalanche victims is from 20-29.
    • 75% of the avalanche victims are explorers outside the boundary
  • 7. Safety , Detection , Most current
    • Most current avalanche- The most current avalanche was on October 14,2009 in Austria.
    • Safety- There is nothing you can do for your safety because you can not detect an avalanche.
    • Detection- You can not detect an avalanche because they are triggered by a random vibration.
  • 8. Map The white shows the most avalanche likely countries
  • 9. Avalanche Video
    • Click here for a avalanche video
    http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0RWLxOFGLY
  • 10. Fun images This is an avalanche caused by a skier. This is a avalanche triggered by a skier. The aftermath of a avalanche
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